Exercises for the brain and memory of the elderly

It’s no secret that with age, both men and women experience a significant decrease in memory. The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is a pharmacy and a large assortment of drugs, the manufacturers of which claim that their remedy will certainly help improve memory. But do not rush to eat handfuls of pills, because instead of them, you can use sparing methods.

Causes of problems

Memory impairment in older people is an absolutely normal, physiological phenomenon. Such features of memory development are associated with age-related brain damage, organic disorders or neurological diseases.

Lack of attention from relatives, friends, colleagues, dissatisfaction with yourself and your life, accumulated fatigue — all this can affect our memory.

Moreover, this does not have to happen in old age, that way at 70. Memory can become bad even at a very working age. Who among us has not had to go into the kitchen and remember why we came there at all? Here are a few characteristics of situations that are considered acceptable at a respectable age.

  • Increasingly, you spend time looking for everyday items, such as glasses or apartment keys.
  • When you enter a room, bathroom or kitchen, you need some time to remember why you came here.
  • You hardly remember the names and surnames of acquaintances, confuse the names of children, grandchildren, neighbors.
  • You experience significant difficulties when trying to say out loud what you want. Problems arise with the prompt selection of the right words to express their thoughts.
  • You quickly lose the information you just got from a news release, article, or book you read.

If this happens periodically, it’s time to think about how to avoid or reduce the number of such «lapses» in memory. Age-related aging of brain cells is inevitable. But it is in our power to minimize the consequences of violations.

The main ways to improve memory

Let’s start with the fact that the head should be constantly busy. To preserve memory, we simply need constant mental activity. Well, if a person continues to work, and if not, then he just needs to be occupied with something. So, what kind of «mind games» are offered for pensioners?

The simplest and most affordable — read more. Not bad help games of chess or checkers. If there is no one to spread the game with, then you can find a virtual opponent on the Internet. Today, such games can be played in the virtual space. This will help improve and computer skills, which is very important after a certain age, for example, for people 60 and older.

In many regions there are special computer courses where pensioners are taught free of charge. Well, if you don’t like modern technology, it’s time to get creative. Music, drawing, singing, knitting can all help restore memory. There are other methods as well. Let’s dwell on some of them in more detail.

Learning languages

Have you dreamed of speaking the language of Shakespeare all your life, or, returning from a foreign resort, did you decide to learn the language of the inhabitants of your beloved country and still did not have enough time? Retirement age is the best period for the realization of cherished desires. This will help to improve memory and get new impressions. The researchers conducted a study and came to the conclusion that such activities prolong youth, help to live without regard to passport age.

For some people of retirement age, success in learning a foreign language appears much faster than for students and schoolchildren. By the way, in some cities there are also free courses for those who are over … There are, of course, paid classes in private language schools. Yes, and on the Internet you can find many offers of online learning of any language in the world.

And if you like the great and mighty Russian language, then another brain training will suit you.

Solving crossword puzzles

British scientists claim that this type of activity rejuvenates the brain. Professor Ian Robertson from Trinity College, Dublin, claims that solving crosswords and logic puzzles improves blood circulation in the brain so much that the effect is quite comparable with the effects of physical exercise and the use of neurostimulators. He and his colleagues say that people who regularly spend time doing crosswords and puzzles are less likely to suffer from memory loss.

Solving logic problems

The same can be said about solving various logical problems. You can find them in any bookstore, newsstand, and finally, in the open spaces of the same Internet. If at least ten minutes a day are given to logical tasks aimed at training imaginative thinking, intelligence, memory, this will help to improve memory potential by about 25% in the shortest possible time.

Other options

There are other types of brain training for the elderly and not only the elderly. Among them: memorizing poems by heart, and if you don’t like poetry, study prose. If you don’t want to memorize, there are other ways and methods to train your memory. For example, the well-known game of cities, names, words. This is great brain activity.

Improving memory is a complex task that requires more than just specific training. We need a balanced diet, sleep and rest, walks in the fresh air, vitamins. Diversify your leisure time. Make a schedule of classes, as they do for school lessons. For example, Monday — solving logic problems, Tuesday and Thursday — a foreign language, Wednesday — drawing, and so on. The main thing do not allow yourself and your brain to be lazy.

Experts in the field of gerontology give other tips on how to improve your memory. Among them is the expansion of the lexicon. Try to use their synonyms instead of the usual words in communication. One more piece of advice — start using not only your working hand, but also the other in everyday life. If you are right-handed, then start at least occasionally doing something with your left hand. It also promotes the development of memory. For example, write down what you see or hear in the form of a summary. So you arrange two workouts for the brain at the same time.

Look for inspiration at concerts, theaters, museums and exhibitions. And be sure to share them. The more you talk about impressions, the more you train your memory. Do not be afraid to give up the habit of going to the store only one way, change routes.

By the way, it is also recommended to periodically change the time of doing one or another daily activity. In the evening, say out loud everything that happened to you during the day.


What does our head need to reduce forgetfulness? The main thing is healthy sleep. A healthy person should spend eight to nine hours a day in sleep. Insomnia contributes to memory impairment even at a young age. Outdoor activities are also important. Let them become a daily habit. It is advisable to go outside twice a day — in the morning and in the evening. This will help the work of not only the brain, but the whole organism as a whole.

Avoid stressful situations and never overexert yourself. Neither mentally nor physically. Take a break from any job. And don’t ignore your right to vacation. You won’t earn all the money in the world, but it’s quite possible to lose the ability to think and remember in labors and worries.

Also do some exercise. Even simple physical exercises well stimulate the blood circulation of the brain. Running is good for this. But before you go in for sports, be sure to consult with a medical specialist and find out what amount of exercise is right for you.

Well, where without a healthy diet! Include healthy food in your diet. Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, nuts, honey, oily fish should be on your menu for the brain. Medicinal infusions will not interfere either. Brew rowan fruits, ginseng root, lemongrass. The effectiveness of such traditional medicine has long been confirmed by experts.

Don’t fill your head with unnecessary information. It is not necessary to remember the dates of birth of all friends, acquaintances and relatives by heart. To do this, there are special calendars and notebooks.

Enter important dates for you in them, and use the part of your memory freed from unnecessary information to your health. Don’t agonize in stores wondering if you forgot to buy something. Before you go shopping, write a list of what you need from your head on paper. The same applies to fees for a trip to a resort or to your favorite dacha.

And, of course, communicate more. The more you spend time talking to people, and not silently within four walls, the less memory problems you will have. Well, if you don’t feel like going out on cold winter evenings, stay at home, but don’t lock yourself up. Invite guests, talk to an old friend on the phone or arrange a video call over the Internet. And then in your life there will be much more happy moments that will remain in your memory for a long time.

As the famous song says, «good mood will not leave you anymore.» And a positive attitude, by the way, is also very important for preserving the youth of the soul, body and, of course, the brain. After all, everyone knows that stress hormones can lead not only to memory impairment, but also to the emergence of a wide range of psychosomatic diseases.

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