The most demanded professions

Each person at some time thinks about the choice of the type of activity. Some professions remain relevant for centuries, others disappear without a trace. And also new vacancies constantly appear that were previously difficult to imagine. Now, when choosing a profession, many seek help from experts who can tell you which of the specialties will be in demand.

Promising professions in Russia

Nowadays, many graduates are faced with the problem of choosing a profession. The fact is that new directions are rapidly opening up, being mastered and modified. At the same time, some activities, being previously in demand, fade into the background. Specialists have compiled a list of the best professions in terms of prospects for the near future.


An employee of the medical field is a profession for centuries. Today, in some Russian regions, there is a shortage of doctors and medical personnel in general. In the next 10 years, the profession of a doctor will definitely remain in demand. Despite the development of technology, even the most innovative machines and equipment cannot replace real people.

Enumeration of topical directions in the medical sphere.

  • Gynecologist and obstetrician-gynecologist. Women’s health specialist. They also include a separate category of doctors who are able to conduct and deliver childbirth.

  • Dentist and dental technician. Treatment of teeth and jaw in general. Manufacture of prostheses, crowns, etc.

  • Therapist. A versatile professional, able to determine even the most complex diagnosis and direct for further treatment.

  • Oncologist. Prevention and treatment of malignant tumors.

  • Pediatrician. Children’s specialist.

  • Pharmacist. Development and testing of drugs in order to manufacture the most effective and safe drugs.

Doctors work in both public and private medical institutions. As a rule, in the second case, wages are higher. And also it depends on the region: in the central cities it is higher compared to earnings in small towns, for example, in Karelia, in other settlements.

IT specialist

Now the demand for specialists in this field is higher than ever. There is also a demand for them in Russia, however, some professionals work for foreign companies or combine several projects. The main difference between IT specialties is that you can work remotely. This means that an employee living in Tyumen can cooperate with an American, European or any other corporation.

Specialists are engaged in the following tasks:

  • creation of web pages;

  • development of software (software), including the creation of anti-virus programs;

  • testing programs and applications.

Nowadays IT products are indispensable. Millions of people use it every day. Depending on the direction, specialists perform different tasks — from developing computer games to writing programs that are responsible for the operation of electronic scoreboards. All digital equipment must be constantly updated and maintained in working condition.

And also this area includes the technical part. Employees need to understand how modern equipment works, to be able to handle it correctly. To remain a sought-after professional, it is important to constantly improve your skill level, follow the latest and news. New programming languages ​​and templates are also being developed.

Demanded specialties.

  • One of the biggest areas is programming. Programmer is the person who creates the software. This includes not only apps, but also websites, banner ads, and more.

  • Testers come to work after the programmers. Once a program has been created, it must be carefully checked for errors in order to achieve a perfect result.

  • To generate documentation, you need technical writers. And also they make a detailed description of the product, understandable to users.

  • When working on a large project, you will need managerwho will supervise the work process and monitor strict adherence to deadlines.

  • If a whole team is working on a product, it comes into play analyst. He is responsible for communication between specialists and the customer. His responsibilities include systematization, analytics, requirements, research and more.

  • A separate category is engaged in the development of virtual entertainment IT masters. In Russia, this direction is just beginning to develop, as many computer games appear abroad.

  • Every year robots become more advanced and skillful. Thank you for this roboticists. Additionally, they create automated systems. Now robots cost a lot of money and are rarely used anywhere, however, they have already begun to be used in Russia.

IT products are used every day. The systems store people’s personal data, including information about their monetary contributions. To protect them from intruders, we need employees responsible for security.


An experienced and talented architect is able to successfully organize the space, making it as concise, stylish and multifunctional as possible. As long as humanity continues to build new buildings, the profession of an architect will remain in demand. Most often, megacities, which are constantly acquiring new buildings, need such specialists.

In large cities, work is constantly underway to equip the still free regions. Architects are engaged not only in the development of new buildings, but also equip parks, streets, sidewalks, squares. This category is called landscape architecture.


The specialty deserves special attention. engineer. Experts are sure that the demand for it will be high for the next 5-10 years. We can say that this is a universal profession that affects many areas of production.


  • creation of new mechanisms and equipment;

  • project work;

  • support for the performance of structures and equipment.

Every day we are faced with the results of their professional activities. Mobile phones and computers, vehicles and trains, modern household appliances. In heavy industry, they are also indispensable. Before embarking on this path, you must first decide on the direction.

  • radio technician. Working with communication equipment — from telephones to locators.
  • Most often found technologists. They work in different industries: food, industrial, chemical and any other. Employees are responsible for production processes.

  • Construction specialists both designers and technical supervisors work. Experienced employees are able to work in two directions at once.

  • Rocket and space industry also not without engineers. They build, test and maintain equipment.

  • nuclear scientists work on the creation of nuclear installations. On them calculations, experiments, all kinds of research.

  • Energy make sure that humanity receives energy for the operation of equipment and mechanisms. Such employees can be found at power plants and power grid enterprises.

  • Working in the mining industry drilling engineers. Engineers can work both at oil depots and in offices, depending on their duties.

The next relevant profession is a graphic designer, that is, a designer and an artist rolled into one. These people are engaged in the development of infographics, stylization of locations, the development of advertising posters and program icons. They design websites and illustrate different web portals. Experienced masters are familiar with the psychology of color and the influence of each shade on the psyche.

Demanded professions in the world


Modern people living in big cities are often subject to stress, as a result of which psychologists are always in demand in the labor market. Abroad, this is a highly paid profession. They work on the basis of clinics or as private specialists.

The responsibilities of a psychologist include:

  • getting rid of complexes and fears;

  • restoration of emotional health;

  • assistance in the process of adaptation in a new society;

  • assessment of the human condition;

  • conducting trainings (individual or group).

