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Some of us spend breakfast the wrong way!


As soon as you take a sip of your favorite drink or take a bite from your favorite breakfast dish, the body begins to work on the production of energy from the substances that come with food. This process is called metabolism.

Metabolism is a phenomenon that is almost always discussed along with weight loss, weight control. Doctors believe that if we do not know how to maintain the metabolism at the proper level, we will not be able to lose weight.

One of the best ways to help your metabolism is to eat a healthy diet. Especially at breakfast. We figured out this issue and are ready to tell you what “breakfast” habits add to you extra, unhealthy weight.

1. Skip breakfast

Some people, especially those who are obsessed with unhealthy diets, think that skipping breakfast is a very good idea, and even “speeds up” their metabolism. However, this is very far from the truth.

Metabolism is like a fire in a fireplace. First you light it, and then every couple of hours you add more firewood to keep it warm. So every morning we should start with «firewood»: high in fiber and protein, few carbohydrates — this is the perfect breakfast.

But avoiding breakfast knocks down the rhythms of the body, scientists say. And this has a negative impact on overall health.


2. Carbohydrate breakfast

Do not start breakfast with only carbohydrates. Avoid spikes in blood sugar at all costs if you want to stay alert and not overeat.

Although your body requires carbohydrates to get energy, it is worth diluting it with proteins at breakfast. Protein helps you feel full faster and keeps you feeling full longer. Therefore, we first consume proteins, then fiber, and then carbohydrates. This is the perfect breakfast plan.

3. Breakfast with plenty of sugar

Don’t buy into the corn flakes ad: they are the worst breakfast idea because they are full of sugar.

Added sugar, especially in packaged juices and corn flakes, is known to slow down metabolism, make you crave post-breakfast snacks, and promote weight gain.

Try to eliminate added sugar from your breakfast altogether.


4. Without water

Another unhealthy breakfast habit is not enough water. Yes, yes, your morning coffee is not water. The body requires clean fluids in sufficient quantities, so try to drink a glass of clean water, or water with a slice of lemon.

5. “Light breakfast” to go

Something light for breakfast is a nightmare for metabolism. So don’t try to grab a croissant or a bakery roll along the way. So do not intercept something on the go. Better wake up early and eat well.

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