Time management

How to learn to do everything?

Learning how to keep up with everything is the most cherished dream of any person who seeks to keep up with the times. Not all people manage to be always and everywhere on top. Some people try very hard to meet the deadline for achieving the goal, but they do not succeed. And everything happens due to the fact that they cannot properly plan and distribute their forces and capabilities. But do not rush to despair, in fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

The Importance of Planning

To live life to the fullest, not get tired and do everything, you need to plan your every step. Remember, planning is an essential component to completing any undertaking quickly and efficiently. You need to make plans both for every day and for a longer life perspective.

Think about what will happen to you in 10, 20, 30 years? Plans must be calculated to your very last breath. Moreover, plans for the long term should not have clear boundaries, but they must necessarily have clear goals.

First of all, a person needs to make short-term plans. Then he will be able to organize his day so that he can complete everything on time. Therefore, plan everything from the evening. This approach is correct, as it helps in the self-organization of any person, even the most unpunctual and absent-minded. In this case, the main thing is to follow the rules by which you are going to act further. An important point: if you plan your activities, then you unwittingly prioritize. This factor allows you to do the work that is most important.

As we know, a person first performs the work that he likes and leaves “for later” difficult tasks. These steps are well justified. Important and necessary problems always require a lot of energy and mental effort. When all the most important things are done, then you will feel complete satisfaction. It should be noted: planning programs the brain activity of the individual, which is aimed at success. Thanks to the above process, any of us can understand what he really desires. For example, a person planned to buy a car, and at the same time he wanted to relax by the sea. How to determine the importance of a particular desire? Very simple. You need to start thinking and planning as follows.

All of us have to commute to work every day. When traveling in public transport, a person spends quite a lot of time and effort. Wasted time could be spent on some more useful activity and earn money for a holiday at sea.

It turns out that buying a car is a more important life moment than rest.

How to get rid of laziness and fatigue?

To do this, first of all, self-adjustment is needed. Until you learn to organize yourself, no one will do it for you. However, any of us have ever faced such a misfortune as laziness. Usually this condition comes along with fatigue. Important: this state should not become a habit. If this happens, then you will no longer be able to do anything and stop working to achieve your own goals and for the benefit of other people. Therefore, self-dissatisfaction and fatigue must be urgently disposed of. At the same time, you should not convince yourself that you are lazy from birth. Laziness is a psychological state, not a physiological one, that is, all problems are in our brain.

This is explained simply: the human body reacts in a peculiar way to those activities that do not cause positive feelings. In addition, stress can also cause laziness. In order for such feelings as laziness and fatigue not to visit you, you need to follow some recommendations.

  • Look for motivation to force yourself to do even the most difficult and tedious work. For example, you need to learn material for an exam. To make things argue, imagine the grade you will get if you learn the material.
  • If you do not like your profession, then you need to change it.
  • A change of scenery and even lifestyle helps with bouts of laziness. If you get up early in the morning to go to work, and by lunchtime you are overcome by a sleepy state, then allow yourself to at least once not go to work and get enough sleep. After such a rest, you will feel a great surge of strength and in the morning of the next day you will be much more willing to get out of bed, and at work you will bring much more benefit.
  • If you can’t bring yourself to get to work immediately, then turn off your phone, turn off the TV and immerse yourself in complete silence. Stand by the window and don’t think about anything. Soon you will want to sit down or do something to occupy yourself. At this point, you can start activities that you could not start in any way.
  • To immerse yourself in the work will help setting conditions for yourself. Connect your passion to the task. The more difficult the task, the more excitement.
  • Bet with yourself. At stake you can put a trip to a cafe with friends. If you complete the task quickly, then rest is guaranteed to you.

If you can’t do it, then give up the pleasures.

Time Estimation

Learning how to plan your affairs will help the correct distribution of time. No wonder they say: «Time is money.» If you waste it, life will seem boring and gray. Your time must be valued. Every moment should bring either joy or benefit.

If you want to relax, then set aside certain hours for this and completely immerse yourself in this activity. If you are busy with work, then use the time so that you have enough of it. Therefore, you need to use some tricks that can help.

