Work, create, take care of health and engage in self-development at the same time? It’s possible and it’s the biggest wellness trend of 2021


We will not talk about burnout, stress and fatigue once again. But to answer the difficult question — how to find time to reboot, combining work, projects and study — let’s try. About a new kind of sabbatical that allows you to maintain a balance between the desire for well-being and the need to work, BURO. said the ideologist and co-founder of Russia’s first innovative prevent age resort, First Line. Health Care Resort” Maria Grudina.

O values and aspirations modern man

The events taking place in our days raise many questions about our environment, work, fundamental things. People have a desire not only to contribute to themselves and their health, but also to break out of the usual circle, to think about what happens to them outside of their daily routine. We are beginning to change our lives in a long-term and strategic way. Therefore, our Cell Sabbatical program has become very relevant. It provides time for work — you come to the program, live in a certain mode, you have balanced all the main areas of life (food, sleep, sports, research and therapy), while there are all conditions and time for work, at least five hours a day. day. We want to prove that in order to reboot qualitatively, it is not at all necessary to take a vacation or quit. What’s more, it’s also a great program for employers who see that employees are burnt out or just need a reboot, but they can’t be pulled out of the operational process.



About the program Cell Sabbatical

Basically, this program has important and simple procedures: daily massage and interval hypoxic training, which is carried out every other day. It consists in saturating the body with oxygen and, conversely, creating conditions for its shortage. These processes alternate, which helps to increase energy, and also affects the biological rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level. It is thanks to the alternation of different types of procedures that the most powerful restoration and optimization of the state of health takes place. Together with walks, meals and massages, this gives an amazing result. At the same time, everything happens smoothly, without a colossal load on the body. By changing the state of the body at the physical level, removing the clamps and tension, we change the way of thinking, perception of ourselves and reality.

Our resort has a personalized approach, and in addition to a comprehensive examination, we measure the level of oxidative (oxidative) stress at the beginning and end of the program to see how much the indicators that lead to premature aging have changed. A very high level of stress causes this problem for residents of the metropolis, and our main task is to understand how to minimize the damage from it in the case of each individual guest. Not unimportantly, the course of procedures will ensure the restoration of the respiratory organs after respiratory diseases and will work to prevent their occurrence.

Prevent age retreats by Cell Sabatical are designed for 14 and 21 days. This is the period during which you can thoroughly restart the physical and mental processes in the body. Short-term programs usually include many treatments, because only a rich synergy can give a therapeutic effect. Here, the resort team aims to help the body recover itself and learn how to work again. The 14th and 21st days of resort life are the optimal interval for making long-term lifestyle changes so that the body gets the experience of being in the desired state and consolidates it as a habit.

About the main wellness trends 2021

Work, create, take care of health and engage in self-development at the same time?  It is possible and this is the main wellness trend of 2021 (photo 1)

What we do at the resort is my daily reality. I am happy that I can live and work according to my values, and I can’t imagine how it could be otherwise. The opportunity to live in this mode is a great reason to reconsider your life. According to the annual conference for experts of the wellness industry Global Wellness Summit, the main trend of the coming year will be mental health, and it’s not about psychology, but about the balance of all areas. International resorts in Europe and the USA are just preparing such programs, when in the context of self-development and work, you can switch and take care of yourself.

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