Honey is a very healthy and tasty product that will certainly help make every meal healthier than traditional sugar.

honey can be heated


However, there are a few wacky myths about honey that people believe and actively spread. Is it true that honey should not be heated? And is dark honey really much healthier than light honey? Let’s figure it out.

Honey should be eaten as medicine

The first and most stupid myth is that honey should be taken the way we usually take medicines: on an empty stomach, a tablespoon before meals.

Do not believe in such nonsense — honey is just food. The fact that it has bactericidal properties and even that it contains many elements and minerals does not make it a medicine. In addition, this product is best absorbed when it is absorbed, rather than swallowing a whole tablespoon.

Honey is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals

Actually this is not true. Honey, of course, is healthy to eat, but in fact it contains a relatively small amount of vitamins and minerals. 100 g of honey contains only 1% of nutrients from the daily requirement. So, to fill the daily vitamin requirement, you will have to eat more than 1 kg of honey. It’s easier to buy vitamins.

Honey is good for diabetics

No. The glycemic index of honey is from 30 to 70 units, while that of sugar is 60 units. So it is advisable for diabetics to treat honey very carefully and not overdo it.

Honey is a dietary product

No. Honey is very high in calories, so, like sugar, it should be excluded from the diet.

Diastase number — quality indicator

A few smart words. Diastase is an enzyme produced by the pharyngeal glands of bees. This enzyme breaks down sugar and shows, basically, how long it takes the bee to process honey. And also — indicates whether there was a bee in this process at all.

myths about honey


Do not believe if they say that the more diastase in honey, the more beneficial it is for a person. This number does not matter, because, surprise surprise! you already have a similar enzyme in your saliva, because you, like a bee, also love sweets.

Dark honey is the healthiest

Everyone around says that dark honey is healthier than light honey, and this is some kind of honey racism, girls. The color of honey depends on the nectar, and that depends on many factors, from the weather to the type of plants from which it was collected. Honey is either good or bad. And that is all.

Honey cannot be eaten from metal

Of course, if honey comes into contact with certain metals, it can oxidize. But the spoons we eat with are not made of such metal, so you can safely eat honey with your favorite metal spoon.

Crystallized honey is harmful

In fact, real honey is rarely liquid. In this state, it is only the first two months after pumping, but then it thickens and crystallizes. This is a normal process, which does not indicate harmfulness at all.

Only acacia, honeydew and chestnut honey do not crystallize. They can be liquid for two years.

The most useful honey is pumped out once a summer

It is not true. The number of honey harvests depends on the intensity of the honey collection of bees, so there can be several harvests during the summer. The most useful honey is mature.

Honey should not be refrigerated

Legends can be made about how to properly store honey. Someone shouts that you can’t store honey in the refrigerator, someone fights against honey in plastic jars, and someone even pours honey into clay pots, as in the old days. But in fact, honey needs to be stored in a place that:

  • dark;
  • cool (not higher than 20 degrees).


the truth about honey


And… the icing on the cake…

Honey should not be heated

Oh, there is already a whole epic. Honey should not be heated, because toxins are released from it, and it becomes a poison in its purest form. Heard that? We, too. And yes, it’s all false. If there are no toxins in natural honey initially, it will not release them when heated.

The only thing that disappears from heating is the bactericidal properties. Therefore, honey can be added to hot food and drinks, but if you need exactly the aforementioned property, eat with spoons.

What stupid myths about honey did you believe?

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