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Time management basics for moms: how to do everything with a child?

The fact that dad cannot be mom was also noted by the legendary Mikhail Tanich in his famous song. But the fact that it is the mother who can do anything will be said by any woman who has a child. Especially diligently, she has to be torn apart in the first months after the appearance of the baby. How to do everything with a child and how time management will help, this article will tell.

Why do you need time management?

Doing everything with a baby is not just difficult — it is impossible in principle. But to reduce the time to perform certain tasks is quite real. And this applies not only to those women in whose arms newborns.

Mothers of many children also live in a time and space different from the rest of the world. And therefore, time management for moms is special.

The popular “pomodoro method”, when a person starts a timer for 25 minutes and spends them exclusively on completing a particular task, will not suit them. For moms, in these very 25 minutes, nothing will happen! The kid will suddenly wake up, want to eat, guests or parents will come, the husband will return from work. But, oddly enough, even such problems can be planned.

As a reward you will receive:

  • time for yourself: rest, hairstyle, manicure, massage, relaxing bath;
  • a strong nervous system: I didn’t have time here, I was late there — this is no longer about you, because a woman who uses time management has everything under control;
  • healthy sleep: surprisingly, there will also be time for it;
  • a full bowl: the refrigerator will be filled to capacity, order will come at home, the child and husband will be fed and happy.

Day planning

For women, it is important not only to make a plan, but also to leave time in it for all sorts of pleasant and not so unexpected surprises. The rules for scheduling a day are very simple.

  • Don’t put in more than you can handle. On the contrary, reduce the list of requests to itself.
  • Leave time for things you can’t predict ahead of time. Teeth crawled, colic in the tummy, too long a queue at the clinic, a burst pipe in the bathroom, the appearance of the first scratch in the baby — you should have time for all this.

Ask a mother on the playground who walks with two or even three small children how she manages to do everything. She will answer that the first was more difficult, and this is true. For housewives, it is important to be able to properly allocate their time and energy. With experience, this will certainly come. But it would be nice not to drive yourself into a corner of everyday problems from the very beginning. Of course, it is even more difficult for working mothers, but nannies and other housewives are most often at their disposal. So this is a slightly different case.

Make a small list. You can schedule no more than three tasks per day. Thus, the chances of having time to do everything planned are much greater, which means that mommy will be satisfied with herself.

But even if you do not have time, do not be discouraged, you are already a great fellow. Postpone such «beautiful» little things as washing windows and painting the fence in the country until next year. Light will pass through the glass perfectly, but the fence will not fall without paint.

How to deal with household chores?

Remember one rule — you are doing everything right. If it suddenly seemed that nothing had been done during the day, take a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything that you did during the day. They bathed the child five times, fed six times, changed the diaper eight times, warmed up the food — everything counts.

The second rule is less fanaticism. You don’t have to scrub the floor from morning to night, and a thin layer of dust can wait until tomorrow.

Your calmness is much more important for the baby than the sterility that everyone around him is trying to create. The same goes for cooking.


If you’re not the chef of a Michelin-starred restaurant, take it easy. Stop creating culinary masterpieces, relax at least for a minute. How to do this, consider the points.

  • Prepare a few days ahead there is nothing wrong with yesterday’s borscht. On the contrary, this dish should be infused.
  • Buy groceries for the week. Pasta and cereals are best taken a month in advance.
  • Go shopping with a list. His absence will lead to the fact that you will have to return for some small thing, and this will take precious time.
  • Take a shelf for canned goods. This is not as harmful as they say: at least the nerves are more expensive. A cod sandwich from a jar is no worse than a sausage sandwich. Ask your parents to share their homemade preparations with you.
  • Stock up strategically in the freezer. We are talking not only about dumplings: put a stock of cutlets or meatballs, chopped vegetables, sausages there, pour the broth into containers and send it for long-term storage. In a difficult moment, you will be fully armed. And you yourself will not remain hungry, and feed your husband, and respect your picky mother-in-law.
  • Prepare step by step. Wash vegetables for soup in the morning. At lunch, while the child is carried away by a new toy, cut them. Toward evening, when mom came to the rescue, throw it into the pan. Otherwise, cooking the first course will turn into a complete hassle. The broth will «run away» almost guaranteed.
  • During cooking, use the slow cooker more often. This helps a lot to save time. You just need to put food in the bowl, and then get ready-made food.


Of course, we remember that fanaticism and super-love for cleanliness are recommended to be left until better times (do not be afraid, they will come faster than you would like). But it’s also not worth starting a farm, although it’s better to forget about general cleaning for the time being.

Allocate specific time that you will spend on putting things in order daily. For example, 20 minutes. This is not as small as it seems. Enough to wash the dishes if there is no dishwasher.

