The most in-demand professions for the next 10 years

Knowledge of the most demanded professions for the next 10 years will allow you to decide on the choice of your specialization. But at the same time, it is necessary to clearly understand the features of each of these areas of activity. It is also useful to study the intricacies of choice for a particular person.

New promising options

Assessing the future specialization, it is not enough to make sure that you especially like it. In conditions of turbulence and unpredictability, many people should choose the most demanded areas of training in the world for the next 10 years (and possibly even further). Graphic designers are one of those industries. But not any, but only clearly focused on any part of the design and honed their skills to perfection; you have to constantly learn and improve.

The increasing use of unmanned vehicles in both civil and military fields makes the profession relevant robotics engineer. Closely adjacent to it is the position programmer. It can hardly be called new in itself, but it is a fact that such specialists will not be left without attention. Without them, the same robots will be almost useless. You can pay attention to other areas of programming; the growing isolation of different states and economies makes it relevant to create a full range of programs within the country.

One of the most in-demand positions is an electronic security specialist. Almost every month there is news about the leak of databases, including banking and government ones. The task of professionals is to prevent this or reduce risks. In addition, the relevance of cybersecurity is also increased by the same deterioration in the international situation.

Genetic engineering is in demand no less than the protection of information. The people employed in this area largely determine the state of affairs in pharmaceuticals and agriculture, medicine and fundamental biology. A separate promising branch is new food technologies: both genetic and biochemical.

Returning to the top of the list, it is worth pointing out that since the number of drones is growing, their operators will not be left idle.

They can find a place for themselves in:

  • agriculture;

  • emergency services;

  • energy companies;

  • railway structures;

  • mining;

  • organizations operating pipelines and power lines;

  • film studios and when shooting television programs;

  • a number of other areas where you need to explore something from a height, and in the future from water or under water.

Actual professions in Russia

Over the past 200 years, a serious industry has been created in our country and a large amount of resources have been extracted. Both have led to negative consequences for the natural environment — and therefore are important environmental engineers. They assess the actual state of affairs and can work out ways to improve it. Each case of the depletion of nature is unique, and only the pros will be able to deal with it thoroughly.

But the disappearance of easily accessible resources makes the search for new mineral deposits urgent. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the importance of geologists and geophysicistswho can discover and study them. And after them will come specialists who can establish production. It should be noted at the same time that alternative energy is losing its relevance and cannot be considered a good choice.

But in any commercial organization, under today’s unstable conditions, the demand for risk managers. They quickly identify the most unpredictable situations and business transactions. And they give advice on how to deal with them correctly.

Since the “why do something, you can always buy abroad” approach turned out to be deliberately wrong, the importance of domestic production will increase. Therefore, the activities of technologists and engineers will be relevant.

The field of work for them is very wide:

  • development of new technology and its components;

  • maintenance and repair;

  • preparation of documentation;

  • promotion of full operation;

  • modernization.

But along with engineers and technologists, those who will directly produce new products, machines and apparatus, their parts and assemblies are also needed. This includes:

  • CNC machine operators;

  • turners;

  • millers;

  • locksmiths;

  • radio mechanics;

  • collectors;

  • quality controllers.

Of course, the demanded professions of the near future do not end there. So, the same industry needs constant research of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products. This means that she will need laboratory assistants of various specializations:

  • mineralogical analysis;

  • ultrasound examinations;

  • assay analysis;

  • insulating materials;

  • spectral analysis;

  • x-ray study.

But these are still rather “niche” directions. Their demand is due to the fact that few people choose such training profiles. In addition to them, industry, construction and energy will invariably be in demand:

  • welders and cutters;

  • loading and unloading operators;

  • lifting machine operators;

  • drilling specialists.

Walking through any city, you can easily notice the abundance of various pharmacies. And this directly suggests that pharmacists and pharmacists can also be very promising professions. Specialists in these areas can find a place not only in pharmacies, but also in warehouses, laboratories, and drug factories.

There is an ongoing demand for health workers. It is represented by a huge number of areas of activity, and it is not only a matter of a wide variety of medical specialties. A huge contribution is made by medical workers of middle and lower ranks.

And you can also become in this area:

  • laboratory assistant;

  • statistician;

  • researcher;

  • medical geneticist;

  • forensic expert;

  • balneologist;

  • surgeon of various profiles.

But if medicine does not attract at all, then you can look at another invariably relevant area — trade. Vendors specialize in one product or another: groceries or books, flowers or shoes, sanitary ware or perfumes. Given this, almost everyone will be able to find the most preferred directions for themselves. Importantly, special education is usually not required.

The position of marketers also retains a certain demand. Promotion of goods and services, inciting and maintaining sustainable interest in them are important components of the activity of any commercial association. And this is just unthinkable without studying the demand, the positions of competitors and their strategies, the state of the industry as a whole. Positions closely adjacent to marketers merchandisers, supervisors and promoters.

Not everything is clear with legal specialties. The likelihood of successful employment in the private sector is rather low. The number of lawyers, notaries, legal advisers is now very impressive, and it is not a trivial task to stand out among them. However, the prospects for experts in law in the public service are quite good: in the judiciary, the prosecutor’s office and the investigating authorities.

