The most popular professions in Russia

Information about the most popular professions in Russia is regularly posted on the Web, tops of prestigious professions for men among young people, the most interesting options for women are compiled. Independent statistics show that in modern conditions this information is subject to fundamental changes.

The most prestigious options for women

The modern labor market in Russia has long been in a sad state. Human resources specialists and experts regularly say that there are vacancies in all regions, but at the same time there is hidden unemployment in the country, including among women.

Polls show that the most popular among young people are highly paid professions. When it comes to the most sought-after female specialties, the top professional areas are listed by popularity:

  • fashion stylists;
  • flight attendants;
  • lawyers;
  • doctors;
  • programmers;
  • fitness trainers;
  • accountants;
  • translators;
  • psychologists;
  • top managers.

Experts point out that, according to statistics, girls are actively mastering traditionally male specialties in the IT field, which is especially in demand today in the face of unprecedented sanctions.

Experts note that technical professions related to the IT sphere are gaining popularity among modern girls:

  • software developers;
  • testers;
  • engineers;
  • software analysts;
  • process engineers;
  • architects;
  • web project managers;
  • mobile application developers.

Although a number of specialists consider the professions in the IT field to be highly overvalued, in Russia specialists associated with the computer industry receive not only high salaries, but also a large set of preferences recently. Having mastered such a specialty, which requires a mathematical mindset and technical education, you can get a sought-after and prestigious profession with a large salary.

Today, there is a noticeable trend of women leaving the service sector for real production, which is also a certain marker of a new era in which there is a great demand for the development of domestic production sectors of the economy.

Top professions for men

In the ranking of male professions that really bring a stable and high income, professions from the real sector of the economy come to the places of lawyers, marketers and advertisers. Despite the fact that the IT sector not only does not lose, but also increases its relevance for the Russian market in 2022, it is significantly pressed by the military profession. After the modern Russian army switched to a contract system, a young man has a bright prospect of making a military career. Due to the fact that the Russian military today is socially protected, professional service in the army provides a steadily growing income and moral satisfaction.

In addition to these professions, in the top of popularity are highly skilled working specialties, which today are not much different from engineering. Working as a high-level welder brings no less income than working as a programmer. At the same time, in addition to big money, a man gets the opportunity to master high-tech machine tools and other latest equipment and take part in the production of unique products, for example, products of the Russian military-industrial complex.

Engineering specialties are in demand, which are required in various areas of real technology:

  • oil and gas;
  • machine-building;
  • construction;
  • space;
  • aviation;
  • automotive;
  • food.

Among the most prestigious today are all professions in the IT-sphere:

  • programmer;
  • big data analyst;
  • tester;
  • information security specialist;
  • DevOps engineer;
  • QA engineer.

Many men still consider work to be a prestigious profession. in the field of medicine. However, it is quite difficult to get a specialized education, moreover, a modern doctor must have a set of certain skills that were not typical of this profession not so long ago. Medicine today is considered one of the most high-tech industries, so the doctor will have to master the latest medical treatment methods that use high-precision equipment.

Another male specialty today is becoming a profession cooks. More and more modern men dream of making a career after receiving a diploma and working in a restaurant as a chef. Specialists involved in cooking in catering establishments are always in demand. And today, with the departure of Western companies from the Russian market, domestic fast food chains, restaurants and cafes have great prospects for developing national business and promoting Russian and other national cuisines of the peoples of Russia on the market.

The professions related to trade, advertising and finance have left the list of prestigious male specialties. Experts attribute this to the oversaturation of the market and the cardinal changes in the Russian and global economy that are taking place today.

Universal Options

Statistical data for 2018 showed that the most popular profession among Russians of working age was the specialty of the seller, which today has taken on various forms:

  • merchandiser;
  • manager;
  • sales consultant;
  • online store administrator

More than 4 million people officially work in the sphere of trade in Russia. Moreover, among them there are approximately the same number of women and men.

The mass distribution of the specialty does not speak of its prestige and demand among young people. The second after trade was advertising, in which, until recently, a large number of men and women were also involved. According to experts, the demand for mass professions in the trade and advertising sectors, which often do not require advanced professional training, has passed its peak. In many ways, according to experts, such a number of sellers in Russia was caused by a strong reduction in the real sector of the economy, which has recently begun to grow.

In addition to mass universal professions, the Russian labor market has developed a top of popular and prestigious specialties that bring a stable income and provide social status to men and women:

  • ecologist;
  • doctor;
  • teacher;
  • personnel specialist;
  • lawyer;
  • ecoanalyst;
  • bioengineer.

Representatives of these professions will be able to get jobs both in the public sector and in commercial companies. The salary of such specialists depends on the level of qualification and experience. On average, the monthly income of those who own these professions ranges from 40 to 120 thousand rubles.

Selection Tips

When choosing a professional type of activity, it should be taken into account that modern society is at a stage of development when the latest technologies, including digital ones, lead to the death of a number of industries and professions. Thus, the development of digital printing and computer media has led book publishers and paper books to almost complete disappearance from the life of modern man.

In order not to find yourself in a situation where the profession was unclaimed, experts recommend choosing future-oriented options. These are specialties that arise at the junction of two branches of science and production:

  • psychology and mathematics;
  • medicine and computer technologies;
  • biology and physics;
  • chemistry and physics;
  • linguistics and programming.

For those who are just choosing a profession for themselves, and for those who already have a certain amount of experience, personnel experts recommend developing computer competencies. The ability to work with information technology at the level of an advanced user provides competitive advantages in any profession today.

Representatives of academic specialties, in order to improve their level and expand the prospects for professional growth, must master related disciplines and specialties in order to discover new directions in their profession. This will help to remain in the labor market as a sought-after specialist who receives a stable and large income for his work.

Experts who study the modern labor market in Russia and make forecasts for its development come to the conclusion that the time of easy earnings and incompetent workers goes into oblivion.

Today, a representative of any prestigious and highly paid profession will require special training, a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge.

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