The hardest thing to do first

It’s no secret that the dirtiest or most difficult activity causes rejection. No one will volunteer to do a job unless they have some benefit from the end result. If there is interest, then the work must be done one way or another, and it does not matter whether you want it or not. It is necessary to personally understand and accept this moment for yourself. Then the following points will not seem so difficult. Due to the fact that a person sets himself psychological limitations in advance, saying that something may not work out for him, he is not able to solve this or that problem. Such actions are some kind of chains that restrain our impulses.

A person gives up because he does not know where to start solving the problem. It is at this moment that a certain exaggeration of the problem occurs in his thoughts. Therefore, a person is ready to start doing easier things, and only then think about doing a more difficult task. To overcome difficulties, you need to remember important tips.

  • All the things that you consider difficult must be done in the morning. Firstly, in the morning your vitality is at a fairly high point. Secondly, you will have enough time to implement your actions in case something does not go as you planned.
  • If you have the opportunity, then ask for help from other people, for example, from your colleagues, who are also interested in resolving the issue.

Breaking down complex cases into smaller ones

To solve a very complex problem, you need to split the solution process into several parts. Then it will be easier for you to cope with the fear of overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of your well-being. When a person is faced with a task that cannot be solved quickly and without cost, he begins to “pass in” and drags out time in every possible way. The scale, which is often a difficult matter, causes laziness in a person due to fear. This is a kind of reaction of the brain to the upcoming stress. Now let’s proceed to the direct consideration of the issue. For example, you have a very large piece of fruit in front of you. How to eat it if it does not fit entirely in the mouth? Answer: «It must be divided into pieces.» This is exactly how you need to deal with a task that scares you because of the complexity of its implementation. It is necessary to divide the case into points.

It’s pretty easy to take this step. Take a piece of paper and make a schedule. For example, you need to clean a huge house for the holiday. Yes, household chores sometimes put even the most experienced housewife into a stupor. BUT if you do not have experience in such a matter, then general cleaning can become an insurmountable obstacle to order and cleanliness. To cope with the task, divide it into parts and make a schedule of work. As soon as you start to deviate from the schedule, you will be able to control the situation and catch up. Let the cleaning of all the premises last for a week. However, during this time you will be able to complete the task assigned to you efficiently and without much effort.

However, it also happens that a person is constantly doing something in order to move in a certain direction, and the end result does not emerge. Time passes, and the work remains unfinished. In such a situation, even the most purposeful person involuntarily gives up. When this happens, you need to stop and find confirmation that you are moving in the right direction. And for this you also need to break the global task into parts. When one of the parts of the overall problem is solved, you will have a clearer idea of ​​​​the final result. So from a large number of small things one big thing is formed.

As soon as you see this, your interest will manifest with renewed vigor, and the process will go much faster. In the end, you will not notice how your activity will lead you to the goal.


Making plans for your home and work will help you be successful everywhere. This is still necessary in order to understand in which direction to move, as well as to find out whether it is correct or not. Therefore, prioritization will support the desire to determine and plan the course of your life. Let’s take a look at what priorities are.

  • So that you do not waste time in vain, deal with your immediate environment (buddies). Then you will not be distracted by empty talk.
  • You need to draw up your work schedule, while asking such questions: “What is necessary?”, “What is desirable?”, “What is possible?”

In addition, such tasks should be put forward in the first place, without which it is impossible to do. Also, the first place should be for us the material benefits that you want to receive as a result of performing a certain task. In second place should be your interests in the field of recreation and moral satisfaction. In third place, you can put secondary topics that you are not very interested in.

The thirty-fourth President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, came up with a method that allows you to properly prioritize. He is very simple. You need to divide a sheet of paper into 4 parts. Write urgent tasks at the top and non-urgent tasks at the bottom. Only important things should be on the right side, unimportant ones on the left. In addition, you need to plan the day correctly. To do this, it must be divided into three periods. The first period should include urgent matters, the second period should include less important matters, and the third period should include absolutely non-urgent matters.

Important: if you conduct a daily analysis of completed tasks, then you will be able to control your activities. In addition, monitoring will allow you to succeed faster if new tasks arise in front of you.

Good Habits

Developing good habits will help overcome laziness and fear of complex tasks. The main component on the way to success in this business is to learn how to get up early. You need to start small, and then everything will go according to the knurled scenario. The following recommendations will help you move forward.

