The easiest way to deal with excess weight is to reduce the size of your plate, as well as to do sports. However, that’s not all!

which prevents you from losing weight


The age of life is the age of thinness: the fight against excess weight never ends! The more we try to get rid of excesses, the more persistently they strive to stay in their usual places. And the thing here is not at all a bad metabolism, which is usually complained about, but in small, non-obvious factors that everyone admits.

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1. Work at night

We live according to daily biorhythms, according to which we produce different hormones at night and during the day. In the dark time of the day, somatotropic growth hormone is produced, which is involved in the regulation of metabolism. At the same time, the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which prevents the normal process of fat burning, should decrease at night.

Do you often sit with reports until midnight? It is not surprising that the figure begins to blur little by little. As a result of night wakings, your body experiences an imbalance of hormones: too much cortisol is produced and too little growth hormone. And this leads to the accumulation of fat reserves.

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2. Junk snacks

Every novice adept of healthy eating knows that unhealthy sandwiches and donuts should be replaced with dried fruits and nuts and eaten as a snack. Convinced that they are finally doing everything right, such people can eat a whole package of dates, dried apricots or peanuts at once. Are they right?

Dried fruits and nuts are really rich in useful fiber and also contain many important vitamins and minerals. Only simple sugars, which are abundant in figs, raisins and other snacks, can nullify all the benefits of dried fruits and nuts. It is important to know the measure. The norm per day is 30 grams.

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3. Passion for carbonated water

Probably, there is no person who would doubt that sweet carbonated water is not useful, but rather harmful. And yet the colorful bottles on the supermarket shelves look so tempting! What is the harm of carbonated water:

  • First, the carbon dioxide contained in such a drink stimulates the appetite.
  • Secondly, a huge amount of sugar is added to carbonated water: 1.5 liters of sweet carbonated water can contain 46 teaspoons of sugar! And this is not less than 750 kcal, sometimes more.

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4. Coffee with you

Now it is fashionable to buy a glass of aromatic drink in a coffee shop before work to take it with you to the office. But do you know how many calories a cappuccino contains? On average 150-250 kcal! And if also with sugar or caramel syrup, then all 500! By the way, how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? That’s it!

All talk that coffee not only does not harm the process of losing weight, but also stimulates it is a big myth. As they say, not all drinks are equally useful, and coffee, surprisingly, is included.

5. Craving for chocolates

At the end of a hard day, you want to feel sorry for yourself and treat yourself to something delicious — chocolate, ice cream, pizza, French fries. Harmful food sometimes soothes, distracts from unpleasant thoughts, improves mood, relieving emotional discomfort. But the consequences of such disregard for one’s health will be much greater — it is both excess weight and deterioration of well-being.

At the same time, magnesium, thanks to which we feel calmer after a chocolate bar, can also be found in bran smoothies, yogurt and strawberries. And B vitamins, which put our nerves in order, are found not only in burgers or shawarma, but also in liver fritters, tomatoes, carrots, and cauliflower.

By the way, all fried unhealthy pizzas, buns and potatoes contain tryptophan, a substance from which the body synthesizes the happy hormone serotonin. Alternative healthy foods containing tryptophan are bananas and turkey.

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6. Taking sedatives

Many of the sedative drugs and herbs have a side effect — they slow down the metabolism: they reduce the excitability of the sympathetic nervous system, which affects the rate of metabolism. When taking sedatives, muscle tone decreases, which means that the intensity of energy expenditure also decreases.

Remember this, even if the medicine was prescribed to you by a doctor. In order not to gain excess weight in this case, reduce the caloric content of the diet by 10%.

7. Products in front of the cash register

Nowadays, bright, colorful chocolate bars, cans of soda water, and chips are attractively displayed in front of the cash register in every supermarket. And while there is a queue, the hand involuntarily reaches for a small chocolate bar — one can’t hurt, right? However, if you buy a small bar of chocolate or a jar of cola every time you go to the store, obesity is not far away. After all, even one jar of energy drink contains about 4 teaspoons of sugar.

And do you make small mistakes when losing weight?

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