How to improve memory?

Memory is the ability of a person to store information in the mind and reproduce it as needed. The active work of memory is associated with the acquisition of life experience, the formation of the necessary skills and abilities. As a mental process, memory contains features in each age stage and changes significantly throughout the entire time period. To improve memory, it is necessary to create the right environment for the functioning of the brain. Let’s take a closer look at how to improve memory.

Ways to improve memory

The amount of memory determines the number of nerve cells involved in the process of storing information. Scientific studies show that the capabilities of the human brain are used only by 10%. The fact that information is periodically forgotten is a normal and sometimes even necessary process. So the overstressed nervous system is unloaded from an excess of unclaimed information. But increased forgetfulness leads to absent-mindedness or even memory lapses.

These short-term memory impairments can lead to permanent memory loss, so it is necessary to take the necessary measures in time.

Mankind over many centuries has learned to use many ways to improve their memory. These can be professional training methods or techniques that require additional knowledge and even wisdom — meditation and mantras.

You can train a person’s memory at any age using the methods of neurobics — charging for the brain.

These daily effective exercises make memory sharper. Of course, everyday routine activities of the same type make it difficult to use special exercises. But they need to be done simultaneously with routine activities, since memory requires constant work to improve it. And only the complex application of neuroscience will give the maximum result.


Visualization is a great way to train your visual memory. You can remember a lot if you visualize memories. Information stored in memory can be retrieved using visual images. For example, if you need to remember a phone number, you need to imagine how to dial it. When you need to keep a shopping list in mind, you should imagine each package that you need to buy.


Associations — an effective memorization technique that helps develop memory. Unusual associations are needed, since banal ones are ineffective. With the help of an associative series, new information is linked to already known ones. For example, if you need to remember a new topic, then it must be associated with the material already covered. You can remember a word in a foreign language if you associate it with an image.

If it is necessary to remember a new surname, then the image of this person should be displayed in the mind. Associations arise when the memorized objects or phenomena are somewhat similar to each other.

Information organization

The quality of memorization often depends on how well the information is organized in a person’s memory. With a systematic approach, it will always be easy to restore the necessary information in memory.

Technique of Cicero

She is also called Roman room system. Cicero did not use records, but he remembered a huge amount of various information. To do this, he came up with his own method of remembering it. He mentally distributed the entire amount of information in the room of his palace in a strictly defined sequence. During his speeches, he also mentally walked around the room, reproducing information from the places where he placed it. For the method to be fully mastered by any person, just a few training sessions are enough.


The practice of meditation and proper breathing helps to learn relaxation during complex mental activities, which will have a beneficial effect on health. Your memory will also become more efficient. Meditation will also help develop mindfulness as it is a mental habit. It must be applied in any situation, which will improve the performance of object recognition in the mind.


A mantra is also used to activate the brain. It is created according to certain canons and pronounced a certain number of times. For example, for the development of memory, the mantra is recommended to be pronounced 21 times for up to seven days. Practitioners of this type of technique claim that it starts working from its first repetitions. It allows you to concentrate, develops the mind and understanding, removes fatigue and gives an improvement in all brain activities. It contributes to the development of thinking, memorization and many other brain functions.

The Teaching of the Poems

The most famous method is the teaching of verses. If at first you learn a little, gradually increasing the amount of material, then over time you will notice that you can remember more and more easily. It is useful not only to memorize verses, but also to declare them aloud.

For example, it is useful to retell fairy tales and poems to grandchildren.

Reading books

Reading books will also help develop memory. Another effective way is learning foreign languages. You need to memorize a few words every day, and then use them in speech, stimulating the brain. A variety of puzzles and crossword puzzles will teach you to think logically.

Playing a musical instrument

This is a good method to improve the structure of the part of the brain that is responsible for memory. There are many options: you can practice choral singing, purchase a musical instrument and learn how to perform musical works on it. All these techniques will cause long-term positive changes in the brain.

What else needs to be done?

It is known that mental health can be restored a healthy lifestyle of a person, including timely rest, good sleep, the right regimen and a balanced diet from natural and high-quality products, as well as the rejection of bad habits, destroying brain cells responsible for memory, such as alcohol and tobacco smoke. In addition, maintaining a healthy weight through proper balanced nutrition is the most important factor in meeting the task of restoring memory and keeping it active.


A diet high in refined carbohydrates found in bread, confectionery, biscuits, and white rice is unhealthy. This diet leads to the development of dementia and reduces cognitive function. But a complete rejection of sweets, even fruits, will lead to a weakening of memory. That’s why Refined carbohydrates must be consumed in a reasonable and balanced way.

Foods that give the brain energy are whole grains, bran, «brown» cereals.