  • Make it a habit to avoid discomfort and change. This factor helps a person to move forward and act. As soon as we begin to live smoothly and without problems, we lose immunity to trouble. If a stressful situation happens after a prosperous life, then you may not survive it.
  • Get used to different activities. If you do not do this, then you will become a weak person. Gain experience and it will lead you to success.
  • Find friends who have similar interests to you. If your old buddies don’t want to move forward and prefer to drink beer on the couch, then you need to give up such friendship. Otherwise, it will drag you into a swamp, from which it will be difficult to get out.
  • Learn to give good energy. The positive always comes back and brings even more joy. A person should bring to the world the most useful and high-quality that he has in his soul.
  • Start diversifying your life. Let new interests give you positive emotions that fill your mind with positive thinking. The latter has a very good effect on a person as a whole and on his development.
  • Start appreciating the life and time you are given. Each stage of human life is distinguished by its novelty. Use this moment to realize your desires. If a person does not move and is lazy all the time, then illnesses can overcome him. Remember, movement is life.

Attracting help

This is a pretty good way to fight laziness. In any difficult situations, you need to always have a close person next to you who will control your actions and help with advice. For example, ask a friend or family member to help you. As soon as you start to mope, your assistant should be there and support you.

However, you can do without friendly attention. It will be enough to put a reminder on the gadget. It’s good if it will be certain music that sets you up for positive. This signal should be constant and remind you that you have not completed the task.

Psychologists’ advice

Specialists can help with certain actions, but for this you will need to pay a certain amount. If you are a person and really want to cope with laziness and fatigue, then you need to show willpower. In this desire, the advice of professionals will help you, which will be a good help in achieving your goal.

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. This feeling has never been of any use to anyone. It is not without reason that strong-willed people try not to pay attention to their mental pain and even suppress it with the help of volitional actions. As soon as factors such as pain and fear begin to overcome a person, he becomes spineless. Laziness and hopelessness follow. Therefore, do not make yourself a victim, but become your own breadwinner or breadwinner. Make your choice in favor of an active lifestyle.
  • A person must necessarily have a dream and many more desires. As soon as you stop dreaming and wanting something, you will lose interest in life. Then laziness and fatigue will go on the offensive.
  • To identify laziness, analyze your «I». This must be done on paper. Divide the sheet into two parts. On the left, write about what is stopping you from living. On the right, write all your desires. Compare what is written with each other and you will understand that your problem is either the fear of new beginnings or the lack of goals. Once this understanding comes to you, you can easily get rid of laziness.
  • Do not be afraid of circumstances that often do not develop in the best way. It is quite difficult for a person to choose the moment that will be the best for the implementation of any task. No one will deny that many are constantly hindered by various negative factors, so they put off an important matter “for later”. In order to cope with this problem, it is necessary to understand that the situation almost never changes and difficulties do not disappear. It’s just that strong personalities on the way to victory try not to notice them and go their own way. Try to do the same and you will succeed.
  • Do the impossible if you want to start doing everything and not be lazy. To do this, you need to develop willpower. It is necessary to try for a while to take control of your activities and do things that you do not like.
  • When doing a difficult task, take your time. Fussiness only gets in the way. Remember this. When a person begins to push events, he gets nervous. Nervousness inhibits both mental activity and physical activity. In a hurry, you can make an irreparable mistake. Then your task will not be completed.
  • Develop the habits that will allow you to be a productive person. Get up early in the morning, try to fulfill all your duties at certain hours, etc. Then your body will tune in a certain way, and you will not feel tired.
  • Remember, motivation appears when a person begins to act. Therefore, the main thing is to start, and then things will go as they should. At the same time, you should not say to yourself: “It is necessary.” This word has the opposite effect and causes a feeling of rejection.
  • To stop being lazy, try to shake things up. Imagine yourself in the place of a homeless person who is forced to survive every day. Think about the fact that if you are lazy, then you can eventually be in his place. A person must work to get the benefits of life.
  • Playing sports is a good motivator. After exercise, the human body begins to work with a vengeance. The resulting energy can be directed to solving problems.
  • Believe in your strength. Why did you decide that you could not cope with the task? Try it and maybe you will succeed. If nothing works out, then at least you will not blame yourself for not doing anything to make your goal come true. In addition, you may have an incentive to improve your activities.

Don’t tell yourself, «Stay the way you are. There is no point in changing.» On the contrary, go ahead and enjoy your courage.

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