Eggplant helps to cope with cardiovascular ailments and even prolong life. But that’s not all. Why are eggplants useful, how many calories are in them, is it possible to breastfeed them, and in what cases is it dangerous to use them? All in our article.

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Eggplant is not only a great ingredient for culinary delights, but also a very healthy vegetable that has many great properties for the body.

Nutritional value of eggplant

Eggplant contains many useful and nutritious substances that help the body cope with diseases and all sorts of problems. So, what can be found in one hundred grams of eggplant?

Eggplant calories:

  • 25 calories
  • 0.2 g fat
  • 0 g cholesterol
  • 2 mg. sodium
  • 229 mg. potassium
  • 6g carbs
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, B12, C, B6

The benefits and harms of eggplant

Given the whole set of nutrients and vitamins, we can draw the first conclusions about how useful this vegetable is. But everything is not so simple.

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The benefits of eggplant

Anthocyanins — substances that give eggplant skin a purple color, improve memory, normalize blood pressure, and also reduce the risk of stroke. Due to the high content of potassium salts and a special substance melanogen, this culture activates the work of the heart muscle (myocardium), reduces elevated cholesterol levels in the blood and liver. It also removes excess fluid from the body, normalizes water-salt and lipid metabolism, relieves edema.

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Eggplants are included in medical nutrition to strengthen immunity, prevent atherosclerosis (prevent the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques). They also help with constipation: the delicate fiber of this vegetable stimulates bowel activity. Especially useful are «blue» women who have a tendency to develop endometrial tumors and kidney diseases.

  • With gout and in the complex therapy of diseases associated with disorders of mineral metabolism (polyarthritis, kidney stone and cholelithiasis), eggplants are valuable in that they accelerate the excretion of uric acid salts from the body.
  • With anemia, it is recommended to include dishes from these vegetables in the diet daily. Iron, copper and manganese improve the hematopoietic process and eliminate general weakness.
  • With nervous exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, a portion of stewed eggplant will raise vitality.
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The most useful for health promotion are developed, but unripe fruits, which are “turned” 25–40 days old. Slightly unripe eggplants, which have an almost black hue of the skin, are also considered the most delicious. They tend to have few seeds, and they taste very tender and not bitter at all.

Eggplant rich vitamins groups AT, responsible for the state nervous systems. That’s why it consider natural antidepressant. His use helps deal with bad mood, excitement and even insomnia. That’s why advise every time turn it on in own diet before important events.

And eggplant will help you fight extra pounds, because 100 g contains only 28 kcal. By the way, eggplant caviar is an aphrodisiac, which means that it is quite a suitable dish for dinner with your loved one! Even in ancient times, men who lean on eggplant dishes were considered good lovers.

Editor’s advice. Eggplant can do a lot: even help you… quit smoking. They are rich in nicotinic acid, which alleviates withdrawal symptoms.

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Who can’t eat eggplant

Despite its beneficial properties, eggplant is not for everyone.

First of all, this applies to those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, patients with gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis, colitis and diarrhea. The fact is that eggplant contains a lot of fiber and fibers, which are digested with great difficulty.

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With diabetes, you should also not get too carried away with eggplant dishes, because these vegetables, which do not contain many carbohydrates and calories, can cause a decrease in blood glucose levels up to hypoglycemia.

Here are some warning signs to watch out for:

  • confusion;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain in the stomach, abdomen;
  • dyspnea;
  • how big;
  • convulsions.

If you encounter these symptoms after eating an eggplant dish, see a doctor immediately!

Important! Overripe fruits should not be eaten, as they may contain a dangerous substance — solanine.

And, of course, weakened kidneys will not say thank you for the salts and esters of oxalic acid contained in eggplant. Therefore, if you have kidney problems, it is better to refuse eggplant.

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Eggplant and breastfeeding

Can you eat eggplant while breastfeeding? This question is often asked by doctors and nutritionists. We also have the answer to it.

Yes, it is really possible and even necessary to eat eggplant while breastfeeding. They contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals that a child needs in the first months of life, so you can not refuse. However, there are a few caveats.

How to eat eggplant for nursing mothers:

  • Buy only in season from trusted sellers or grow homemade.
  • Enter the menu gradually after reaching two months of age.
  • Do not exceed the daily allowance: 100-150 grams.
  • Do not eat raw, overgrown, or overgrown eggplants.
  • You can not eat fried eggplant, baked with olive oil is best absorbed.

How to choose eggplant

Healthy and tasty eggplant must be chosen with great care. The first and mandatory rule is proven suppliers. Do not buy eggplant «from hand», as they can be grown in poor conditions and will not bring any benefit. Choose dense, but not hard eggplants, and also pay attention to the stalk: it should not be stale and dry in appearance.

Signs of the perfect eggplant:

  • oblong shape (with the exception of certain varieties);
  • shiny skin without spots and damage;
  • firm pulp.

Also pay attention to the number of seeds. An overripe eggplant is easy to spot because it has a lot of seeds. These eggplants should never be eaten!

How to remove bitterness from eggplant

It is quite easy, and every hostess knows the secret of such a procedure. It is enough just to soak the cut eggplants in salt water. It will take half an hour, and the eggplants will no longer be bitter.

Eggplants are very healthy, but like everything healthy, they are good in moderation. You can’t get carried away and overdo it with anything.

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