The position of teachers is also rather ambiguous. This profession is supported by its stable need, as well as a large number of vacancies. However, the level of requirements is far from always compensated by appropriate wages. This problem, alas, is characteristic of both public and private education. You can also try yourself as a tutor or a private teacher. But here you already have to look for customers yourself.

Until recently, positions in the field of organized tourism were considered very promising. Due to the objectively growing fragmentation of the planet, they are far from being as attractive as before. The very structure of the industry will also change. Domestic tourism and trips to Asian countries will become more relevant.

There may be some decrease in the share of resort holidays in favor of hiking in uninhabited places; All these trends should also be taken into account.

Nuances of choice

A profession can be useful for both men and women programmer (although it is still a little more «male»). There are a lot of specific options for activities in this area. However, one must understand that a large number of people rush there, and wages do not stand out so much against the general background. It can be predicted with certainty that they will even out even more over time.

Much more stable prospects in the medical field. There is a group of areas that allow you to count on relatively high incomes:

  • dentistry;

  • surgery;

  • anesthesiology;

  • treatment of orphan diseases;

  • obstetrics;

  • neurophysiology;

  • forensic examination;

  • cosmetology;

  • pediatrics.

Those who wish not only to work in the field of trade, but also to be more than an ordinary seller, should take a closer look at the vacancies sales managers. Such specialists usually receive, along with salaries, a certain percentage of sales. They sell a variety of items and services, which will have to be thoroughly understood.

A solid and impressive male profession with a good salary is the position of a financial analyst. It can be useful both in the state apparatus, and in the banking sector, insurance companies. Analysts find out how things are going anywhere, what needs to be done urgently, and what is better not to do. Such work requires good knowledge in the field of economics and a mathematical mindset.

For those who can not decide on an engineering specialty, you can recommend a position drilling engineer. This is a diverse and interesting profession that will be in demand for decades to come. Drilling engineers aren’t just for oil and gas companies. Often they are attracted by construction companies and organizations involved in the arrangement of water wells.

Those who are ready for hard work and long stay in a limited space among the same people will suit the profession of a sailor. In a few months, it is quite realistic to earn as much as many land specialists receive in 1.5-2 years. But we must remember about the constant risk, as well as the fact that this is a sphere for the hardy. Technical professions of a different plan will be relevant.

Not to mention the translators. Despite the decline in the importance of English, German and other European languages ​​in the Russian economy, they still retain their relative relevance. Of course, a promising option would be to master Chinese, Indian or Arabic. According to the translators themselves, the importance of Korean and Turkish is growing, while a certain demand for Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese remains.

An important nuance: translations from Russian into any foreign language are noticeably more difficult, but they are also paid higher, because there are fewer such specialists.

The growing tension in the world makes the career of a military man more and more significant. Of course, it is fraught with great risk, but the probability of remaining unnecessary is minimal. Among the military professions, the highest paid on average are naval specialties. In general, incomes are very attractive, but you have to «pay» for them. And the payback is not only, in fact, the risk of hostilities, but also difficult climatic conditions, constant traveling, and poor household amenities.

It makes little sense to choose the path of a coach in professional sports. The significance of such specialists is declining, including due to the deliberate impossibility of becoming famous through their wards at the Olympiads and a number of other international competitions. But on the other hand, those who will train amateurs and teach the basics of physical culture will be more in demand.

However, if sports and near-sport activities are unstable, then the same cannot be said about the position of an electrician. Such specialists will remain relevant in 10 and 40 years. You can work almost everywhere: on land and at sea, in civil and military organizations, in a farm or forestry, in a metropolis.

For those who love to make something, work with their hands, the profession of a carpenter or carpenter may be suitable. Candidates are required to have a secondary specialized education. The work is very diverse, and if you choose the path of private orders, you can even alternate the production of different things. It is worth considering that carpentry practice is quite traumatic.

For girls, in principle, any of the above specializations is suitable. But still there are areas in which they are still much less common: in the armed forces, forensic medicine or on bulk carriers. For those who are mentally prepared for a relatively difficult and not always fine, frankly speaking, work, you can try yourself as a nurse. (For your information: there are also men among them, although very rarely yet).

A plus for candidates is the availability of medical training. You will have to develop physical strength and endurance. It should be borne in mind that such a sphere is suitable for those who know how to walk the thin line between empathy for the sick and irritation towards them.

Some girls show more traction in technical disciplines, despite the stereotypes. They can be recommended to start a profession architect. Determining the appearance of cities and individual districts, individual houses is extremely important and interesting. As for work directly in construction (as crane operators, assemblers, plasterers, and so on), this already requires good health and body strength. So everything is individual here.

A calmer and more comfortable work awaits chemists. They are readily accepted in laboratories and industrial enterprises. You can make a career in the field of chemical research or expertise.

Psychology can also be a good female activity. Despite some decline in client interest, it is still in steady demand.

You will need:

  • observation;

  • sociability;

  • flexibility;

  • the ability to act out of the box.

​​​​​​Persistent and analytical people will like the profession of a logistician. They will have to establish contacts with suppliers. But transportation was and will always be.

Even girls who gravitate towards stability should consider “eternal” positions:

  • cook and personnel officer;

  • baker and accountant;

  • subway driver and florist;

  • train driver and cynologist;

  • insurer and conductor;

  • veterinarian and proofreader.

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