Summer is an ideal time for self-education and gaining new knowledge. Today we are talking about five informative publics that are on the VKontakte social network. Subscribe!


Arzamas is a magazine dedicated to the history of culture and art. He has not only a website, but also a community on VKontakte, where the creators of the project talk about literature, painting, music and theater. And if you prefer to listen, pay attention to lectures and articles in audio format.


The same TED Talks, but only in Russian. The creators of the public took care of those who do not yet speak English at a sufficiently good level, and translated educational videos. Fresh lectures on current topics are published here daily. Stay tuned!


And if you want to watch TED Talks in the original, we recommend that you check out the English Yo public. In addition to educational materials, analysis of English-language memes and useful tips for learning the language, here you can take part in a daily conversation club and find a tutor.


In the community of the Yandex Q educational platform, there is an answer to almost any question. Experts from various fields share their knowledge with subscribers and help them better understand a particular topic.


Library with scientific articles and specialized literature. An excellent find both for those who are now receiving higher education, and for those who are seriously interested in science.

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