The usual diet needs nuts, especially walnuts, soybeans, Chia seeds, flaxseed. More often it is recommended to eat marine oily fish, dark green vegetables, broccoli and tomatoes. Eggs containing choline are indispensable. Of the berries, black currants, blueberries and blueberries should be noted. Be sure to include green tea, dark chocolate and cocoa in your diet. Herbal preparations, tinctures and decoctions of traditional medicine have a preventive, therapeutic effect on the brain, saturating it with vitamins, and strengthen the immune system.

These include the following:

  • ginseng tincture, from clover, red rowan bark, Rhodiola rosea;
  • herbal preparations from the leaves of raspberries, lingonberries, oregano and bergenia, from sage and mint;
  • a recipe for traditional medicine from pine needles, onion peels and rose hips;
  • turmeric seasoning containing the substance curcumin, which improves the functions of the mind.

Pharmacological agents for improving memory include the following:

  • creatinine;
  • caffeine L-theanine;
  • piracetam choline;
  • L-tyrosine;
  • acetyl-L-carnitine;
  • phenotropil.

The best dietary supplements for improving brain activity include the following:

  • amino acid glycine;
  • food additive «Phosphatidylserine»;
  • ginkgo biloba — a herbal remedy;
  • brahmi (bacopa monnieri) is a herbal remedy used in Ayurvedic practice.

Relief from stress

Short-term stress benefits a person’s health. Short stressful situations increase intellectual abilities, as well as improve learning skills. But as soon as it becomes prolonged, the situation changes greatly and it really harms health. A prolonged stressful state suppresses the protective functions of the body, sharply reduces attention and the process of memorizing information worsens, real memory lapses begin. That’s why one of the rules of a good memory is less stress, more positive emotions, which is why it is so important to learn how to deal with stress in a philosophical way.

Healthy lifestyle

Fresh air, exercise and proper sleep are important factors for the normal functioning of memory. Daily ventilation of rooms and walks in the fresh air saturate the blood with the necessary oxygen. You need to learn to enjoy nature, which eliminates absent-mindedness. This theory is confirmed by numerous studies of domestic and foreign scientists.

Excessive body weight adversely affects the processes occurring in the brain. British scientists through experiments have proved a direct relationship between weight and memory. Therefore, to bring your weight back to normal is a vital task for an obese person. Walking and swimming, cycling and exercise equipment are great helpers for overweight people.

The phenomenon of memory improvement in the process of full sleep has been known to scientists for a long time. When a person sleeps, the process of storing information is going on in his brain. The norm of sleep for an adult is at least seven hours a day. Six hours of sleep is enough for older people.

It is worth paying attention that it is desirable to go to bed at the same time.


The lack of vitamins in the body is often the cause of deteriorating memory. To prevent this from happening — it is necessary to provide the brain with provitamin A or beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B6, B9, B12, C, D, K and unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, -6, -9. In addition, brain activators are such macro- and micronutrients such as glucose, iron, lecithin, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

brain recharge

The brain needs to be recharged to get rid of stale, unnecessary, outdated information. This is vital for him. The fastest recharge occurs when exposed to sound. The sounds of nature, the singing of birds, the sound of waves, songs, classical music saturate the brain with energy. Another great warm-up is to try doing everyday things in new ways, activating new parts of the brain, which will create new neural connections that improve coordination and strengthen memory.

Important! In order for training to take place on a regular basis, modern online simulator programs, as well as mobile applications, online services, and electronic games can help.


In today’s world, people suffer from information overload, from which they need to give themselves a break. Thanks to the experiments, it became clear that people need psychological relief. It is important from time to time to be distracted from business in order to unload the brain. It is necessary to alternate intellectual activity with physical work or physical exercises. These cooldowns in brain function replenish mindfulness, strengthen memories, and encourage creativity. Rest replenishes the resources of the brain, increases its performance.

Best Exercises

The health of the brain depends primarily on the person himself. Canadian researchers experimentally proved that regular strength training, aerobics and walking can stimulate the functioning of the brain. Active sports improve brain function by increasing blood flow and protein production. Neural connections grow and strengthen, memory and activity improve.

There are many exercises to improve memory at home for an adult. But before you start to memorize something, you need to set yourself a clear goal — to remember it for a long time, if not forever. This setting will provide a more conscious, and therefore better memorization. Before you start exercising, it is necessary to use the sequence of its implementation: to understand, establish a logical sequence, break the material into parts, find a key concept in each and use it as a guide.

The choice of methods for improving memory depends on the age of the person and his individual abilities. Experts suggest starting memory training with simple but quite effective exercises. For example, read two dozen words or numbers and play them from memory in the correct order. You can mentally multiply two-digit numbers or pronounce words the other way around.

Psychologists also recommend keeping a diary and recording all daily events.

