Time management

Time management: how to manage to do everything?

Many people complain all the time about not having enough time. I want to have time to complete many tasks, but nothing happens. From this, nervous tension increases, relationships with loved ones deteriorate. If nothing is done, time will pass like sand. And then you can lose everything that is most precious: work, friends, family. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to distribute your potential in terms of doing various things in the right way.

What it is?

Time planning is a very specific process. It consists in control over the time that was spent by an individual on any activity. At the same time, efficiency is consciously included in this process. This means that methods such as goal setting, cost monitoring and prioritization are used here. Time management is an art that is necessary to advance any business.

This factor can be referred to as shortage of working hours. It occurs when the active process is illiterately organized. This affects the quality and efficiency of labor.

To avoid losses, it is necessary to conduct a study of the time spent on the implementation of any plans.

Problems with time at work arise if, in essence, some important tasks are not solved.

  • When a person doesn’t know the rules your upcoming work day.
  • When work not completed on time, and as a result there is an overlay of active moments on each other. At the same time, a person is forced to perform official duties at home. And this means that the time that was allocated for domestic needs (laundry, cleaning) is shifting.
  • This happens as a result concentration of forces. Then certain moments are left without proper attention.
  • unimportant matters taken away from the main work.
  • Human constantly in a hurry so very tired.
  • If an employee does not correspond to the position then he also has problems with time.
  • When there is no motivation for full-fledged work.
  • Individual unable to match their needs with opportunities.

It is clear to any person that time cannot be managed, but it can be used effectively.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply such a technique as time management. This name translates as time management.

And this term also implies the accounting, distribution and rapid approximate design of all temporary resources.

When you live by the principle of “do more, work less”, then life becomes rich. The ability to manage time can be developed.


When a person strives to cover everything at once, while not bothering to plan and does not take control of the situation, problems arise over time. Then it seems to him that precious hours are gone and wasted.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a principled approach to the process of distributing forces and resources that contribute to the implementation of various tasks. If everything is properly distributed, then everything can be done in time.

Plan your activities

Of course, this is an important point. It must begin with the creation of a suitable environment for this. If we talk about the place of work, then here we should first of all surround yourself with pleasant things and remove everything superfluous from your eyes. This applies to both tangible and intangible moments.

Above the table, you can install a special board with magnets. Every day you will have to make a plan for the implementation of various activities, in which everything will be calculated by the minute.

And remember that these activities are long-term planning. You need to get used to it. Focus on work, and it will not become a burden to you.

The same can be said about household chores that you have to perform every day. In this case, it is also worth making a certain plan. Therefore, create it and place it with a magnet on the refrigerator.

For example, you decided to wash dirty things in the evening after work. Modern people use special machines. Therefore, you do not need to spend time on the washing itself. In this matter the main thing is not to forget to fulfill your plan, namely: load the laundry and turn on the device. And then it will do all the work on its own. In the meantime, the laundry will be washed in the machine, you can sew on a torn off button or peel potatoes.

You even need to plan what you will eat for dinner. Dishes that take a very long time to cook are best moved to a day off. On weekdays, simpler recipes will do.

Formulate the desired result

To fulfill this condition, it is necessary to determine the key areas of activity. For example, try picking your most pressing tasks and putting them on your priority list.

For example, in the month that has just come, you want to overfulfill the plan and improve performance. If you are a sales manager, then you need to create a goal, namely: to call with various offers not only the existing customer base, but also to involve in this process even more people interested in your activities.

For this you need designate an approximate figure of profitability, which, of course, will increase as a result of ongoing activities. This will be your goal and at the same time the expected result.

Approximately the same activities can be carried out if you want to have time to complete certain tasks in the coming month that will allow you to ennoble your life and realize personal goals, for example, to repair an apartment during your vacation. It often happens that people plan one thing, but it turns out quite another.

