How to change your image?

“Image is nothing, thirst is everything!” — so says the well-known advertisement. However, any sane person understands that this, of course, is not so. It is on our external appearance that what impression we will make on others depends, whether we can become “ours” in certain circles. Any changes in life are best started with a change of image. And how to do it — read below.

Psychological aspects

First, let’s talk about when most often there is a cardinal change of image.

  • When you feel the incompleteness of life, dissatisfaction with it. A person wants to “turn life around 180 degrees” and for this he changes both externally and internally.
  • A person himself seems to be “dim”, “nothing” and believes that people do not perceive him the way he would like. Then a new style of clothing, a new haircut, jewelry, and makeup come into play. Changes of this kind, as a rule, entail an increase in self-esteem.
  • Very often, a change in image occurs as a result of choosing a different lifestyle. For example, a girl began to play sports and lost a lot of weight. Now she feels sexy, instead of baggy clothes that mask extra pounds, she wants to wear dresses with a neckline, shorts, tight jeans.

When is a makeover necessary?

Some people are very fond of change: they experiment with color and style in clothes, make a variety of hairstyles, and succumb to fashion trends. Others, on the contrary, are conservatives, wearing the same favorite sweater for years. However, in the life of both, there are times when a change of image cannot be avoided.

  • Reaching a certain age. The style of a 15 year old boy and a 35 year old man cannot be the same. This is due to the fact that they have completely different values, circle of friends, hobbies.
  • status changed. This includes career growth, marriage with a high-ranking person (politician, top manager of a large corporation, etc.).
  • The desire to receive new promising position.
  • A sharp change in the field of activity (was a personnel officer, became a hair stylist).
  • Often men and women change their image after a painful separation from a partner, wanting to forget everything and start living from scratch.
  • Dissatisfaction with their appearance, complexes, isolation and self-doubt — excellent prerequisites for a change of image.

Search for a new style

How to find the style that will correspond to the inner worldview and bring harmony to self-perception? This, of course, is not an easy task. You should start by analyzing the following aspects:

  • how old are you;
  • what gender are you;
  • what are the features of your figure;
  • What is your color type (combination of skin tones, eyes and hair).

So, you have analyzed all this data. Now find… a style icon! No, no, we do not in any way recommend that you blindly imitate any star — just look on the Internet for photos of celebrities who are similar to you in terms of anthropometric indicators, age and worldview. Note how they dress, what haircut, makeup, accessories they choose, and, most importantly, make sure that this style really suits the “idol” — then you can take individual elements of the image and “try on” for yourself. And then go shopping.

How to change yourself?

Let’s analyze the main stages of changing the image of a girl.

  • The best place to start is by reviewing your current wardrobe. Throw away things whose color does not harmonize with your color type, as well as morally and physically obsolete, not suitable in size, not corresponding to the current worldview. The rest of the clothes should be tried on and critically assessed: does it emphasize your advantages, will it fit into the new wardrobe, will it be easy to pick up the top / bottom, accessories, shoes for it. If yes, we leave the thing, if not, we take it to the trash. Now you need to make a shopping list, including all the missing items of the future wardrobe.

Try to create a so-called capsule, where all things will be combined with each other.

  • We monitor city outlets and go shopping. If you can’t buy everything at once, don’t worry — buy things gradually, starting with the main ones and ending with complementary ones.

  • Now we again critically examine the wardrobe for a combination of new clothes with old things.. After that, you may want to take something back to the store, something to throw away. This is absolutely normal. As a result, only those things will remain that fit perfectly into your new image.

  • To keep your «capsule» up to date, you should constantly keep track of fashion trends and purchase at least a couple of new items per season. However, you should not follow all the fashion trends and take them too literally. Remember, personal style is much more than fashion. It is he who will help you become recognizable, unique, while excessive indulgence in fashion is fraught with the fact that you simply replenish the army of “fashion clones” and get lost in their crowd.

  • We change hair. Hairdressing art today has reached unprecedented heights. All kinds of options for monochrome and color dyeing, various types of haircuts and styling, afro-braids, dreadlocks — yes, there is where to roam! If you decide to radically change your hair color and cut your hair, you will have to turn to an experienced hairdresser-stylist — he will not only select the perfect shade of hair for you, but also recommend a haircut that will emphasize all the advantages of your face. If a sharp change of image is not yet included in your plans, you can experiment at home: curl curls, braid an unusual pigtail.

Another option is to cut or grow bangs.

  • Let’s take care of the face. In the presence of rashes (acne, pimples, rosacea), we go to a dermatologist and solve the problem. It’s not even discussed. Clear skin for a girl is a prerequisite for beauty. Recently, wide well-groomed eyebrows have been in trend. Therefore, if yours still leaves much to be desired, visit a brow master — let him put them in order and recommend home care products.

  • make-up. Based on your color type, find out which shades of lipstick, shadows, tonal products are right for you. Watch a couple of training videos, which are now a lot on the Internet. Always start small: learn how to do everyday nude makeup, gradually moving on to more complex evening makeup.

  • A smiling girl, of course, is more conducive to herself than a gloomy and dissatisfied one. So always keep an eye on the health of your teeth. Braces will help correct curvature or malocclusion, a damaged tooth can be replaced with an aesthetic non-removable design. Professional whitening will make your smile whiter. If it is contraindicated for you, then ultrasound cleaning will not hurt anyone.

We will not talk about daily procedures — this is already obvious.

  • Learning to move beautifully. Easy gait, graceful unconstrained movements are signs of femininity. Therefore, it would be useful to learn how to walk correctly: without fussing, “rolling” the foot from heel to toe, keeping the back straight. «Jerky» movements, too, leave in the past.

  • We buy expensive perfume. The icing on the cake of your new image is a good perfume. Do not buy cheap stuff of dubious quality — it will smell delicious for several minutes, but the “aftertaste” will give out such a product with a head.

Helpful Hints

And a few last recommendations.

  • Decide what you want to see in the end. You should not start completely changing your style without understanding what should happen. You must keep in mind a clear image of your future self, down to the smallest detail. Explore the features of each style, be it glam rock, casual, sport chic or boho. Coming to the store, be guided by the information received and do not deviate from the chosen concept. Otherwise, you will simply become the owner of things that do not fit with each other.

  • Ask yourself the question: “Why, in fact, am I changing my image?”. Because of the choice of a new profession, a change in social status, or because of a new worldview? By giving an honest and frank answer, you can easily navigate the choice of wardrobe and other parts of the updated style.

  • We have already talked about this, but we will repeat: find an example for yourself to follow among domestic or foreign stars. Just look at how they dress, how they combine things, in what form they go “to the people”, and in what form they go to the supermarket. There is no need to blindly repeat everything — it is only important to remember the main elements of the «idol» style, to adopt something, to exclude something.

  • Build a capsule wardrobe. So you save a lot of time and money. All your clothes will be perfectly combined with each other, and this will help you to create a new look every day.

  • What’s inside, so outside. This postulate is one of the most important. A hippie in the shower is unlikely to feel good in a tuxedo.

Some tips for changing your style are presented in the video below.

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