Demanded professions in Russia

The choice of profession determines the course of future life, its quality, status and level of prosperity. This point should be approached with all seriousness, comparing what is desired with the possibilities, given that a diploma does not yet guarantee the highest possible pay. After receiving a diploma, years of “field” work will be required to achieve a high level of skill and experience: as practice shows, on average, this takes up to 7 years.

Top in-demand professions

Any generation once faces the choice of a profession, and each time the popularity and demand for specialties change in accordance with the requirements of the current situation. If in the last century commodity specialists, process engineers, lawyers were at the peak of popularity, then the watchman, janitor, janitor, security guard, etc. were the most in demand. Modern realities have shifted the focus to the intellectual side — IT specialists, logisticians, marketers, advertisers, etc. have become leaders. But both in the past and in the current century, such specialties as a lawyer, a policeman, specialists in mining, have been and remain invariably in demand. doctors and teachers.

It is extremely important to decide even before entering a university, since statistics show that more than 48% of graduates of higher educational institutions do not work in their specialty. This means that 5 years will be lost, and some more — for the development of another specialty, except that studies are needed only to obtain a diploma. The twenty-first century is a world of innovation and high technology, which has made new professions related to the digital space, finance, investment, etc. relevant. Doctors, lawyers, accountants are still in demand in Russia, some have gained a new status, having risen to a higher prestige level. This is evidenced by the high wages and the equally high demand for professionals with extensive work experience.

There are so-called male and female professions, although modernity has long blurred the boundaries, and today you can meet a woman in the role of a stove-maker and in special forces. The most demanded specialties for women and men for the coming years are guaranteed to be located in the intellectual and working segments.


This profession can safely be called eternal, because as long as there are monetary relations and money is the main equivalent of life support, people will be needed who can count them not only in their own wallet. A person of this specialty should at least be good at managing numbers, be able to conduct complex financial and banking operations, and communicate with the tax inspectorate. Today, any registered organization, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, needs accountants. This is one of the most demanded specialties even at a distance.

The average salary of an accountant with experience in the country is around 50,000 rubles a month, but a young graduate of an educational institution can count on about 20,000. The region where the specialist works is also taken into account: in the North, wages are much higher than in the Krasnodar Territory.


Communication opportunities are becoming more and more necessary as, after the establishment of a market economy, business has entered the international sphere of relations. Every day there are many business meetings anywhere in the world where an interpreter is indispensable. When choosing this profession, it is worth considering that knowledge of English, German, Italian, Spanish is unlikely to help you stand out from the huge number of specialists of this kind.

But the eastern direction is in great demand, so you should pay attention to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and its dialects. Such a professional will easily find a job in his country or abroad, and will also be able to easily open his own business.


Despite the fact that logistics began to develop rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century, it has a great future ahead — experienced logisticians are in demand not only now, but will remain so in the foreseeable future. The duties of a logistician include assembly, organization of shipment and escort, if required by its specifics.

It also includes laying the optimal route, communication with the driver and forwarder, and much more. Jobs — logistics, manufacturing, warehouse companies. The average salary is 20-25 thousand plus the possibility of career growth.


A doctor is an extremely important profession at all times, from the time of Hippocrates up to the present. As life has shown, despite the rapid development of medicine, ailments not only do not decrease, their number increases, so oblivion does not threaten this profession in the near future.

The concept of a doctor includes a large number of specializations, on which the level of income and place of employment depend. The average salary is from 30 to 50 thousand, but much depends on the category, in addition, in private clinics, the payment is higher than in municipal institutions.


There are many specialties in demand, those listed above are the most common, but this is far from a complete list.

  • Manufacturing engineer. A specialist with experience may well count on a monthly rate of 40-60 thousand rubles. To obtain a specialty, you have to graduate from a higher educational institution.
  • Sphere of IT-technologies. This segment includes such specialties as a programmer, web designer, content creation and promotion manager, etc. The salary range is extensive: from 30 to 200 thousand or more rubles. The peculiarity of this segment is that you will have to study all the time, even if you have a university education behind you. This segment, like medicine, is not static, the sphere is developing rapidly.

