All about professions related to nature

Every year, professions related to nature are becoming more and more popular in the country. People are starting to get tired of society, phones and other gadgets, they are more likely to think about their health, and being outdoors has the best effect on the work of all body systems. Consider what professions related to nature are relevant today.

Popular professions related to plants


There is an opinion that the forester is a grandfather who lives in a forest lodge and walks through the forest with a gun. However, this job is not as easy as it might seem. and only a person who graduated from a special educational institution will be taken to the position of a forester.

Each forester is responsible for a specific area of ​​the forest.. During the tour, this person must rid his territory of dry trees, treat diseased shrubs, eliminate forest fires, prevent illegal cutting of forest plantations, when meeting with hunters, make sure that they have permission to hunt, and tell tourists about caution in the forest.

Many identify the professions of a forester and a huntsman, however, the huntsman is a person who keeps a record of the number of animals and deals with animals in the forest, not plants. Another similar concept is arborist. This is a person whose duties include planting forests and caring for seedlings.


Consider what is included in the duties of a gardener:

  • planting fruit and berry crops;

  • seedling care;

  • irrigation;

  • reproduction of plants, their new forms and varieties;

  • elimination of weak specimens of crops.

Often a gardener can also combine the positions of gardener and landscape designer. Gardeners can work for private horticultural companies or personally serve private clients who want to see fruit and berry crops near their homes. Professionals in the field of horticulture can engage in entrepreneurial activities.


Flowers and flower bouquets have been very popular since ancient times, so The profession of a florist has long been known to all lovers of these plants. However, the name «florist» itself appeared not so long ago. Today, florists are engaged in the design of halls and territories for various events, mostly entertainment.

Florists often have to decorate with flowers on a regular basis banks, hotels, catering establishments. Also, their duties include: drawing up bouquets on the occasion of a wedding, anniversary or other holiday, and even preparing an edible present. A florist must have a sense of style, artistic taste, a vivid imagination and be able to combine different colors in shades.


Let’s take a closer look at a few more professions in which a person can delve into the wonderful world of plants. For example, surveyor. At first glance, it seems that this worker is engaged exclusively in land, but his profession is very important, for example, for a gardener. So, a small depression that an absent-minded surveyor missed can cause unnecessary work for dozens of people.

Worthy of special attention foresterresponsible for protecting natural resources from people, geographerwho, in his activity, can study plants as part of nature, forest technician, which evaluates the forest from both ecological and economic points of view.

If you want to work with plants, but don’t want to spend all your days in the forest, then you can get trained as a florist and get a job as a flower seller in a store. In various nurseries where they are involved in breeding and caring for plants, new employees will also not interfere.

Professions related to animals

livestock specialist

Most often, zootechnicians are very serious farm workers. It is they who make up a balanced menu for animals, control nutrition, check the health of animals, control the timeliness of vaccination. Also, their duties may include breeding work, providing suitable conditions for keeping livestock, maintaining documentation related to livestock. Well-coordinated work is obtained from a livestock specialist who works in a team with a veterinarian, a feeding machine operator and other professionals.


Everyone remembers Dr. Aibolit from childhood, and, probably, many wanted to become veterinarians in childhood. Every child wants to help animals. However, with age, people understand that this is a very difficult profession, and love for animals alone is not enough to become a good specialist.

A veterinarian must have a higher education in his specialty and know the basics of biology, chemistry, and pharmacy. The body of different animals can vary significantly, for example, cats, parrots and turtles. The veterinarian must know to the smallest detail the location of the organs in the body of each pet, be able to find the source of the disease and eliminate it.

Also, veterinarians, like ordinary human doctors, can have different specialties. For example, in a veterinary clinic, you can always separately contact an ophthalmologist, dermatologist, surgeon, dentist, therapist.


People who maintained the beauty of horses were popular a few years ago. Over time, hygienic care has become necessary for other animals, especially pets: cats and dogs.. For example, in the palace of Louis XV, poodles were very fond of, so there was always a specialist who was engaged in grooming animals and giving them an aesthetic appearance. Now such people, hairdressers for animals, are called groomers.

It would seem that you can cut your dog’s hair on your own. But it is the groomer who will be able to competently prepare the animal for the exhibition, carefully and painlessly remove all tangles, put nails, eyes and ears in order. That is, the tasks of the groomer include not only creating an attractive appearance, but also maintaining the hygiene and health of the animal.

