All about fire truck drivers

The position of a fire truck driver is one of the most responsible in the structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The success of the fight against fire depends on the promptness of the arrival of the combat crew at the place of extinguishing the fire, the speed and correctness of the performance of tasks. To work as a driver of special equipment, you must complete training courses and obtain the required driver’s category.

Who is that?

A fire truck driver is usually called a person who manages special equipment in the event of a fire or emergency. The driver of the duty guard is subordinate to the squad leader or the squad leader replacing him.

The position of a driver requires great responsibility, responsiveness and the ability to control special equipment. The driver must quickly orient himself and arrive at the fire extinguishing site, be aware of the location of nearby water sources and be able to instantly take action in critical conditions.


The driver is responsible for the serviceability of the property and vehicles assigned to him, and is also responsible for the readiness of the equipment for use. The duties of a fire engine operator can be handled by a qualified and well-trained person. The time of elimination of fires, the number of saved lives and saved property directly depend on the speed of response and the speed of execution of the tasks assigned to the driver.

In addition to following the instructions, this person must be courageous and ready to help. In order to put out the fire as soon as possible and with minimal losses, it is necessary that the driver promptly arrives at the place of fire, activates the equipment and machinery, and also takes other actions in accordance with the current situation.

The speed of arrival of the combat personnel to the place of elimination of fire and the beginning of fire fighting is influenced by several factors:

  • the situation on the road, namely the presence or absence of traffic jams, favorable weather conditions;
  • the speed of finding the entrance to the water supply system;
  • organization and coordination of the actions of the brigade;
  • experience and competence of the driver driving the fire truck.

The driver of such a special vehicle may have general daily duties and those that he performs in case of fire.


The driver of a fire truck must have the following skills and be able to perform a list of tasks:

  • know the operation of special equipment and its technical capabilities;
  • manage dedicated equipment in adverse weather conditions and at any time of the day;
  • keep equipment and machinery in good condition so that they are always ready for immediate use and departure;
  • carry out activities aimed at extending the service life of fire equipment located in its area of ​​responsibility;
  • know and strictly comply with the requirements of legislative acts, regulatory documents of the Russian Federation and the administrative documentation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which fix the procedure for the movement of fire equipment, regulate special commands and signals;
  • know the schedule and scope of repair work related to maintenance and overhaul mileage, as well as the service life of the property and equipment units entrusted to him;
  • to prepare special equipment for the passage of state maintenance;
  • know the norms of fuel, lubricants and extinguishing liquids used for refueling fire equipment, and avoid excessive consumption of materials;
  • know the causes of failure of fire equipment, be able to detect problems in a timely manner and eliminate them promptly, as well as prevent its breakdown, in case of detection of shortcomings associated with the operation of equipment, immediately report this to higher authorities;
  • check the technical condition of the machine before its direct departure from the place of deployment and monitor the health of the main and auxiliary equipment, which ensure safety in the process of moving or performing work;
  • observe the norms for loading fire equipment, the procedure for boarding and transporting personnel, as well as comply with the requirements for securing cargo;
  • be able to put into practice the route scheme and quickly move in any area with different conditions;
  • timely draw up and transfer to the structural unit the necessary travel and technical documentation;
  • when carrying out urgent rescue operations, do not leave the equipment and do not change its location without obtaining the permission of the head, and also follow the given signals and commands;
  • observe fire safety measures during the repair, operation and evacuation of equipment and entrusted property, it is forbidden to violate the rules for handling garage equipment.

Taking over the shift, this specialist is obliged to leave as part of the brigade to the location of the extinguishing, know the location of fire hazardous facilities, access roads and water supply systems in the area of ​​departure, be able to handle fire fighting units and equipment. Besides, the driver is obliged to develop a plan for moving around the territory for prompt arrival at the scene of a fire. During the elimination of the source of fire, the driver of special equipment must properly park the car so that it can be safely removed from the danger zone in an emergency.

On the basis of regulatory and administrative documents, the driver is prohibited from entrusting the control of a fire engine to third parties, including those to whom he is subordinate. When on duty, the driver must have a driver’s license that gives the right to drive fire equipment. Otherwise, the employee will not be allowed to perform direct duties. It is also strictly forbidden to use special equipment and auxiliary equipment without permission.

When changing shifts, the driver must check the performance of the fire equipment entrusted to him. If a malfunction is found, report to the authorities, who will enter the information received into the vehicle condition certificate. If the car has serious problems, it must be written off.

Regarding technical issues, the driver must find solutions jointly with the senior in rank. The technique can be used solely according to the instructions and other guidance documentation.

In case of fire

The driver must drive a fire or rescue vehicle and be personally responsible for the proper performance of the tasks assigned to him. This official is directly subordinate to the head of the guard.

When extinguishing a fire, the driver must do the following:

  • be guided by the requirements enshrined in the report card of the combat crew regarding a certain type of fire truck;
  • install the machine in the place indicated by the head, taking into account the rules of labor protection and the provisions of the current charter, as well as sanitary and hygienic requirements in the process of work;
  • ensure the movement of a fire truck to a safer location in the event of a complication of the situation during extinguishing;
  • ensure the smooth functioning of the hoses and components of the fire truck, as well as constantly monitor changes in the situation;
  • keep records and control the availability of fuels and lubricants, as well as report to the head on the need to replenish them;
  • avoid sharp folds on fire hoses and ensure that the suction grid is constantly in the water;
  • ensure flushing with water after the supply of the foam substance of the pump cavities and channels of the foam mixer;
  • act on the orders of the squad leader through the use of a regular radio station, as well as take part in the implementation of hostilities during the elimination of fire.

Primary requirements

Specialists who have received a driver’s license of the required category for the right to drive a particular type of equipment, as well as those who have undergone training or retraining and have mastered the necessary skills, may be allowed to drive a fire vehicle. The driver must obtain a permit giving the right to work with fire equipment.

To assign the appropriate category and issue a permit for driving a fire engine, it is customary to convene a qualification commission. Persons of legal age who are fully capable can obtain access to the management of special equipment.


To obtain the right to operate special equipment, it is required to undergo training in the developed area of ​​training. The main requirement is to be awarded the first and second class driving qualification. For those who want to be professionals, you need to unlearn driving courses in driving trucks. Training aimed at acquiring the skills to operate special equipment and use fire equipment is carried out in a special educational institution of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In the process of studying, the future specialist will get acquainted with the procedure for fire brigades and study the job descriptions of the driver. Every year, drivers are required to confirm their qualifications and pass exams to test the acquired knowledge, enshrined in the instructions for ensuring fire safety.

The test is carried out on tickets in the form of offset.


The monthly salary of fire service drivers depends on the division and region. So, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the amount of payments to a senior driver is more than 15,500 rubles, in large cities where more than one hundred thousand people live and are the centers of subjects of the Russian Federation, the salary of a specialist reaches 13,500 rubles, and in rural areas and small towns — about 11,300 rubles.

The salary of fire truck drivers is made up of many determining factors. The amount of the driver’s monthly allowance is calculated based on the provisions of the order of the Russian Emergencies Ministry No. 747, provided that the specialist is among the civilians and works in a fire department. If the driver is an employee of any other division of the fire department, then the amount of wages is set by the employer.

The amount of monthly payments for drivers can vary significantly depending on the region of residence and the specific organization.

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