The birth control pill was introduced to the United States in 1960 and has gradually spread throughout the world since then. They are often used as the primary method of contraception, and they are also considered the most effective available. However, are they really good for your body?

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In every barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment. Therefore, birth control pills have their own side effects. Sometimes they are positive, such as the absence of acne, and sometimes they are extremely negative. We list the most common.

1. Softer periods

Women who take birth control pills often notice that their periods become less painful. This is all because the hormones contained in the drug make the lining of the uterus thinner. However, if menstruation has completely stopped, you need to talk to your doctor.

2. Nausea

Some people feel nauseous when they start taking oral contraceptives. Sometimes the body adapts, and sometimes you need to change pills. Some doctors advise taking the pill before bed to reduce the symptom.

3. Bloating

Taking additional hormones can lead to bloating, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome or any other gastrointestinal disease. Doctors believe that after six months this symptom disappears.

4. No problems with vaginal lubrication

According to a study, taking certain birth control pills can increase the amount of vaginal lubrication, making intercourse a little more enjoyable. Especially if previously there were problems with natural lubrication.

5. Dryness in the vagina

Some birth control pills can actually cause vaginal dryness. Here you need a consultation with a doctor or the choice of a good lubricant.



6. Mood improves

Some pills can improve psychological well-being. One study says the pill can reduce symptoms of depression.

7. Strong ligaments (or vice versa)

Some research suggests that estrogen regulation may loosen ligaments in younger women. In older women, on the contrary, they can reduce the incidence of knee injuries.

8. Significant reduction in the chance of unwanted pregnancy

Yes, that’s what they are for. It would be strange if they did the opposite.

9. Facial pigmentation

Some oral contraceptives increase the risk of getting melasma. This is a disease that causes brown spots on the face. If the family has problems with skin, pigmentation, it is worth approaching the choice of birth control pills responsibly.

10. Reduced sex drive

These are hormones, so it is only natural that at the beginning of taking birth control pills, sexual desire may decrease or fall to zero. However, after a while everything returns to its place.

11. More regular periods

If the periods are irregular, it increases the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer, so when birth control pills settle the cycle, they also have a preventive effect.

12. Spotting

This symptom usually resolves within three months of using birth control. But yes. This also happens.

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13. Breast tenderness

This side effect also disappears after a few months.

14. Absence or appearance of “menstrual migraine”

If you’ve had a headache before your period before, breathe out. Contraceptives will help to cope with it. But if menstrual migraine did not occur before, pills can cause it.

15. Prevention of certain types of cancer

For example, the likelihood of getting endometrial and ovarian cancer is reduced by 30-50% according to this study.

16. Clear skin

Birth control pills have a positive effect on the skin if you have had hormone-related acne. If not, and acne appeared due to problems with the liver, then the situation will not change.

17. Fewer period cramps

It’s nice too. Since the periods have become a little less, you no longer need to suffer from painful cramps.

18. Increased Susceptibility to Vaginal Infections

For example, the risk of yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis is increased due to the effect of hormones on the vaginal tissue. Try to use less tampons when you’re on birth control.

19. Appetite increase

Because of hormones, you often want to nibble on something that was not on the menu for the day. This also occurs after taking birth control pills.

20. Risk of thrombosis

Very often, if there was a problem with blood clotting before, blood clots can begin to appear in the legs and lungs. It’s because of the estrogen pills. Therefore, during the selection of contraceptives, do not forget to talk to the doctor about this. This is very serious!

Are you taking birth control?

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