Groomers have experience in dealing with cats and dogs, since not all pets calmly endure the haircut procedure. If necessary, for example, in the case of animal aggression, a safe sedation injection is administered to the four-legged client.

dog handler

A person who decides to become a cynologist must choose in advance in which direction he will specialize. Cynologists can train service, hunting and decorative dogs. And if in classes with an ordinary pet, the cynologist mainly educates the dog, teaches him the basics of the toilet, then when working with a service pet, he also teaches special skills, for example: guarding or searching for explosive devices and prohibited substances.

Very often, cynologists themselves practice breeding dogs, they monitor their exterior, health, see if the puppies fall under the standards. The tasks of a dog handler may include the education and training of guide dogs or rescue dogs. All these skills require patience, effort, knowledge of the basics of canine psychology. In this regard, the cynologist must be well versed in various breeds.


If cynologists work with dogs, then felinologists work with cats. These people are engaged in their study and breeding. Sometimes a person who keeps cats and takes care of them with pleasure abandons his main profession and becomes a breeder, because kittens that meet all breed standards are not cheap, so an ordinary hobby can turn into an interesting profitable occupation.

The profession is very important. zoopsychologistwhich appeared at the beginning of the last century. Zoopsychologists study and describe the intelligence of various animals, discover their abilities for us. So, thanks to the work of zoopsychologists, it has been established that dogs can be taught simple arithmetic, and their memory can memorize up to 150 words.

Animal psychologists conduct interesting research, and also study the sources of aggression, isolation, and love of individuals. A zoopsychologist may be invited to work on a farm to find out why the amount of milk has decreased — the task of this worker is to study and analyze in detail the behavior and lifestyle of livestock that can affect productivity.

Profession ornithologist can attract people who love birds. During their work, specialists observe their behavior, breed, study intelligence, map the residence and immigration of birds, count the number of species in a particular area, and fix and protect birds.

Got an interesting job aquarist. This is a person who breeds and studies fish, aquatic animals and plants that are kept in an artificial reservoir. His house or nursery always has one or more aquariums. In order for the fish to be healthy, you must always keep their ecosystem clean.

The aquarist helps clients to maintain the aquarium, gives advice on breeding and settling with new species, and if he is also an aquadesigner, he will also help create an aesthetic landscape for the aquarium.

Specialties in the field of ecology

Professions in the field of ecology may be of interest to those who are interested not in plants and animals, but in their habitat. Ecologists study the work of natural communities and the reasons why their functioning is disrupted.

For example, the tasks of an ecologist may include:

  • identification of factors that harmed the area;
  • creation of measures for their liquidation;
  • establishing the permissible volume of use of plant resources;
  • development of new effective measures to identify and eliminate harmful moments.

The environmental field may include such workers as a scientist, engineer, hydrologist, zoologist, environmental specialist, environmental disaster and recycling specialist, urbanist.

What other professions can you choose?

Let’s go back to the «plant» professions and remember such vacancies as vegetable grower or agronomist. An experienced summer resident will be able to pull this position if he graduates from a special institution, combining business with pleasure. These people always know how to get a good harvest, how to prepare the soil, what fertilizers to use, etc. And this knowledge helps the whole region or even the entire state to maintain a market economy in the field of vegetable growing.

But you can not put a vegetable grower and an agronomist next to a farmer, this is not the same thing. The latter can breed and maintain both plants and animals, but this is not enough to become a farmer. He must also know the basics of the economy, have information about market demand, analyze and predict the work of competitors, and have experience in personnel management. That is, in fact, a farmer is a true businessman.

A common profession in the field of nature geographer. Usually his task is to study the habitats of plants and animals in various parts of the world, so a person who loves to travel can become one. Geographers are also required to study natural phenomena, be able to navigate maps and even draw them up on their own.

For lovers of the underwater world, a profession is suitable diver. He studies the world of sea and river inhabitants, and also performs underwater technical work. Also, divers are required when servicing hydraulic structures, when clearing the bottom, during rescue operations on the water.

Separately, a military diver is singled out, who is engaged in the protection and protection of military facilities, conducts reconnaissance and demining at enemy water bodies. «Civilian» divers are often professional divers.

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