This concentration on memories will help to reproduce and recall important ones. It is useful not to focus on negative moments and emotional experiences. If you do this constantly, you will soon feel beneficial changes in memory. And if in the evenings before going to bed you plan further things and analyze their implementation, then the memory will work with maximum efficiency. It is very important to try to constantly remember the forgotten, without resorting to your notes or smartphone. This technique will quickly increase the possibilities and strengthen the memory.

All sorts of exercises are useful — from beadwork to regular asymmetrical or finger gymnastics.

The load of several body systems immediately affects a number of parts of the brain, the active work of which contributes to the processing of information and the formation of synapses between neurons. This explains the effect of fine motor skills on memory. Needlework directly affects the intellect. Sewing, knitting, embroidering, sawing things out of wood, clay modeling — these creative activities are very useful for developing fine motor skills of the hands, which interacts with thinking, imagination, motor memory and observation.

Scientists have done a lot of research and found out that Everyone, without exception, needs to be engaged in drawing and drawing, regardless of the presence of talent and special education. Drawing improves brain function. While drawing, both hemispheres of the brain function, which is important both for the harmonious development of thought processes and for maintaining brain health.

Art affects the brain at a neural level and improves connections between neurons in the human brain.. When a person draws, his brain develops, new neural connections appear. According to scientists, this helps to better focus on the subject and quickly absorb new knowledge. The tired mind will finally rest. In addition, when a person draws, the brain perceives it as meditation. Therefore, engaging in creativity reduces stress and anxiety. Psychologists say that drawing is the prevention of senile dementia and brain diseases.

It is possible and even necessary to change your life habits. New habits will reveal the hidden potential of our brain. We need to force the memory to strain. It is extremely useful for the brain to comprehend, compare and analyze something. If we destroy old habits and create new ones, we thereby change the neurophysiological brain processes.

At any age, a person should always set himself ambitious goals and remain involved in what is happening around him. In this case, the brain also responds by forming more neural connections.

You need to leave your comfort zone more often. The brain will stay young longer if you strain it with different tasks.

For the same reason it is recommended to introduce new habits more often. This is called neuroplasticity. For example, doing daily traditional activities by changing their order. It is recommended to shift things and objects to other places. Do your usual work in other ways.

These techniques increase concentration and improve memory.

With the help of modern methods of neurolinguistic programming, which were based on the methods of the most effective psychotherapists in the middle of the 20th century, one can also develop memory. This psychological teaching has proven its effectiveness over the years. It is based on disclosure of imaginative thinking. Doing exercises for just an hour or an hour and a half a day, you can very soon notice that even the perception of the world is changing for the better. It will become easier to communicate, work with new information, leave the comfort zone and reach heights in professional and personal growth.

Helpful Hints

With many useful tips for strengthening the brain and health in general, everyone is familiar. However, there are a number of effective tips and recommendations that not everyone may know about.

It should be borne in mind that the more advice we apply, the more benefit we get.

With age, a person’s social circle narrows. You can’t lead an unsociable life. Throughout life, you need to spend more time with people. We must use all available means of communication. Life provides enough opportunities.

This can help travels. Their advantages are undeniable, they make our brain work more productively. Scientists have found that traveling less than twice a year is harmful to human health. To activate your brain, increase individual parts of it, acquire fresh neural connections and increase emotional awareness, it is enough just to go on a trip.

Leaving the familiar environment, even for a short time, a person expands his horizons. Trips become a good life school, you will have to make difficult decisions without anyone’s help, instantly respond to problems and non-standard situations. Change of environment will become a powerful regulator of higher functions responsible for mental and intellectual flexibility.

Scientists in their scientific publications prove beneficial effect on the memory of aromatherapy and the most effective are rosemary, sage and lavender. In the room where the workplace is located, it is desirable to carry out aromatization with lavender oil or a mixture with oils of cedar, mandarin, basil, lemon and juniper. Aromatic oils will improve well-being, mood and prevent age-related memory loss.

Important! We must not forget about the positive attitude. This is practically the key to success. A positive attitude will make it easier to deal with any problem.

Many people have found out for themselves that it is useful to do acupressure or acupuncture. There are several types of massage that can strengthen memory, for example, Japanese massage with an effect on the fingers. And the Chinese discovered a magnificent natural system of self-regulation of the body with the help of acupressure on biologically active points.

Qigong head massage with mechanical acupressure helps a lot.

The idea that one of the most important functions of sleep is the ordering of acquired experience is supported by many experiments. Today, the scientific community no longer doubts the very fact that sleep is necessary for effective memorization of new information. California scientists have found that 60-90 minutes of daytime sleep helps to better fix new information in long-term memory. Research on the benefits of sleep has convinced some companies in California to allow employees to sleep for a few minutes during work hours.

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