Farewell at dismissal: what to say to colleagues and boss?

Have you worked for a company for more than one year, and it’s time to quit? Do not be upset because of separation from your favorite team! If you correctly say goodbye to colleagues and superiors, only warmth will remain in your soul, and pleasant memories of working together will remain in your memory.

While in the workplace, we often encounter difficulties and problems. In order to move forward to new successes and achievements with a clear conscience, it is important before leaving to thank each employee who helped you learn new things, gain confidence in the profession, or was simply ready to support you in difficult times.

When are farewell words needed?

Farewell to the team and the director is necessary in the following situations:

  • dismissal due to relocation;
  • transfer to another department or branch;
  • promotion, involving a change of office;
  • retirement;
  • maternity leave;
  • change of activity.

Of course, upon dismissal, you can leave without saying goodbye, but by doing this you will show disdain and coldness towards your work team. Saying goodbye will help you maintain good relations with former colleagues and management, get good recommendations for a new position, and you will always be happy to see you at your previous job.if you fail to work with the new bosses.

Saying goodbye, you express respect for your colleagues, express their importance on your career path and pay tribute to corporate ethics.

Basic rules of farewell

If the company is small, and you know each employee in the team by name, it is quite possible to say goodbye on the last working day at the general meeting. To gather colleagues it is better to choose a convenient time for everyone, for example, in the morning, even before they started their duties. It is better to ask your immediate supervisor to bring the employees together. If there is only time to gather all colleagues at lunchtime, try not to stretch the speech for too long, remember that people still need to have time to have lunch and rest. As a parting gift, buy a cake or order a pizza.

If you work in a large corporation, you can only say goodbye to colleagues in the shop or department. It is also better to do this at a time convenient for everyone, but if this is not possible for some working reasons, try to gather as many as possible of those who are free at the moment, and approach the rest in person. It also happens that you have to quit because of a conflict with the team or superiors. Even in this case it is better not to neglect the parting words — this will help smooth the situation and allow you to count on a good recommendation, no matter what. In addition, by demonstrating dignified behavior in spite of the conflict, you will evoke a sense of respect in the majority of those present, and maybe a feeling of regret for an unpleasant situation.

At parting, try to thank not only the management, but also each colleague. Even if you didn’t like the person, and you had more problems from him, try to remember some little thing and thank him.

Such tactics will help to keep only the brightest memories of yourself at your previous place of work.


There are a lot of options for parting with the team, the choice will depend on your personal relationships at work and on the requirements of the corporate ethics of your company. Let us consider in detail the different forms of parting with the team and the cases when they are suitable.

Official letter

This form of farewell is appropriate if you had to urgently move or for some other reason you do not have the opportunity to personally say goodbye to the team. A formal letter requires respect for business etiquette, namely respectful treatment and brevity. But this does not mean that it should be completely devoid of emotionality. Here is a rough outline of the farewell letter:

  • indicate the topic, for example, “farewell to colleagues”;
  • position, full name;
  • explain the reason for dismissal, if you are quitting not because of a conflict at work;
  • briefly describe your impressions of working together, the merits of colleagues and management;
  • if there was some funny incident related to the workflow, you can mention it;
  • then express your gratitude and wishes;
  • at the end, indicate the date and your new contacts.

Also, a formal letter is suitable for those who, due to their nature, cannot find the right words in personal communication — in the process of writing, you will have time to think and express everything that you wanted.

Words of gratitude

If you soon have to say goodbye to the work team, it is better to prepare in advance and choose the right words. After all, it is not known whether you can come up with them at the emotional moment of farewell. If you wish, you can write a speech based on the following points:

  • tell colleagues that you are leaving and for what reason;
  • tell us about how it was pleasant for you to work in a team, you learned a lot of new things in the process of work, gained valuable experience;
  • thank everyone personally, starting with the leader;
  • wish the company success and prosperity, and good salaries and promotions to colleagues;
  • if you have prepared a parting gift, it’s time to announce it, so your parting speech will come to a logical end.

Saying goodbye is worth it not earlier than on the last working day, but it is better to do this after signing the dismissal order.

In accordance with the norms of corporate ethics, before you gather the team to announce your departure, you must first explain to the director.


If you don’t like tearful and emotional goodbyes, you can say goodbye to colleagues in a joking way. To do this, you can prepare a script in advance, which will include, for example, a creative farewell text in poetic form, maybe even a small competition or a collective mini-game.

To say goodbye individually to each employee, you can draw a poster and paste pictures there, and opposite each of them write a short verse or simply thank colleagues with humor. You can also prepare funny little gifts for each colleague — they can be individual or the same for everyone.

If it is appropriate and work time permits, you can act out a short skit that re-enacts a real-life funny incident at work or depicts a fictional one. Use corporate jokes that can only be understood by colleagues at work — this will emphasize the importance of the team and will please everyone. You can also play a scene that reflects the individual traits of colleagues, their personal qualities that you value.


If you have been with the company for many years, it would be appropriate to organize a farewell party before leaving. You can gather colleagues in a cafe or restaurant, have plenty of conversation, remember the most significant moments. This evening is most suitable for those who are about to retire.

If you left in a hurry and did not have time to say goodbye to the team, and the form of an official letter does not suit you, you can send SMS messages to each employee. They can be formulaic or personal, it is important that the message fully conveys your positive message and is a pleasure to read.


Saying goodbye to the team is not only the observance of corporate ethics, but also your personal completion of a certain life stage. This will help you get rid of regrets and immersing yourself in unnecessary memories in the future, discover new potential in yourself and find the strength to move forward on the career ladder. By following all the rules of farewell, saying many words of gratitude and wishes, you positively close the door of the past in order to find yourself in something new.

In order not to spoil this important and touching moment, consider a few important nuances:

  • do not arrange a farewell if there is an emergency at work (especially if it is associated with your departure), try to gather colleagues on a day off or after work;
  • saying goodbye to the team, pay special attention to the director, so he will feel his importance and will be ready to write you an excellent recommendation, even if you made mistakes;
  • if at the time of your farewell one of the colleagues was on vacation or on a business trip, make sure to say goodbye to him personally — this can be a phone call or SMS;
  • if your colleagues work in shifts, say goodbye separately to each shift;
  • if you chose a cake or pizza as a parting gift, make sure that each employee has enough, and also think about drinks, for example, purchase extra tea or coffee.

So, a well-organized farewell and well-chosen words of gratitude will give you a feeling of lightness and a desire to move forward. Former colleagues will always be happy if you drop by to visit them, and the boss will gladly write a great letter of recommendation.

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