Therefore, in this issue, it is necessary to set a goal, designate the result and move towards these factors, despite the difficulties. They most likely will not arise if you calculate everything correctly before starting work.

The first one is cash costs. Decide on them. Then write down in detail all the activities that need to be done, and visualize the result. To do this, you can hang a drawing on the refrigerator, which will indicate all the work performed.

For example, on the first day of your vacation, you will order all the necessary materials that will be used for decoration. If you need to allocate more time for this, then allocate it.

Another day will be required in order to receive an order from a hardware store. All the necessary components need to be checked and determined with their temporary location. Think carefully about this question and decide on the result of the work done.Then plan all your actions in order. For example, after being fully prepared for repairs in terms of imported materials, write down every day in terms of doing the housework itself.

And yet, be sure to leave 1-2 reserve days just in case.

Suddenly, something goes wrong, and one of the manipulations will take a little more time than previously planned. For example, you will feel unwell, and you will need several days to recover.

Fix an action plan

This event must be carried out with the utmost care. It is best to do this on a piece of paper and place it in the most visible place.

And remember that these rules should apply to both official duties and household duties. Those who are a little distracted need to paint all the actions by the minute. So that you do not forget that you are limited in time, put “reminders” on your phone or alarm clock. Once the task is completed, cross it off the list.

An important point: do not plan to organize a very large number of cases at once. Allocate the right time for their implementation, otherwise you will get confused and do not have time to do anything.


This important point must be done with great care, otherwise you will spend maximum energy, get tired, waste time, and the goal will not be achieved.

Therefore, first try to complete the most important tasks that will be the starting point. Urgent and very necessary events should become the favorites of the first half of the day.

Already after lunch you will feel satisfaction from work. This factor will relieve stress and set you up for positive.

Focus on the essentials

At work, this option is simply necessary. In addition to the general action plan, draw up one more — additional. In the goal-setting plan, make the points that you need to complete «here and now.» And then let all things go in descending order of importance.

Analyze your experience

Let’s say you have already started planning, which means that you are already aware of how much time it takes to do this or that work. Therefore, you can easily decide on the time that you need to allocate for any specific event.

And if we talk about the unifying moments, then just write down all the negative factors that were associated with the implementation of a particular task. This must be done in order not to step on the same «rake».

Plan your vacation

Of course, if you work to the limit, then you will not get the result that you expected from an event called “time planning”. All this will happen for a banal reason. It’s just that your brain is a so-called computer. If its functions are exorbitant, it will simply fail, and you will get a stressful situation instead of effective work.

Anyone, even a very busy person, should allocate time for their personal needs.

If it is not possible to take a short vacation for a few days, then try to set aside a day off for a trip to a relaxing salon.

Thanks to this action, you will rest and put your appearance in order.


There are a large number of them, but the most popular are the Eisenhower matrix and the so-called Stephen Covey diary. Let’s consider them in order.

The first one is eisenhower matrix, allowing the use of methods of self-organization. The developer of the matrix has always been very busy, so he came up with a matrix that helps to use the time to the maximum. This invention looks like 4 squares with a base in the form of two axes. In each of them, the activities to be performed are recorded. So a diagram emerges, which shows which things need to be done first, and which ones later.

Department «A» always fits urgent tasks that need to be completed during the day. Remember that this section should almost always be empty. If it fills up often, then this will indicate that you are a disorganized person.

Know that important and urgent matters can be delegated to someone. This is a way out.

Department «B» consists of not very urgent, but very important cases. Cases that are included in this section should always be in the highest priority. It is believed that if you only do things from this section, you will achieve great success in your activities.

Know: in theory, urgency only hurts the completion of any business. In this system are those cases that are classified as «everyday».

Section «C» involves the introduction of cases that may distract from the main activity. They make it difficult for a person to concentrate. These are various festive events, meetings with unimportant people and the like.

In section «D» there are those things that you should not do at all. They «eat up» precious time. These are conversations with friends, unnecessary correspondence in social networks and much more.

