Choosing a remote profession

Choosing a remote profession is extremely important. And this should be treated no less carefully than the selection of «ordinary» areas of activity. Before that, you need to study the features of working on the Internet at home for beginners and professionals, the nuances of teaching it. Only then will it be possible to look for ways to earn money as a copywriter, editor, moderator and many others.

Pros and cons

The very possibility of remote employment appeared in full much earlier than computers and even telephones appeared. Then it was about handicraft production on the instructions of the factory, and, in fact, from the point of view of the economy, the situation has changed little. So, to some extent, its long history can be considered the advantage of this form of employment.

Technological development, however, has fundamentally changed the state of affairs from the point of view of the workers themselves. No more need, for example, to drive or go somewhere in different weather, regardless of mood, clearly on schedule. Most of the time is spent at home.

Even those confined to their homes for various reasons (maternity leave, disability, and so on) have the opportunity to work quite successfully.

Those who become ill will not need to apply for sick leave (which in itself is still a quest these days). You can not even stop the work, but reduce its intensity. The regime of the day, the regime of the week, holidays and personal life, private trips — all this can be planned at your own discretion. Saving on clothes, not having to follow a dress code, not having to travel to work will also be pluses.

The pay does not depend on the place of work itself. It is quite possible to agree on remote employment in a large Russian or even foreign organization, and live in the suburbs, in a «cheap» country or another advantageous place. You can even change partners, again, without a personal visit to the office, with a minimum of bureaucracy.

However, it is impossible not to mention the bad sides of remote work. The least serious of them is, I think, in the blurring of the working day. In workshops, in offices, on construction sites, everything is simple and clear: they come and go at the same time. Even self-discipline does not always help, because it is sometimes outweighed by the desire to get the job done as soon as possible. Distraction to household chores, walks, shopping, and the like also breaks the schedule. The employers themselves again add problems: they can send extra urgent tasks and no less urgent improvements.

The lack of live face-to-face communication is also not too good. Even hardened introverts sometimes need it badly from time to time. Messengers and video conferencing are unable to fully replace personal contacts. In addition, the absence of the same sick leave and other nuances of the self-employment regime greatly worsen the situation compared to ordinary employees.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing:

  • critical dependence on communication lines;
  • the need to personally maintain the serviceability of electronic equipment and programs;
  • inability to work during power failures.

List of popular remote professions

In the «traditional» segment of employment, there are a number of areas that are most widely represented. These are drivers and trade workers, loaders and couriers, health workers and teachers, cooks and civil servants.

There is something similar in the remote segment — despite the wide variety of options, there are several of the most popular ones.


This option of working on the Internet at home is one of the most common. Despite all the expectations of recent years, neither the displacement of textual content by videos and other graphics, nor the appearance of “robot writers”, apparently, can be expected.

Texts are required to be written in a variety of ways and in a variety of ways:

  • conditional reviews;
  • detailed descriptions and catalog cards of goods;
  • advertising of goods and services;
  • company descriptions;
  • informational texts (general publications that implicitly lead to the desired thought or will increase interest in the site);
  • leaflets, flyers, booklets.

Copywriters must be able to:

  • find the best words (which, if they don’t “hook” readers, then at least they won’t force them to close the publication immediately);
  • compose the text so that it is pleasant to read;
  • take into account the principles of optimization on the Internet, the features of the request of search engines;
  • quickly select synonyms offhand;
  • express the desired thought clearly and concisely, keeping within the given volume;
  • understand the specific terms of the profession (brief, LSI, academic nausea, and so on);
  • to freely use a computer, basic programs and large Internet services — you will need more than a dozen of both.

The minimum set is programs and sites that allow you to work, such as:

  • basic package of tools (Libre Office, online editors);
  • programs and services for checking uniqueness;
  • browser;
  • ICQ or other messenger;
  • dictionaries, encyclopedias, translators, sites for the selection of synonyms and rhymes;
  • applications for translating audio to text or vice versa;
  • image recognition software;
  • archivers (often send packed files and folders);
  • antiviruses (since the work mainly goes through the Internet, and data loss is very painful).

Of course, sometimes you will need other options for programs, sites. It:

  • automatic layout switches;
  • program for rhythmic breaks Eyes Relax;
  • online employment exchanges (they are generally useful for those employed remotely);
  • anti-captcha;
  • text literacy and quality check services;
  • programs for viewing different types of files.


This is the easiest way to earn money remotely. Scanned materials, photos or videos are taken as a basis, and this needs to be transferred to a standardized text format. Usually you also need to edit the information, beautifully present it.

It is worth considering that along with real offers to become typesetters, there are a large number of scams. And even genuine vacancies, rather, are part-time jobs.

