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Time management secrets for women

It is impossible to turn back time, but you can control it completely. That’s what time management is for. There are a lot of techniques that have been developed in order to have time to do everything on time. However, some of them do not work when it comes to a woman. And the point is not at all in the women’s logic, supposedly different from the men’s. It’s just that the fair sex has its own characteristics, and in matters of personal time management — including.

Why is it necessary for women?

“Drama club, photo circle, and I also want to sing.” Such a plan can be implemented quite calmly by any woman even in her childhood, and With age comes a lot of barriers. Firstly, your own child can say something similar to you, and you have to rethink your schedule. so as not to «bury» the talent of a beloved child in the ground. And these calls from kindergarten — take Misha / Masha, she has a fever! Can this be put on a schedule?

And when the mother-in-law promised to take the child from school and then stayed at the dacha and did not have time, not to spend the night as a child in kindergarten! The mother-in-law is all right, she doesn’t even know the word “time management”, she has only tomatoes on her mind (not to be confused with the popular method in “time management”, based on the use of a kitchen timer in the form of a tomato, more about that a little later), and what do we do with our pre-planned affairs?

And if the manicure can still be rescheduled, what to do with the business meeting that you scheduled at the beginning of the week?

It is also the woman who, in the vast majority of cases, is responsible for keeping the hearth (cleaning, washing, cooking), and I also want to use the right to work.

But there are also abilities that make life easier and characteristic, perhaps, only of a woman — do several things at the same time. Only it would occur to her while brushing her teeth to wash the sink, and then wipe the mirror in the bathroom. And this lady’s feature should help save time.

But how to manage to do everything both at home and at work, and also leave an hour or two for your beloved — this is worth talking about in more detail.

The Basics: Smooth Principles

There is probably no special secret in planning time for working girls. The basic principles still work regardless of gender. But there are still a number of differences between women’s time management and men’s.


Life is richer than plans, but you still need to try to structure it at least a little. Make a to-do list for the year, month, week, day. The latter is recommended to be done the night before. And do not leave it in your bright head, but put it on paper or create a plan file on a computer. Today there are also special mobile applications-planners.

Determine the time it will take you to complete one or another item. Don’t take it completely. Leave about 20% for unforeseen expenses. What if the mother-in-law stays at the dacha?

try adhere to a predetermined schedule Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.


Determine what is really important to you, and what can be left for later or done if there is suddenly extra time left (out of those 20 percent, for example). If there is an item on your list that wanders from plan to plan, then either get together and complete it at last, or cross it out completely as unnecessary.

In the morning, try to complete the most difficult tasks, the closer the evening, the easier small things are given that do not require much effort and concentration.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You do not shift your responsibility to others. You share an unbearable burden with them. Well, yours will not break husband, if he takes out the trash or buys bread. Yes and the daughter is already big enough to wash the dishes on one’s own.

And finally you stop feeling like a servant in your own home. By the way, your colleague will probably even be delighted with your request. After all, you are so charming and attractive.

Mode of work and rest

Do not forget that in addition to the right to work, you also have the right to rest. Don’t ignore him. During the holidays, relax, and do not do daily house cleaning and cooking, on weekends, after the soup pot is ready, go for a walk, visit a museum, concert hall, theater, or at least visit a friend.

Don’t want to go anywhere? Watch your favorite movie read a book. For this time, feel free to put the mop in a corner.

Sleep at least 8-9 hours a day (unless of course you have a baby). This is how much our body, and most importantly the brain, needs to fully relax and recover.

Effective Methods

However, all of the above is not enough to not only do everything, but also not get tired. To prepare a report for investors, create home comfort, be a good mother, wife and daughter — doing everything at the same time with minimal energy consumption will help the following tricks.

Technique «Tomato»

This effective technique was developed by an Italian young man named Francesco Cirillo in the late 80s of the last century. While still a student at the time, the young man caught himself thinking that he was wasting time for other purposes.

It seems to be working on notes, but there is little sense. Then he made it a rule to set aside a certain time for the work, namely 25 minutes. He used an ordinary kitchen timer in the form of a tomato as a stopwatch. Hence the name of the technique.

