Games for the development of attention and memory in adults

Memory is capable of storing information for quite a long time. Adequate sleep, proper nutrition and regular physical activity have a good effect on brain function. But bad habits, certain medications and depression reduce brain activity. Bad memory needs to be trained — developing it even in a playful way, you can achieve high performance. And the fun of the game makes it easier to learn.

Types of games

The brain needs to be challenged daily. You need to start brain training with simple games. Over time, exercises for the mind should become more difficult. Able to improve long-term and short-term types of memory solving puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles and rebuses. People who do logic exercises on a regular basis generate ideas faster and better. Memory can be trained in other ways.

The effectiveness of participation in team games has been proven. The decisions made by the team were more accurate and faster. Scientists attribute this to the fact that when communicating, information is easier to perceive and remember. Intellectual board games: chess, backgammon, checkers form a payload for the participants’ working memory. As an example, we can cite the case when working memory fails, if when approaching a store a person remembers what he is going to buy, but when he goes inside, he forgets.

Poker, preference are educational games for the ability to concentrate.

According to Japanese scientists, the best way to keep the brain in good shape is to verbally count backwards. For example, count from 300 to 1. Or countdown the same number: 500, 495, 490, and so on. Such active involvement of working or short-term memory will allow you to learn how to keep current information in memory.

Here is another small part of effective memory development techniques.

  • Word games are the easiest way to keep your brain toned. Think of words for each letter of the alphabet or for the last letter of the word spoken by the opponent. Thus, access to almost forgotten information is resumed, cellular neural connections are re-activated, a larger number of which in the brain improves the quality of life.
  • The game «Associations» stimulates the brain if you need to remember something new. You just need to correlate this, finding an associative connection, with some already known fact, calling on your imagination to help. It is clear that it is necessary to select not any, but the closest and most interesting associations to the topic. For example, if you need to remember a list of products that you should buy, then it would be better to associate them with dishes prepared from these products.
  • Computer gamesinteractive video games and online simulators, varying in difficulty, are very common on the Web.

Here are some examples of popular online games.


On the playing field, photos of world paintings appear in a certain sequence. You need to restore the masterpieces in a new window in the same order.


Products appearing alternately on the table change their location each time. The player needs to quickly click on a new product.

Older people should avoid routine activities that lead to automatism in behavior that does not leave memory a chance to be in working order. If you know almost all the answers in the game, then such a game as a brain training does not make sense. Thus, work on one’s memory is expressed in the application of techniques with ever-increasing complexity. Without this, effective results cannot be achieved.


Games for the development of attention and memory in adults differ in their purpose for developing memory, attention, speed of thinking and mental flexibility. Memory cannot be improved without developing attention — the process of brain activity, the ability to concentrate on something. At the same time, it is required to improve observation and train visual memory. Exercises such as «Find the Differences» help a lot with this. The focus on details is very important in this process. You can, for example, walk down the street and try to find things on a certain basis, such as windows with pink curtains.

Games should be chosen with a special focus for training different types of memory:

  • long-term;
  • short-term;
  • operational;
  • visual;
  • verbal-logical;
  • associative and others.

It is necessary to apply an individual approach to the training of each of its types. Developing, for example, associative memory, you can write definitions for words. Describe what the weather might be like. For example, it can be warm, cold, windy, clear, rainy, frosty. The main thing is not to repeat definitions.

Games for the development of visual memory will help you learn to notice and retain details in your memory. Example: task with matches. Throw a few pieces on the table, remember the resulting figure and, turning away, try to reproduce it with other matches in the same amount. And evaluate their similarity. In the future, it is necessary to increase the complexity of the exercise, increasing the number of matches. By choosing the appropriate set of exercises, it is possible to train all types of memory that need improvement.

Class rules

Currently, website developers offer users training courses to keep the brain active and prevent dementia. Any user can take part in an individual training program, self-selected training. Or the system, having previously tested a person’s abilities, will choose an online course for him with about 15-minute daily exercises.

Services developed Lumosity, Wikium, Neuronation, include games with 4 types of training: for the development of logic, memory, thinking and attention. These sites have developed cognitive trainers that train thinking, so that strengths become a support for training weaker ones. Games for 10-20 minutes every day increase mental tone.

On the websites of Happymozg, “Mnemonics. Ru», Brainscale, you can find many interesting simulators that improve both long-term and current memorization skills, as well as a useful course for training RAM. The program monitors the result and clearly monitors so that there are no exercises of the same type. This makes the game much more interesting to play.

Techniques allow you to develop the memory of users with the help of individual lessons.


By the age of 30, all people should train their memory. It is after this age that it begins to deteriorate. Currently, online memory training is the most popular. They have an advantage over traditional forms in their greater diversity and the ability to visually see the results. Adults, among other things, have access to individual coaching via Skype, webinars and video courses.

However, the opinions of scientists about the benefits of an online game form of training brain activity are divided. Many experts do not agree to recognize the methods as effective and believe that they are more entertaining than developing. That’s why more productive are exercise and meditation, playing musical instruments and hobbies.

Learning a foreign language and playing chess can also improve memory and increase concentration. Therefore, one should resort to various methods, not giving preference to only one of their types.

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