Tricks to help you learn English

English is the language of the modern world, so now it is extremely difficult to do without knowing it. Each of us at least once in our lives thought that it would be time to start learning this foreign language, but not everyone has achieved the desired result. This happens for many reasons: fear of failure, lack of proper motivation, improperly chosen teaching methods, uninteresting educational materials, lack of self-control and lack of time to memorize the rules and learn words in English. All this can be dealt with, because many have already gone through it.

First, let’s understand why we need English.

  • Career

Many companies cooperate with other countries and the main language of communication is English. Accordingly, in order to become a valuable employee who can conduct business correspondence or negotiations in English and improve their skills through foreign sources of information, it is necessary to speak English at a high level.

  • Education abroad

Everyone knows that getting an education abroad is not so easy, but a foreign diploma guarantees employment both in your home country and abroad. Therefore, in order to increase the level of your knowledge and secure a decent future for yourself, you can choose one of the foreign universities, as many educational institutions provide training opportunities for residents of other countries.

  • Information Possession

On the Internet, most of the educational services and materials are translated into Russian, and it’s hard to even imagine how many English-language sources are available only to those who speak this language. Knowing English will greatly expand your horizons, because you will be able to use all possible educational resources. You will also get the opportunity to follow the news in English, participate in webinars and take online courses, moreover, follow your foreign idols on social networks and understand what they are talking about and what exactly they want to convey to their audience without using translators.

  • Movies, series and books

Watching and reading in the original is certainly much more pleasant. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the voices and pronunciation of your favorite actors, and you will not have to wait for the release of a new film with dubbing. Enjoy classic literature in the original and understand the author’s thought «at first hand». You can also watch videos of your favorite foreign bloggers on YouTube and not use Russian subtitles.

  • You will become smarter

It is necessary to regularly increase your knowledge, and English has long been the base for almost everyone. Even while studying, you will already develop your memory, concentration and willpower, because for high-quality training you really have to make a lot of effort.

As you can see, learning English definitely makes sense. And if you have already decided to start learning, here are some tricks and life hacks for learning English that will make this process a little easier and faster.

Choose a target

It is different for everyone, so you need to think about why you specifically need English. Above we have given several examples of why it is worth learning English — you can choose one of them, or come up with what is right for you. Write down your goal on a piece of paper or notes and do your best to keep it in front of you at all times. A clear vision of the ultimate goal guarantees a charge of motivation even when there is absolutely no strength for anything.

You should not learn a language just because “it’s necessary”, you need to feel the need for this knowledge, and only then you can not only start learning, but also achieve the desired results.

Learn English every day

Regularity is very important in studying, because then you definitely won’t be able to forget the material you have studied. Let it be only 1.5-2 hours a day, but if such classes are held on a regular basis, then soon you will see progress. You can also divide the learning into several sections, for example, three times a week you study with a teacher and study new material, and the rest of the days you just review and practice what you have learned, and also learn new words using apps, books or films.

Use media content in English

Just the same, movies and TV shows will help you learn new words and improve your pronunciation. Thanks to this learning method, you will not only memorize new information, but also have an interesting time. You can also watch TED lectures, listen to podcasts and audio books — this is one of the techniques for memorizing words, but in addition to this, you will learn to perceive foreign speech much better by ear.

Professional educator

Use the services of a tutor at least at the beginning of training, because this is the person who can «bring you up to date.» The teacher will not only explain what is not clear, but also share their own teaching methods, tell you how to memorize words or even make a list of words to remember that will be useful to you at the very beginning, the tutor will also be able to recommend learning materials that match your level of knowledge and interests.


In order to practice English, you do not have to wait until you remember all the rules and all the words from the dictionary or go to another country — you can find native speakers or people who do not mind speaking English without leaving their hometown.

Firstly, you can visit various speaking clubs, which bring together people who study English and practice it, talking on various topics. Secondly, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to communicate with a native speaker. There are different sites where people from different countries are looking for interlocutors with whom they can practice a foreign language and share experience.

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