The demand for specialists is as great as the difference in salaries — a specialist of any level and direction will always find a job for himself.

The most needed jobs

Despite the rather high unemployment rate, blue-collar jobs remain in great deficit, which is quite understandable. Today’s youth are ambitious and do not want to engage in physical labor, preferring status prestigious specialties and high income in the future.

That is why there is a severe shortage of workers in this segment on the labor market. There are so many such professions today that it is simply impossible to list them, so it is worth mentioning the most in demand in the Russian Federation.


This specialization is essential today, and it will remain so in the future, as long as there is «buying and selling.» The concept itself has a broader meaning than the attendants behind the store counter. In essence, a salesperson is considered a sales manager — an office worker responsible for interacting with physical and legal clients regarding the sale of services or goods in order to ensure high sales efficiency.

According to statistics, at least 200 vacancies of this kind are offered per month across the country. The level of wages is actively growing: today the average salary is 45 thousand, however, it should be borne in mind that the sales manager receives a percentage of sales with high performance. A successful specialist in this field has certain qualities of character, and stress resistance plays an important role.

In addition, it is necessary not only to talk, but also to convince, to be able to identify his needs in a conversation with a potential client, and much more. The work is interesting, but more suitable for young people.


This profession includes many specializations in completely different areas. This is a mechanic-adjuster of light and heavy industry machines, and a plumber in housing and communal services, and an auto mechanic at a service station. A person of such a profession must know the structure of various mechanisms. The most popular specialty is an auto mechanic, because there are more than 53 million vehicles in the country in 2021, among which the lion’s share falls on the passenger segment. Given that most of them have solid mileage, they all need periodic maintenance.

The profession is not only in demand, but also profitable — depending on qualifications and place of work, earnings range from 25-130 thousand rubles. Obtaining a specialty is possible in courses, in professional colleges and universities. Those who graduate from a higher educational institution receive a general auto mechanic diploma and broader horizons than college graduates.


A miner is a person who works more often underground than on the surface. The miner’s task is to extract minerals (coal, nickel, copper-zinc ores, gold, diamonds, etc.). The profession is divided into main and auxiliary specialties. The former include miners, drifters, and mining machine operators. To the second — dispatchers, inspectors, safety engineers, etc.

The specialty of a miner is given by mining technical schools, the engineering staff is trained in higher educational institutions.


No less demanded profession, given the scope of construction in the country. The task of the builder is the construction of buildings for any purpose: warehouse, industrial, administrative, residential, hydraulic, up to nuclear power plants and spaceports. All this is created by the hands of builders. The profession is divided into performers and managers. The latter are people with higher engineering education.

Wages vary widely: from 37,000 in Central Russia to 140,000 in Magadan. At the same time, laborers receive less — an average of 15-20 thousand rubles. monthly. The salaries of the engineering staff are much higher.


You can talk endlessly about in-demand working specialties, the job market is always filled with offers.

  • Turner. The specialty is related to the processing of material (metal, wood, plastic) on special machines with manual control or CNC (computer numerical control). The downside is the labor intensity and lack of career growth, however, an experienced turner of a high category earns from 60 thousand monthly, and even a beginner receives 20–25 thousand rubles. Specialties into which the profession of a turner is divided:

    • windshield;
    • borer;
    • station wagon;
    • carousel;
    • milling machine;
    • revolver.
  • Radio mechanic. The owner of this profession will need skills in accuracy and scrupulousness, attentiveness, concentration and accuracy. A radio mechanic can repair electronics and household appliances, work in production or open his own business. The average monthly income of an employee is 25-60 thousand rubles. Obtaining a specialty is possible in lyceums, colleges and universities.
  • Special vehicle driver. A professional in this field has a decent salary, but must have a certain set of knowledge and skills, because driving a car is much easier than driving a special, especially heavy vehicle. The average salary is 50 thousand rubles, beginners start from 25,000. Trawl drivers in logistics companies can earn much more, it all depends on the cargo, routes and delivery points.

