How to survive being fired from work?

Layoff is a big stress for any person. For some, work is a guarantee of stability, an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. And for some, this is a favorite thing, an opportunity to express themselves, to realize their abilities and skills. In any case, such an event negatively affects the human condition. Hands drop, self-esteem decreases, resentment, anger, despair take over. Our article will tell you how to adequately survive the dismissal from work and turn the situation in your favor.

First wave of emotions

If the loss of a job did not occur of one’s own free will, this inevitably leads to a stressful state. It is especially insulting if a lot of effort and effort has been applied. Emotions vary depending on the situation. For some, self-love is the first thing that gets hurt. The person is gripped by anger and resentment.

It seems that the boss underestimated and humiliated him. In this case it is important to pull yourself together and leave the workplace with dignity, no matter how much you want to express all your thoughts to the management. Insults still will not correct the situation, but will only expose the brawler himself in an unfavorable light.

For some, the main thing in such a situation is the loss of a source of income. Panic begins, it seems that it will be very difficult or even impossible to find another job. Particularly affected by layoffs are people whose age is close to retirement (40 years or more). Here it is also important to try to calm down and understand that the labor market is large, there are many opportunities, and even people of mature age can be in demand. Many managers value experienced employees.

Anyway, if you get fired, you need to leave your worries for later and try to get the most out of your last job. Ask your boss to write to you testimonial or recommendation letter.

Make sure your work record or contract of employment has an acceptable reason for leaving. Claim compensation for unused vacation.

Looking at the problem from a different angle

So, all the formalities are settled, and you are left alone with the situation. From the point of view of psychology, it is obvious that it is difficult to rejoice in such a situation. But you can look at the problem from the other side. When one door closes, another opens. If you lose one job, you can find another. However, it may be better than before. Perhaps you will earn more or, in general, change the type of activity to a more interesting one for you.

If financial matters aren’t your top priority, being fired can be an opportunity to take some time off, spend time with your family, improve yourself, learn something new, or upgrade your skills. Anyway this situation can be an impetus for positive changes in your life that you would not have decided on your own.

Cause Analysis

In the event of a job loss, it is important to determine why it happened. An analysis of the causes will help restore peace of mind and understand what needs to be worked on so that the situation does not happen again in the future.

So, the most common reasons for dismissal:

  • a person performs his duties poorly — one should learn to concentrate on work, strive to improve skills, gain new knowledge, adequately perceive constructive criticism and correct one’s mistakes;
  • problems with discipline — you need to develop responsibility, punctuality;
  • bad relations in the team — it is worth learning to be more polite, friendly, sociable, wean off gossip and build intrigues.

If the reason for this situation is a banal downsizing or the need to make room for a relative of the authorities, you should not even think about it. If the reason is not clear, and at the same time they refuse to pay compensation to you, you can contact a lawyer for advice. So you will be sure that everything happens in accordance with the law and they are not trying to deceive you.

Making good use of free time

The freed up time before starting a new work activity can be spent pleasantly and even benefit from it.

Physical activity

Lying on the couch and being sad is not worth it. Be sure to do exercises, go for walks, you can sign up for a gym or start jogging in the morning. This will improve your health and fill you with energy.

healthy eating

Office workers often eat irregularly and not very healthy. At home you can adjust your diet, learn how to cook new healthy dishes.


If you have such an opportunity, give yourself a good rest. It can be hiking or just visiting other countries. Unity with nature, new experiences, bright positive emotions — all this will benefit you.

Bringing order to the house and life

Perhaps lately you have accumulated a lot of unfinished business for which there was not enough time because of work. Fix what’s broken, get rid of unnecessary things, complete repairs.

Education, hobby

If time permits, take a refresher course or learn something new. It can be getting skills that are useful for future work (for example, computer courses, learning languages) or some kind of activity for the soul.

Search for a new job

Rest for more than a month is not worth it. The fact is that any skills are lost over time. In addition, employers are reluctant to accept those who have been inactive for a long time. Yes, and the very desire to work can disappear. A person gets used to sitting at home and relaxing, and the enthusiasm for work decreases.

Having calmed down and gathered strength, you should start looking for a new job. Think about whether you want to stay in the same field or do something new. If you choose the second option, you should soberly assess your capabilities, knowledge, and level of training. Think about what is required for the desired position and decide what gaps should be filled.

Compile a resume, send it to companies offering vacancies, register at the labor exchange.

part time job

When looking for a new job, do not ignore any opportunities. If the financial issue is acute, you can take a temporary part-time job for a couple of hours a day. This will allow you to stay “afloat” and will not interfere with the passage of serious interviews.

Psychologist’s advice

Experts advise do not keep negative emotions in yourself. Of course, it’s not worth throwing a tantrum in the boss’s office, but it’s possible and even necessary to throw out emotions later (for example, through punching a punching bag). Do not isolate yourself from loved ones, share your thoughts and fears with them. You will definitely feel better.

Nevertheless, “bathing” in depression for months is also not worth it. Allow yourself to be a little sad, and then (after a couple of weeks) get together, analyze the mistakes, find the positive aspects of the situation, think about ways to solve the problem.

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