Grief does not turn gray, love is really a drug, and green tea is not so useful. Together with experts, we sorted out many myths about our health. And now we will live in a new way.

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1. People are really divided into owls and larks

It turns out that the biological rhythms that determine the tendency to a certain routine of the day are transmitted to us genetically. Violent change of these attitudes becomes the cause of «social jetlag» — inconsistency of our internal clocks with the real rhythm of life — and can lead to nervous diseases.

2. Heavy sports loads do not make us healthier and slimmer

Fitness (and any other sport) for more than two hours every day leads to apathy, migraines, sleep disturbances and appetite. And not at all to increase the tone, as we are used to thinking. But daily 20-minute walks for six months help to lose about three kilograms. The path is slow, but absolutely safe.

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3. You can drink herring with milk

A healthy digestive tract can easily handle almost any combination of foods. Problems arise only in case of insufficient production of certain enzymes.

4. Green tea is harmful

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a study in which it says that an excess of catechins (substances of the flavonoid group) found in green tea can cause liver damage. Therefore, the norm per day should not exceed more than 500 mg of catechins (1 teaspoon of loose tea).

5. Allergy to animal fur is a myth. And it is proven!

The acute reaction is not caused by the fur of cats and dogs, but by a specific protein contained in their skin and sweat.

6. Sweat does not remove toxins

It is responsible only for thermoregulation and consists of water, salt and electrolytes. Harmful toxins leave our body through the kidneys and intestines.

7. You can’t catch venereal diseases from sitting on the toilet

Such infections are transmitted through direct sexual contact, certain medical manipulations, and in utero through the placenta. In the toilet, if basic hygiene is observed, the chance of catching an infection is zero.

8. Antihelmintic drugs are not taken for prevention

All antiparasitic drugs are very toxic and therefore burdened with many side effects. Accordingly, it is simply dangerous to drink them without diagnosed helminthiasis.

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9. Antidepressants do not improve mood and well-being…

…if you don’t have diagnosed depression. Not only that, they can provoke a severe headache. Therefore, you should drink them only on prescription and under the supervision of a doctor. By the way, contrary to rumors, these drugs do not cause addiction.

10. The mouth is the dirtiest place in the human body

There are as many bacteria in the mouth as there are people on the planet: actinomycetes, fungi, spirochetes, rickettsiae, viruses, etc. That is why doctors do not recommend licking wounds and sores.

11. The feeling of being in love is similar to drug addiction

The state that occurs during love stimulates the production of the same neurotransmitters and hormones as when using amphetamines.

12. Gray hair is not caused by stress

The truth is that any serious experiences increase the amount of free radicals in the body, and they naturally provoke premature aging. There is no scientific evidence of the effect of stress on the production of melanin, which is responsible for hair color. Only genetics is responsible for the appearance of gray hair.

13. Sleeping in the cold is bad for the psyche

The lower the temperature in the bedroom, the higher the probability that you will have a nightmare. Doctors believe that this is how the brain tries to save a person from freezing. It is worth listening and warming up in winter!

14. The effectiveness of tablets and injections is almost the same

It is believed that injections should be made only in those cases when a person does not have the opportunity to drink a pill (vomiting, violation of the swallowing reflex or absorption in the stomach and intestines).

15. Crackling in the fingers is not a sign of arthritis at all

This sound is not related to the inflammatory process, it appears due to the accumulation of gas bubbles that form in the space between the bones. When the joint works, they burst, and the same crunch is heard.

BUT! If the sound is accompanied by pain, you should consult a doctor.

And what myths about health did you believe?

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