Content manager

This is a type of activity associated with a variety of areas. It is necessary to clearly understand how copywriters and translators, system administrators and programmers, photographers, designers and a number of other specialists work. Everything is done to ensure that the most recent and adequate information appears on electronic resources in accordance with the schedule, which is presented as clearly as possible. Planning and coordination, uploading and adjusting, timely removal of content — this is what such a specialist is responsible for. The content manager actually takes on the functions of a copywriter, designer as needed.

Work is carried out in different ways depending on the job description, determined primarily by the size of the organization and the type of its activities. In large structures, responsibilities are predominantly segregated. In small firms, «generalists» are more adequate. The content manager, however, is mainly involved in organizing and managing, delegates authority to other employees. Images are predominantly created by designers in accordance with the task, although sometimes managers have to take on this business themselves.


We are talking about employees of the so-called call centers. It is they who, as you know, respond to calls to various organizations or call specific people according to the list provided. Often both activities are combined. Customers can either be asked about the quality of goods and services, or they can be offered certain positions in the assortment. But there is another direction — work in a chat, and it is it that is gaining momentum, rapidly replacing traditional telephony.

Important ingredients for success will be:

  • clear and competent speech;
  • accurate knowledge of the promoted product;
  • the ability to communicate with strangers as concisely as possible, conveying the desired information.

Editor and proofreader

The essence of the profession is the same as when working in the office. It is necessary to get acquainted with the texts and remove errors from them, assess how specific material corresponds to the goal set by the customer. The activity of proofreaders is rather technical. They are looking for mistakes and blunders, they are responsible for the overall «form».

Editors, on the other hand, act as creatively as possible, make the processed text better. Editing does not include checking footnotes, page numbers, and paragraphs. But the turns of speech, the distribution of the text into paragraphs and chapters, the verification of quotations, special terms, the assessment of the appropriateness of specific formulations and statements will be the responsibility of the editor.


This job will require special training. It continues virtually throughout your professional life. Programmers have to create programs of various levels: from low-level drivers and functional processor software to graphical shells and expert systems. A separate area is programming for mobile devices. Additionally, you will sometimes have to do:

  • adaptation of prepared programs for a specific task;
  • creation of sites and software for their work;
  • creating scripts for video games.


The essence of such a profession is to help students master certain skills. It is worth noting that tutors for preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults are actually 3 different specializations. In addition, even tutors in the same subject work differently with people of the same age. Thus, preparing for final exams is different from learning fluency in the language, and raising the level of «business Chinese» is different from mastering the professional minimum of English for sailors or pilots.

But most often tutors solve such problems:

  • preparation for entrance exams;
  • preparation for the olympiads;
  • assistance in solving homework.


There are also a number of other specializations. First of all, these are various designers (including in the field of motion design). Also worth mentioning:

  • hiring managers;
  • SMM specialists;
  • game testers;
  • website layout designers;
  • administrators and moderators of Internet resources;
  • SEO specialists;
  • PR people;
  • journalists;
  • translators;
  • lawyers;
  • psychologists (and this is not a complete list, of course).

Who are suitable?

The number of options is really large, especially for beginners — but this does not mean that you can safely choose any of them. It is necessary to clearly assess your capabilities and abilities, to decide which profile is best suited.

However, in general, it is worth noting that remote work is chosen mainly by:

  • introverts;
  • students;
  • disabled people;
  • wives and other relatives of travelers, often seconded people;
  • young parents;
  • those who are tired of working in the office;
  • pensioners (it is often difficult for them to travel or go to regular jobs).

Also, we must not forget that remote employment is not just an easy “poke on the keys”. Certain criteria are important:

  • the ability to organize their work independently;
  • the ability to develop and expand their knowledge, their horizons;
  • proficiency in oral and written communication;
  • the ability to work in a team, even a virtual one;
  • perseverance and care.

How to choose?

The mistake will be the desire to unambiguously rush into the most profitable areas. Of course, many people have already committed such an act, and therefore the competition there will be fierce. If there is a desire and craving for any work, great — you need to do it! Especially when there is also experience in the same or a related industry.

You also need to remember to be careful. The number of scammers and employers on the verge of being scammed is enormous. After choosing a specialization and familiarizing yourself with the basic literature and sources, it will be necessary to carefully filter the proposals. Normally, a small test task is given for verification, this is enough. And if they offer to first participate in a large project or a long trial period, this is an alarming sign.


  • study reviews of employers;
  • use the services of popular exchanges;
  • do not neglect common job search sites;
  • search for suitable offers through instant messengers, social networks, bulletin boards;
  • take into account how much time it takes to prepare.

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