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White rice is a very interesting product. In many diets, this is the main ingredient, and some nutritionists recommend eliminating it from the diet altogether. What happens if you eat white rice every day — on its own or in dishes such as rolls and sushi.


Rice is one of the most widespread cereals in the world. It is versatile, can be adapted to any diet and any supplements, even the most harmful eater will find a dish with rice to taste. In addition, there are over twelve thousand types of rice, so if you don’t like one, any other will do.

The most enriched and most popular type of rice is white. It was crushed and cleaned of husks and germs. But the way it is processed does not add to its popularity. Especially when compared to brown rice, its more nutritious whole grain cousin. White rice is often described as a «bad carb» and «a source of empty calories» and is recommended to be avoided at all costs. But is it really so bad?

What happens if you eat white rice every day?

1. You will be more energetic

White rice is a rich source of carbohydrates, which are the main source of fuel for the body. In addition, many varieties of white rice are fortified with B vitamins, which also have a positive effect on activity during the day. According to the study, B vitamins, in addition to folic acid, are involved in at least one stage of the energy production system in cells. So it is very important to consume these vitamins every day with certain foods, or in the form of supplements.

2. Strengthen bones

Vitamin D and calcium are two titaniums that keep our bones, hair and nails healthy. But they are also helped by manganese, which is abundant in white rice. This substance helps to better absorb calcium and vitamin D, helps them work as a team. So white rice does a nice job here.


3. Arsenic in the body

Arsenic is a micronutrient that, when eaten frequently in large quantities, can lead to unpleasant health effects.

Arsenic is often found in white rice, so consuming it every day, you also consume this element along with the product. You should not abuse rice too much, it is best to replace it with quinoa and bulgur, other grains.

4. Tendency to metabolic syndrome

While this is still not entirely proven, some studies have linked white rice to the development of metabolic syndrome. This is a collection of conditions that occur together and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes. Metabolic syndrome develops when the following conditions are met:

  • high blood sugar,
  • excess fat around the waist,
  • increase in blood pressure,
  • abnormal levels of cholesterol or triglycerides.

Studies show that people who eat more white rice have a 30% increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Despite the fact that this is very rare and not so serious, and also quickly treated, it is necessary, nevertheless, to be attentive to your health and not to eat rice every day in large portions.

What cereals do you like?

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