Most often, their services are used in the USA and Europe (in the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Poland and other countries). Recently, the popularity of this profession has increased in Russia.

image maker

To create a stylish and fashionable image, they use the services of image makers. They can be found in any country in the world, in China, Turkey, even Australia. Specialists create an image so that it is not only relevant, but also ideally suited to a particular person.

In addition to the outer shell, the creators of the image are also working on the inner world of a person, making him more sociable and attractive. This is the main difference between image makers and stylists and makeup artists.


Everyone is familiar with this profession and at least once in their life came across the products of their activities. Journalism is a broad term. This category includes both employees of TV channels who collect information by talking to people on the street, and those who write news articles for websites. Some journalists work in the field of broadcasting.

The essence of the profession lies in the collection and analysis of data for their further dissemination in the media. The final product should be not only informative, but also interesting.


The next multidisciplinary specialist closely monitors changes in politics, economics, culture and society. He must be able to make reports on everything that happens and convey information to others. Experts identify trends that affect business and society. Large companies hire trendwatchers for marketing policy and planning.

To master this direction, you need not only to study marketing and economics. It is important to know foreign languages ​​and the financial sector. Experienced craftsmen are constantly learning something new to stay in demand. They follow global companies and the most successful business models.


These specialists work closely with medicine. They synthesize organs and tissues in the laboratory. And also the workers are engaged in the creation of innovative equipment. Now leading bioengineers are working on the creation of new organisms. Such vacancies are always open in Korea, Japan and other countries with developed medicine.

Over the past few years, they have managed to create and successfully test equipment for cardiopulmonary bypass, as well as grow joints. Thanks to their efforts, pacemakers were created.

To master this profession you need to be able to handle modern computer technologies, as well as have knowledge in biophysics, chemistry and genetic engineering. After studying at higher educational institutions, future bioengineers continue to develop in their chosen field, absorbing huge amounts of knowledge.


Digital-specialists are associated with the IT direction, but they work in a specific industry — advertising. They develop services and are responsible for distributing information. They work with trademarks, promoting them among a huge number of companies. It is these specialists who set the current trends and promote them on the Internet. Without them, a huge number of goods and services would remain unknown to anyone.

This direction includes the following professions.

  • Web designers are working on creating the interface of web portals, which should be stylish, convenient and understandable.

  • copywriters and rewriters write articles and advertising texts for websites.

  • Marketers promote firms on the World Wide Web.

  • Working with huge amounts of information producers. It is up to them to turn ideas into reality.

  • Analysts studying site visitors. This is the only way to find out what users need and how to make the business as profitable as possible.

  • Product manager responsible for websites, programs and applications. And he also tests the product and checks how it meets the stated requirements and quality level.

  • Working with social networks SMM managers. Before publishing a post, they think through every step to attract an audience.

With the development of the popularity of the remote working format, a profession appeared — online education employee. These are professionals who teach online. With their help, you can get an education without leaving your home. Online schools and courses are now presented in large numbers, so choosing the right direction for yourself is not difficult.

Experts are sure that in the next few years this training system will be in great demand. If you know a foreign language, you can study in centers abroad.

In addition to teachers, employees in the field of distance education include:

  • coordinators — they prepare the course, help the students, accompanying them throughout the entire learning process;

  • tutors — these are curators, they work individually, some of them work with schoolchildren and keep in touch with their parents;

  • producers — specialists who supervise the team of teachers, they are also responsible for the release and promotion of the course.

In the 21st century, artificial intelligence is no longer a fantasy, so there are specialists in the creation of AI. Now this profession is especially in demand abroad, where this area is developing rapidly. At the same time, such vacancies can also be found in Russia and the CIS countries.

This specialty belongs to the field of data-science. Professionals develop neutron networks necessary for process automation. There is no specific area for them, they can work in the field of finance, logistics, medicine, or in other areas.

The main difference between AI and other programs and applications is that it does not work according to a strict algorithm. Artificial intelligence is capable of self-learning, and this process must be carefully monitored. The specialist simultaneously trains and trains AI in order to achieve the goal.

The most necessary work specialties

Despite the development of computer technology, working specialties will always be in demand for at least the next few decades. One of the main directions is work in the field of agriculture.. Such vacancies are found not only in Russia, but also abroad, where agriculture is developing, for example, in Finland.

These areas are constantly sponsored. In parallel, new technologies are emerging, so we need specialists who will be able to handle them. Many processes are now automated, but you cannot do without the participation of qualified workers. As a rule, such specialists work far from big cities.

List of professions:

  • for breeding livestock and birds, livestock specialists are needed;

  • in order to collect a rich and high-quality harvest every year, experienced agronomists should work in agriculture;

  • agricultural engineers are responsible for the development and implementation of modern equipment, they are also production controllers.

Another topical area is housing and communal services. Masters from this area are indispensable in public utilities. Electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, locksmiths — all these are housing and communal services workers. Their main task is repair work, maintenance and operation of communications. Such specialists will find work almost anywhere in the world.

What professions will be in demand in 5 years?

Experts believe that the following professions will be in demand in the near future:

  • journalists;

  • GR managers;

  • universal soldiers;

  • IT specialists;

  • urbanists;

  • medical workers who are able to handle modern equipment;

  • experts on national and religious differences;

  • professionals working in the field of alternative energy.

When hiring employees, leading companies will pay attention to the following qualities of a person:

  • the ability to think creatively and creatively;

  • an integrated approach to solving the tasks;

  • interaction with others;

  • work for the result;

  • managerial qualities;

  • emotional intellect;

  • ability to develop and learn.

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