Time management

Few people know what the phrase «eat a frog» means, but many know how difficult it is to force yourself to complete any task that «does not lie in the heart.» However, people very often have to perform various actions that contradict their internal state. Usually, unpleasant things are put off by many subjects «for later», but it is absolutely impossible to do so.

Those who have learned to resist circumstances and overcome them achieve great success. Therefore, you should also learn to cope with any troubles in the form of urgent and apathetic cases.

What it is?

The expression «eat a frog for breakfast» means performing a very unpleasant but very necessary task. In fact, this is such a time management that provides for the procedure of overshooting oneself. Brian Tracy came up with this technique. This principle is quite common, although many do not know some of its details.

So what are they? First of all, it is necessary to consider the question: why is the method called “eat the frog”, and not otherwise? Most likely, because eating frogs is not a very pleasant experience. Moreover, for many it may even seem very nasty. In principle, this is the whole essence of the name, that is, when we talk about eating frogs, we actually mean performing a very unpleasant or even nasty action.

People do many things every day that are comparable to eating frogs. For example, these could be things like:

  • communication with the manager;
  • going to the dentist or another doctor that you are afraid of;
  • making payments, such as paying fines.

In fact, there are a lot of them, especially since most of them have an individual focus and intolerance. Often, such events are subconsciously relegated to the background, and sometimes they are simply forgotten. So the “eat the frog” technique involves doing very unpleasant, and therefore forgotten, things. If you have accumulated several of them at once, then you should start with the nastiest and most difficult thing to do.

Method principle

Many complain that they could not learn how to manage to complete the most difficult tasks. A career suffers from this, and on the personal front, everything is going “not very well” due to constant breakdowns and shortcomings. This is all because most people are lazy in some way. It is difficult for them to force themselves to perform a difficult and sometimes not very pleasant action. For example, many housewives put off cleaning «for later.» Every day they come home from work and think that they will take up the mop and rag tomorrow. Then a new day and evening come, and everything repeats again. As a result, debris and dust accumulate. When it comes to “the frog”, simple cleaning is no longer enough. At a minimum, you need to call a special team from a cleaning company or carry out a general cleaning.

It turns out that postponing things only exacerbates the situation. Maybe that’s why B. Tracy wrote his recommendation book and called it «Leave the disgust, eat the frog.» It is necessary to pay attention to the following points, which were taken from this edition.

  • In order not to get into trouble, write down everything in a special notebookto be completed the next day.
  • The most important thing in this entry should be a point with a difficult task. If you have a rather unpleasant communication ahead, then you should even think about the moment how you will present the unpleasant news. For example, you decide to break up with a girl. She needs to be told about this so that she does not do any harm. So think about your speech. Choose the most affectionate and soothing phrases.
  • Keep in mind that it is imperative to bring the matter to the end, despite the difficulty and rejection of the task.
  • When the case is completed and you come to the right psychological state, be sure to commend yourself for your courage. You can even recommend in this case to reward yourself with a trip to a cafe.

Following the principles of the above method will help you learn to set goals. Remember that only you are the master of your destiny, and if you adhere to this factor, then a continuation to the beginning of new actions will follow. There are people who do not plan anything. They just don’t want anything. From this life turns into a series of gray events.

It seems that not everyone will agree to exist like this. So make plans and act. This point is the main strategy for moving forward. This skill needs to be developed and constantly honed.

Why is it necessary to use in the morning?

Winnie the Pooh also sang that visiting in the morning meant being wise. In his song, the explanation itself followed: “The evening time has come, the owners are yawning …” It is with this phrase that everything is said. In the morning a person is full of energy, and in the evening his mental and physical state is at zero level.

This means that the time management technique is directly related to the physiological needs and rhythms of a person. That’s why, if you still «eat a frog» in the morning, the following will happen to you.

  • you will feel an unprecedented burst of energy and a huge emotional lift.
  • Experience great pride for being able to achieve something.
  • will happen in your body increased endorphins. Imagine, if you experience the natural release of endorphins in the morning, you will get the unforgettable impression of being able to overpower yourself. After such a pleasant action, the whole day will pass on a positive note.
  • And one moment. Our limbic system, with constant releases of endorphins, will begin to work in a completely new way. She stops acting up, and your business is going much better.

We can conclude that the above technique is simply invented so that people perform it exclusively in the morning.


Remember: each overcoming strengthens willpower, and as you know, it helps a person to complete any unpleasant task or task, namely “eat a frog”. To make it work, start your day with a workout. After her be sure to have a tasty and healthy breakfast. So you can cheer yourself up and thereby fill yourself with strength for new achievements. Know that the right and positive morning attitude will help you do everything right.

It is advisable to get up early every day. This way you can avoid unnecessary trouble. Gradually, you will get used to such daily manipulations, and it will not be difficult for you to perform them at all. This item is only the first step on the way to ensuring that you can easily start “eating frogs” and not feel sorry for yourself at the same time.

Of course, not every person will be able to “eat a frog” the first time. Some may even get a psychological breakdown. That’s why This problem should be divided into several parts.

No one will argue that unpleasant food or medicine is always taken in several doses. So the unpleasant thing needs to be divided into several components.

For example, if you want to create your own business, then you need to set yourself up to do any, even the most unpleasant thing. To do this, you need to prepare for the next day in advance, that is, in the evening. Try to make these activities a habit. And then proceed as follows, so that time management becomes not only a pleasant experience, but at least does not cause you a storm of negative emotions.

  • First you need to create a list that will become the opposite of the one that will contain the most responsible and important things.. Look into it constantly. For example, if you want to reverse gear and push an important task into the background, then look at your anti-list with unnecessary and unimportant things. It will most likely contain the following items: reply to a friend using a social network or post a photo from a party. Try to convince yourself that such things are detrimental to your activities. Believe me, if you do this all the time, unnecessary things will very soon fade into the background.
  • In the created to-do list, divide all tasks into 3 groups: very important, important and not very important. In the first group should be those things that cause you to associate with «eating frogs.» When you complete at least one such task, you will feel significant relief.
  • In order not to waste time and energy, give up unimportant things. You will need the saved reserves to correct errors if they occur.

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