By the way, modern assistants make life very easy. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner. Count how much time you spend with your old buzzing machine, and you can free it up for more pleasant things.

By the way, about the pleasant: try to leave it for later. At the beginning of the day, do the most disliked work. The computer (laptop, phone) also needs to be put in order. Unsubscribe from all unnecessary mailings, let them no longer “eat up” your precious time.

Put things in order in other, non-virtual repositories. Throw out everything you don’t need from your closet. Those children’s things that the baby no longer wears, distribute, give, sell, no matter how sweet and dear they are to your heart. Any extra thing in the house is an extra hassle. This is to shift, this is to wash, this is to hide in the far corner. As a result, the woman was already tired, although she did not do anything really useful.


A washing machine is available in every house. Gone are the days of hand washing. Do not listen to your mother-in-law, modern powders for children are hypoallergenic and make diapers and baby clothes much cleaner and safer than even the most thorough hand washing.

The only advice — do not save a lot of laundry. Better wash more often, then washing and ironing will take you a matter of minutes, and not hours, as if you loaded the drum once a week.

Speaking of ironing: keep it to a minimum. Panties, socks and other accessories may well do without an iron. If your husband is pedantic and wants to have ironed socks and trousers with arrows, offer him to do this on his own, at least for the duration of your maternity leave.


Only his mother can say a word about a poor spouse, she is your beloved mother-in-law. While a woman is on maternity leave, she simply has to forget that her husband is very tired at work, he has a fine mental organization and he needs to get enough sleep. Nonsense. This young woman, among other things, still needs to feed her child, look dazzling, find time for her husband and parents. So let them answer the same.

So, feel free to put the following things in the hands of your husband.

  • Trips (hiking) for groceries, diapers, diapers, medicines. Just give him clear instructions on what to buy. Milk in a blue box may well turn into condensed milk in his head, and diapers turn out to be the wrong size, because he is always at work and does not notice how fast the baby is growing.
  • Taking out the trash. You don’t even need instructions here. Package in hand — and until the evening, dear.
  • Bathing a baby. It seems to you that he does everything wrong, your mother-in-law, of course, too. Her «boy» is tired at work, and this is not a man’s business. All this is not so, any person is able to manage and endure much more than he thinks. Your husband will not drown his own child! So over time, he will successfully cope with the task.
  • Ironing. Maybe then the beloved himself will understand the pointlessness of ironing socks and underwear. From ironing bed linen and towels, too, it is quite possible to refuse. After conditioner, they are already fresh and not particularly crumpled. One night in bed changes their appearance much more seriously than an hour in a centrifuge.

In addition to her husband, a woman has several more assistants who will be useful in difficult times. Feel free to ask for help from friends, relatives, parents.

Do not leave older children aside from worries in connection with the birth of a little brother or sister.. This will not only make some tasks easier for you, but will also enable the child to feel needed, and not deprived in connection with the birth of a little one.

How to make time for yourself?

If you use all of the above tips, or at least some of them, then you will easily find time for yourself.

In caring for a child, in no case do not forget about yourself, otherwise life will drag you down with your head.

From time to time visit beauty salons and massages, walk in the fresh air (without a stroller), swim in the pool, read, watch TV shows, meet friends, go to theaters, cinemas, museums, shopping with them. Do all the things you loved to do before giving birth. Maybe not as often as before, but take care of your personal space. This will help preserve family values ​​in the future.

How many stories are known when husbands run away from their wives when they turn into a «brood hen». Look at yourself in the mirror. You are the most attractive and charming. Stay like that, don’t let yourself be limited to the home world.

Expert advice

Try to do several things at the same time. If you are preparing food, at the same time organize a lesson for the development of hand motor skills for your child. Give a bowl of buckwheat or beans, let the baby sort through. In this case, at least 10 minutes of silence is provided to you.

When brushing your teeth, wipe the bathroom mirror with your free hand. Just a minute and save. Go to the kitchen for water — on the way, collect all the cups and throw them into the sink or directly into the dishwasher.

If the baby requires outdoor games, do exercises. Instead of dumbbells, feel free to take the child in your hands and start doing exercises together. When everything falls out of your hands, allow yourself a little weakness, shed a tear. The woman is not a robot. She is not only a laundress, a cook, a maid. She is also a lover, mother, daughter, sister, but above all — the fair sex. And this should be remembered not only by herself, but also by everyone around her.

After crying a little, throw out all the negativity, fatigue and anger that have accumulated over the past few days. But do not get carried away, and not far from depression.

And the main rule: the time while the baby sleeps is reserved exclusively for the rest of his mother, and not for doing household chores.

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