What happens if you eat sardines every day?

01 August 2022, 15:02

This tiny fish is fraught with many sur­pris­es. In a new arti­cle, we will tell you what hap­pens if you eat sar­dines every day.

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Sar­dines are either loved or hat­ed, but no one minds that they have their own unique taste, amount of nutri­ents and that they can be cooked in all sorts of ways. Sar­dines come in oil, in sauces, in their own juice… oh, as soon as they’re not cooked or canned.

Sar­dines also have a lot of nutri­ents — pro­tein, fat­ty acids and so on. These tiny fish can com­plete­ly change your diet. Here’s what hap­pens if you eat sar­dines in any form every day.

1. Better Bone Health

To keep bones in order and good health, we need many sub­stances in addi­tion to cal­ci­um. Since the bones of sar­dines are small and soft, they are an excel­lent source of these sub­stances. They con­tain a lot of non-dairy cal­ci­um, which sup­ports healthy bones, both chil­dren and adults. Is it a joke? One can of sar­dines con­tains 27% of the dai­ly val­ue of cal­ci­um.

How­ev­er, the ben­e­fits don’t end there. Sar­dines also con­tain vit­a­min D, which also helps main­tain bones. This fat-sol­u­ble vit­a­min helps with the absorp­tion of cal­ci­um.

why are sardines good for you


2. Energy boost for every day

Togeth­er with cal­ci­um and fat­ty acids, pro­tein, sar­dines are an excel­lent source of vit­a­min B12. One can of sar­dines is 343% of the dai­ly val­ue!

If you con­sume this vit­a­min reg­u­lar­ly, you will be cheer­ful and ener­getic every day. High-qual­i­ty pro­teins and vit­a­min B12 are the key to vig­or and well-being every day.

3. Protect the heart

Any fat­ty fish, and sar­dines are no excep­tion, are omega‑3 fat­ty acids that pro­tect the heart from dis­ease. A diet rich in omega-3s can not only low­er cho­les­terol lev­els, but also reduce inflam­ma­tion in the body, reduce the risk of heart dis­ease and vas­cu­lar dis­ease.

Just two serv­ings of sar­dines a week and you’ll be pro­tect­ed!


4. Gout can flare up

There is no absolute­ly use­ful prod­uct. Eat­ing too many sar­dines a day can cause gout to flare up if you’re already sick. Some vari­eties of canned fish have crazy amounts of sodi­um in them.

And sar­dines, like anchovies, mus­sels and trout, are high in purines. A large amount of these sub­stances exac­er­bates gout, so be care­ful!

Do you like sar­dines?

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