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We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you get rid of your «morning breath» fast. Waking up in the morning will be much more pleasant.

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Mornings can be pleasant, or they can be ruined by just awful morning breath. Yes, not the most romantic breath in the morning happens to all people, this is normal. But if the smell is terrible and makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to start preventing this condition.

Here are some tips from dentists on how to avoid bad breath in the morning.

1. Listen to the dentist’s advice on oral hygiene

To keep your morning breath white and fresh, you need to follow your dentist’s advice on caring for and maintaining oral hygiene. Here are some tips that dentists usually give:

  • Clean your mouthguard or retainer regularly if you wear one.
  • Every evening, thoroughly clean your mouth with toothpaste and a brush.
  • Fight dry mouth by drinking water regularly to stay hydrated.
  • Buy toothpaste without acids and SLS.
  • Every morning, be sure to floss, brush your teeth and use mouthwash.
  • Every evening use a special tongue scraper to remove plaque from the tongue.
  • If you can’t brush your teeth, use foods like mint leaves, but also cherries, apples, and citrus fruits.

2. Choose the right oral care products

Do not choose anyhow what toothpaste and rinse. Try to choose products approved by your dentist, pharmacy products. And, of course, don’t forget to care about the environment: use natural vegetable floss for teeth, it’s more useful than getting a mouth full of microplastics.

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3. Minimize “morning breath” triggers

Bad breath often occurs in people who have bad habits. For example, smoking. Since smoking causes dry mouth, you need to either drink more water or stop smoking. Also, the causative agents of “morning breath” are gum disease.

4. Check your health

If the previous steps have been taken, and «morning breath» continues to bother you, you need to check for serious health problems. For example, bad breath can be a sign of undiagnosed gum disease. It is worth scheduling a visit to the dentist and undergoing an examination.

Sometimes a dentist, not finding problems in the gums or teeth, can refer you to a general practitioner, who can refer you to a gastroenterologist.

Either way, you shouldn’t ignore «morning breath» if it’s really changed drastically lately.

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