With the correct application of the matrix, you will learn not to be distracted by trifles and distribute your time correctly.

There are other methods, for example, Stephen Covey’s diary. Its application teaches you to prioritize. If you use the advice of the author, you can acquire the skills of a highly effective person. From the diary, you will learn what the term «time management» means and how priority goals are achieved. To do this, you need to apply the four-story planning method. The diagram is in the shape of a triangle. We divide it into 4 parts and, starting from the very top, enter the following into each part:

  • plan daily;
  • plan weekly;
  • set goals;
  • define values.

This is how you create your personal productivity pyramid. Now let’s look at each item separately.

  • The very first paragraph contains definition of values. DThese things are of the greatest importance to us. Our whole life is made up of them. Therefore, they are at the very base of the pyramid.
  • After this point comes the next one. Fit into it intended goals
  • When planning things, many people put an equal sign between all things. You can’t do that. If you want to highlight as many of them as possible, then plan your activities weekly. Make a so-called weekly compass. His main question should be the question of important matters this week.
  • And here is the very top of productivity — this is the item «plan daily». This is where you need to check your previously made arrangements, make a realistic to-do list, and prioritize.

In conclusion, we note that you need to live in accordance with your core values. To do this, they need to be clarified.

Therefore, identify and define your role in this life. Maybe there will be many more of these roles? Answer this question for yourself.

Next, decide on personal commitments. To do this, break the goal into several parts.

How to learn to manage time?

Understanding that there are only 24 hours in a day will help solve this problem. Ethe time must be divided in a certain way.

  • The working day takes about 8 hours. Of these, about 5 hours are considered the most effective. The remaining time is usually spent on not very effective activities. Conversations between employees, phone conversations on abstract topics and more.
  • Lunch break lasts 1 hour.
  • To get to work and back some spend half an hour, while others — as much as 3 hours.
  • When a person returns home, he starts to doing household chores. They take about 5 hours.

As a result of simple calculations, we see that a busy person has very little time left for sleep.

With such a busy schedule, many people manage to spend time watching TV, walking, shopping and much more. Undoubtedly, not a single person will be able to work without relaxation of brain activity and without rest.

You can’t do without a trip to the store either. To prepare food, you need to buy food. Still, there are things that can be called «empty». Let’s consider them in order.

  • Shopping without money. Such trips lead to both moral and physical fatigue. You are upset because of the lack of money and pretty tired. After such loads, effective activity decreases.
  • Watching TV programs which do not carry any semantic information.
  • Correspondence or other communication on the Internet. Often this is empty talk.

This list is much longer than the points listed. And many without special need and hunting lose precious hours that could be used for other, more important things.

Then it is necessary to «take up the mind» and develop a technology for the distribution of time. It should be of interest to everyone without exception. And even women on maternity leave and housewives.

Now let’s look at specific tips.

  • Get a simple notepad where all your daily tasks will be recorded point by point. So you can properly organize your activities.
  • You can use using neurolinguistic programming. Namely: you need to find a moment that can set you up for work. Exercises of this kind imply the appearance of a certain “click”. For example, every time you start your work, use the same favorite music. Over time, you will get used to it in the same way as to work. A certain melody will be associated with labor activity.
  • Be sure to rest. Believe me, if a tired person is forced to do work, then the effectiveness of his actions is significantly reduced.
  • Another technique that the French came up with. Fulfill difficult tasks in the morning, and the rest in the afternoon.


Efficient use of time can be taken under control. There are certain tricks for this.

  • The main mistake is planning every minute of the day. Unforeseen circumstances must be taken into account. So leave some free time. This will allow you to allocate precious minutes to solve problems that have suddenly arisen.
  • Learn to say «no» when you think you should. Sometimes people come across who try to shift their problems onto other people’s shoulders. Therefore, you need to be able to refuse such people.
  • Plan your rest.

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