The point is that all this time you do only what you do. Phone calls, give a toy to Masha, check mail — all this later. During a break, which you will definitely need to take before you start your timer again.

Now by the way there are many applications and computer programs, helping to use this method. So there is no need to go to the store to get a kitchen timer.

15 minute rule

A quarter of an hour — is it a lot or a little? As practice shows, not that much, but quite enough to change your life. What do we usually not have time for? Pread your favorite book, go in for sports, talk with children.

So the “rule of 15 minutes” says — give them to something that your hands never reach. For example, devote exactly 15 minutes a day to reading, and no “well, mom.” Or study English — 15 minutes seems not much, but imagine how much you learn or read in a month, and in a year!

Eisenhower Matrix

A slightly more difficult method to use that requires the utmost honesty.

The point is to understand what we really need to do and what can wait.

To do this, we divide the cases into 4 groups:

  • urgent and at the same time important;
  • urgent, but absolutely not important;
  • important, but not at all urgent;
  • neither urgent nor important.

As it is not difficult to guess in this way we cut off everything unnecessary and concentrate only on what really needs to be done.

Common Mistakes

No one is immune from mistakes when planning time.

  • You think that being always in touch is right. Not at all. At least sometimes go «into yourself». The world will not stop in your absence. Of course, before you «turn off», you need to «attach» the children. As for the rest, you can be on your own. Be alone with yourself for at least a few minutes a day.
  • You think that on your desk «everything is at hand.» How many minutes did it take you yesterday to find the stapler? Tidy up your desk, as well as your closet and shelves in your kitchen. You will even be surprised how much time you save next time looking for the right one.
  • Don’t confuse work and personal. It is certainly possible to combine cooking dinner with the help of a child in doing homework. But when you salt the fish, forget about the report that you have to hand in at work tomorrow. There is a high probability that you oversalt the fish. Or, conversely, drop products on securities. Don’t try to do everything at once. Otherwise, “burn out” not at work, but at home.


  • Arrive at the office as early as possible. Not to «chase seagulls» with colleagues. As they say, we’ll sit down earlier, we’ll get up earlier (what if the mother-in-law does linger on her tomato beds?).
  • Make your workflow fun. For example, arrange competitions to see who can do it faster or better. No competitive colleagues? Fight with yourself. Set new office records.
  • If it seems to you that the task assigned to you is too difficult, divide it into several parts. Let not immediately, but gradually you will come to your goal.
  • Learn to say no. You are not obliged to stay at work, even if you are very much asked about it, and do the work for Kolya too. Well, unless you get paid a higher salary for it, of course. Otherwise, your time should not be spent on solving other people’s problems. Do you have few worries?
  • In the evening, not only make a plan for the next day, but also sum up the results of the outgoing one. If something doesn’t work out, try to understand why and work on the mistakes.
  • Have a list on hand for a «rainy day», the same one when no thoughts come to mind and everything falls out of hand. Keep yourself occupied with something that is not particularly responsible and does not require concentration. Dismantle already a cupboard with old dishes, for example.
  • In moments of forced downtime (on the train, at the airport, in line at the clinic), stop playing solitaire. Read a book, learn a couple of new phrases in English, check out a new promotional offer from competitors. Don’t waste time.
  • The limit to perfection still exists, there is no need to arrange an action from a trip to the store, similar to visiting the Bolshoi Theater. Do not spend all your energy on insignificant things. Everything doesn’t have to be «perfect». Sometimes “it will do” is perfectly acceptable. And spend the remaining time on the perfect hairstyle, manicure, massage, and here you are — perfection itself.


To always be full of energy and strength, follow the rule known under the code number 10-3-2-1-0.

Ten — number of hours before sleep 3 — time before bedtime, which must be carried out without food and alcohol, 2 — hours of a relaxed state before bedtime, 1 — rush hour before bedtime, when they turn off the TV, tablet, computer.

Viewing news and messages from friends in social networks on the phone is also prohibited.

And finally 0 is the number of clicks on the «OFF» button of your alarm clock. Good morning. Great things await us!

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