These and many other specialties will always be in demand among Russians. The work of highly qualified professionals is paid higher, therefore, when choosing any profession, one must be prepared for the fact that skill comes with experience and years, as well as high salaries.

What professions will be needed in 5 years?

The labor market is not static, it is growing, changing, redirecting. Those professions that were in special demand yesterday have lost their relevance, and today’s demand may significantly change emphasis in a few years. Moreover, completely new professions are emerging as leaders, for example, programmers, which no one knew about in our country in the middle of the last century. No one at the end of the 20th century knew about such popular specializations today as application and browser game developers, video bloggers and streamers, neural network developers and drone operators. But today they exist and no longer surprise anyone, they have so imperceptibly entered our lives along with progress.

If it is impossible to accurately name the most demanded specialty of the future, then it is easy to analyze trends and draw conclusions based on such an analysis. This is useful for high school students who are just approaching a significant stage in their lives — final exams and choosing a profession. Today, the advantage is for the enterprising and ambitious, smart and erudite, for those who are interested not only in a career, but also in creativity in the profession. Carriers of innovative professions work in completely different areas: from science to the service sector.

A certain feature of the new specialties has become noticeable — they all require competence in several related areas. The rare professions of the future are listed below.

Virtual and augmented reality architecture

Such are the specialists of VR-, AR- and MR-technologies, they are subject to a lot. Highly paid specialists are required in various corporations and companies around the world with high monthly salaries. The need for timely hardware adoption is steadily growing, with HTC headsets, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest holding record sales. Such professionals are highly popular, as are other specialists related to XR.

VR/AR/MR Software Engineer

The profession is needed in the field of research and development (R&D), whose tasks include the development of augmented realities.

Required skills:

  • knowledge of system programming and programming languages: C #, C ++, Objective-C, Swift, as well as experience in interacting with various operating systems;
  • server programming skills and the ability to conduct the necessary research.

The responsibilities of specialists include the creation of new software, working functionality for various XR tools, contributing to their compatibility, work with VR / AR / MR components.

XR Gameplay & Tools Engineer

The duty of a specialist of this kind is to create certain digital tools for debugging, developing, profiling and reducing the iteration time of software. They also contribute to the improvement of developer tools, increasing their efficiency.

Required skills:

  • ability to write in various programming languages ​​with experience of 3 years and above;
  • a mathematical or computer qualification degree, as well as experience in interacting with DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan interfaces.

Food tech engineer

The current food tech business trend requires the appropriate expertise and technology needed to develop meat, milk and derivatives substitutes, gluten-free sweet desserts. The birth of the profession was a reaction to the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle. Work in this area requires broad knowledge in areas such as genetics, biochemistry, agricultural technology.

The profession is becoming more and more in demand, in addition, it is an interesting, creative and highly paid occupation.

XR designer or graphic engineer

The duties of a professional include working with artists and designers who create various prototypes, visualizations and special effects, improving them in the future. Their area of ​​responsibility includes the standards of 3D assets of business companies, the integration of various research in the segment of computer graphics and vision.

Required Skills:

  • experience in application development, game realities, work with Unity and Unreal engines;
  • skills in programming in popular computer languages, qualification degrees in IT engineering, free orientation in 3D mathematics.

The highest paid professions

According to experts’ forecasts, the economic and social conditions will provide a number of professions with consistently high pay. At the same time, one must understand that critical financial and economic changes on a global scale are not taken into account — conclusions are drawn on average levels.

The most demanded specialists in Russia are listed below:

  • top managers and IT specialists;
  • accountants, lawyers, logisticians, auditors and marketers;
  • managers for internal communications, purchases and sales.

It should be noted that IT-specialists with the appropriate remuneration are in the greatest demand. Professionals in medicine have the highest salaries: therapists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, obstetricians and cosmetologists. Extra-class specialists are provided with a similar level of income, sometimes their remuneration exceeds the income of top-segment managers. This factor is a powerful incentive for constant self-learning, improving skills and qualifications in any profession.

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