How to quickly learn a poem?

At school, various poems are often assigned to the house. Those who have already graduated from an educational institution remember well how they had to memorize phrases that did not fit into their heads. The main task of the evening was to memorize rhymes so that the next day I would not get a bad grade. At such moments, I really wanted to learn how to quickly memorize lines. Let’s take a closer look at how to quickly learn a poem.

How to learn?

It is not for nothing that the school curriculum provides for frequent memorization of poems. This is how memory is trained.

per evening

Follow the following step by step instructions:

  • start reading the work aloud; it is desirable to carry out such manipulation several times;
  • when you read, then present a complete picture of what the author of the poem wants to convey to you;
  • then switch to slow mode, that is, read the lines slowly, while trying to partially memorize the words;
  • take a piece of paper and rewrite the poem, saying it out loud, while dividing each individual column into several lines;
  • read the work from the sheet; it is better to repeat each line separately, starting from the very first;
  • very often a person, reciting a poem, begins to stammer; so, write the beginning of the line that is given especially badly on a separate sheet and peep into it;
  • if you have time before passing the poem, then read it several times before going to bed; the very next day you will see good results.

In 5 minutes

This technique differs only slightly from the general rules. First you need to read the poem several times with feeling and arrangement, while deciding on the main theme. When you start reading, try immediately build associations and objectsthat are present in the work. Work out a chronological order and as you read, try to think about each word.

You can also do this:

  • record the poem on a voice recorder;
  • listen to the dictaphone recording exactly as long as you need, or ask a loved one to read the poem aloud to you several times;
  • then repeat the work yourself.

When you start memorizing a poem before bed, you will see how effective this method is. Already in the morning you will notice that you have memorized almost all the lines from the work. To consolidate the result, you just have to repeat them out loud. And you can combine business with pleasure. Try, for example, washing the dishes and at the same time memorizing a poem at the same time. Take frequent and short breaks between memorizations. Let your brain realize and «digest» the information being imposed. And the line that you can’t immediately remember, skip it and continue to recite the verse. Learn basic phrases. And those words that are not amenable to quick memorization, learn later.

Use a cheat sheet. Write down difficult phrases in it and constantly peep. This method will not work immediately. You need to hone your skills. The main thing is to connect the subconscious, then you will succeed.

Large amount of text

A long text can be learned using visual or auditory perception of information. Specifically, there are the following ways to memorize large volumes:

  • rational memorization involves the use of logical memory, that is, you need to understand the text;
  • mnemotechnical memorization involves the memorization of semantic information;
  • mechanical memorization involves ordinary cramming.

There are some subtleties that allow you to quickly learn a large amount of text. To do this, you must adhere to the following steps:

  • determine the main components of the text and highlight them;
  • you can just sing what you have to memorize or read with expression;
  • read until you understand the essence, then ask yourself questions about the text and answer them;
  • writing text with an “unaccustomed” hand is also an effective way.

Memorization technique

For those who have a good memory, it is easy to memorize information. The question arises of how to learn a text with a bad memory. There are special techniques for this. However, remember that it is impossible to say for sure which technique will be the best, since the information has a different degree of complexity. Take a look at the methods below and use the one that suits you.

  • In a nutshell, this is (main thoughts, careful reading, review, debugging). First, just read the text, then read it carefully. The next step is to read the text backwards. So you will intuitively check how you remember the text. And then there is repetition, and this is the “mother” of the teaching.
  • Another technique that provides several rules for memorization in the native language. First, we write down the text, then we need to graphically highlight the main theses. Then we divide the text into parts and proceed to constant memorization.
  • We use pictograms. First, we highlight the keywords and expressions with the help of pictograms. We just represent the words the way you imagine them. If the word “bird” is in front of you, then we draw a bird, if the next word is a person, then we draw a little man. Then we remember everything and retell.
  • You can also divide the text into paragraphs and print them separately. Hang sheets around the rooms and read from time to time.

Tips for adults

This category of the population can be recommended to use the techniques of mnemonics. Those who do not yet know the essence should read the following information. The combination of various methods that help to quickly remember a huge amount of information, experts call mnemonics. Its essence lies in remembering numbers and figures, as well as information and sequence. Mnemonics allows everyone to develop a good memory. The main thing is to start training, which can be done at any age. It is also necessary to understand the principle of this method and learn how to use it in practice.

Let us consider in more detail what the techniques of mnemonics are. So, it is easier for a person to remember logical, associative, figurative or other connections between objects. But the objects themselves are perceived poorly. Therefore, if there is no connection between objects, then they need to be created. There are certain recommendations for this. For example, an object that carries basic information is given a certain appearance. We do the same with other objects. Then we combine the invented images. Thus, we encode images, and then, when they need to be pulled out of memory, we decrypt them.

The methodology is not clear and complicated for everyone. But it seems so at first glance. When you understand the essence, you will see that everything works quite simply. The main thing is that this method trains memory well. The data obtained with the help of mnemonics is stored by our brain for a very long time, since memorization occurs on the basis of a visual solution. For example, if you need to remember the number 3, then associate it with the Serpent Gorynych, and the number 5 is easily associated with the palm. This way you can memorize any mathematical formula. And keep in mind: the more colorful the picture is, the faster you will remember the numbers.

Important! If the number is quite large, then divide it into several parts.

Instruction for creative people

Everything is always easier for such people, therefore the recommendations will be simple, but effective, namely:

  • use paper sources (books, printed text) when memorizing information; phone or tablet will not work;
  • when reading, you should have a pencil in your hand; when you take notes, the text is quickly remembered; working with a pencil, we send a signal to the brain that the information is very important, we give impetus to the intellectual perception of the text;
  • when you have a large amount of information in front of you, which is located on several pages, then bookmark where the information for memorization is located;
  • write down what you have to remember well; if this is a poem, then rewrite it on paper from memory;
  • be sure to write down quotes from a text or from a large poetic work in a separate notebook;
  • make associative cards; this most creative approach will help you quickly remember a large text;

Retell the read texts to other people, so you will share useful information with people and fix the necessary information in your head.

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