How to write a resume in English?

It’s no secret that the initial acquaintance of the employer and the applicant takes place through a resume. This document is a kind of presentation sheet that briefly describes the work experience of a person, his achievements. A well-written resume is of interest to the employer, which means that the applicant will be invited for an interview.

Today, a presentation document that is familiar to everyone is necessary for applying for a job in a domestic company. To get a job in a foreign company, you need to write a resume, or rather, a CV in English.

What it is?

It is important for applicants who want to get a job in a foreign company to be fluent in foreign languages. However, this is not the only requirement made by the employer. Foreign companies in search of a new employee sometimes go beyond all limits, but sometimes even their excessive demands can remain in the background before a well-written resume. A resume is a presentation document that allows the employer to find out brief information about the applicant. For an interview in a foreign company, a summary is compiled exclusively in English. Each item of the document must be correctly worked out, thanks to which the chances of getting a job increase several times.

To date, in the post-Soviet countries, job seekers send employers a resume form. It briefly describes the personal data of a person, his work activity, achievements. But in America and Canada, acquaintance with potential management occurs through a CV. These letters are an abbreviation, the decoding sounds like this: Curriculum Vitae, the literal translation is “the way of life”. Compared to a resume, a CV is a long document. It signs the biography of the applicant, his titles, achievements, published works, if any.

Be sure to indicate personal characteristics, dignity, features.

Basic rules for compiling

Form CV or resume in English is actually easy to prepare. The main thing is to know a few important rules for compiling this document.

  • The CV form must be written by yourself. No recruitment agency can tell you better about a person than he does.
  • When compiling a CV document, you must adapt it to the companyin which the applicant wishes to continue work experience.
  • CV must be more developedthan a resume. But at the same time it is impossible to talk about everything in detail.
  • When filling out contact information It is important to check that no errors have been made.
  • It is important to tell the truth in your CV. Any information can be verified today.
  • After compiling a CV document, it is important check the entered information for spelling and grammatical errors.

Key Points

Every document has its own structure. And this applies even to CVs. However, when compiling a presentation sheet, special attention should be paid to key points, namely:

  • personal data;
  • objective;
  • education;
  • experience;
  • skills;
  • extracurricular activities;
  • references.

These points are important not only to correctly disclose, but also to formalize. Well, now you need to understand what exactly should attract attention in these sections of the document.

personal data

The upper right corner of the CV-document must be decorated with a photo of the applicant, taken in a photo studio. To the left of the picture, personal data is indicated:

  • Name – filled in as in a foreign passport;
  • address — the order of writing corresponds to foreign standards: first the house number, then the street name, after — the apartment number, city, postal code and country;
  • phone number — mobile number of international format;
  • marital status — marital status;
  • date of birth — the date of birth is written as abroad, for example, 24th April 1990;
  • Email — an email address that has a business character.


This paragraph requires you to specify for what and why the applicant wants to get this or that position. Faded phrases and simple words in this case will be inappropriate. The goal must be presented with a «zest», for example, like this.

  • I am interested in the position of translator, as it is in this position that I will be able to use my ability to communicate with people in a foreign language.

    I am interested in the position of an interpreter, since it is in this position that I will be able to use my ability to communicate with people in a foreign language.

  • I am interesting in the vacancy of a logistics manager, because a person who occupies such a significant position helps companies and individuals to deliver various types of cargo in any direction in a short time.

    I am interested in the vacancy of a logistics manager, because a person who occupies such a significant position helps companies and individuals to deliver various types of cargo in any direction in a short time.

  • I was interested in the position of marketing assistant, as this position gives me the opportunity to work with foreign partners, find an approach to each person, thereby increasing the company’s profit.

    I was interested in the vacancy of a marketing assistant, as this position makes it possible to work with foreign partners, find an approach to each person, thereby increasing the company’s profits.


This part of the CV document requires post-high school education. And each educational institution should be spelled out in detail, starting from the name and ending with the diploma qualification.

If the applicant graduated from several educational institutions during the period of study, he must prescribe them in the reverse order. In simple words, at the end of college and after the institute, the higher educational institution is indicated first in the CV-document, and only after the secondary or specialized secondary.


  • Moscow State University, Faculty of Law, Master’s degree in Law (2001-2005).

    Moscow State University, Faculty of Law, Master’s Degree in Law (2001-2005).

  • Krasnoyarsk College of Marketing, specialist of the highest category in marketing (1999-2001).

    Krasnoyarsk College of Marketing, specialist of the highest category in marketing (1999-2001).

work experience

This item of the CV-document gives the employer the opportunity to learn about the professional experience of the applicant. The main thing to remember is that it is necessary to list labor activities in the reverse order, that is, from the last place of work to the first. It is equally important to indicate the positions held and to prescribe job responsibilities. Then the employer will roughly understand what skills a potential employee has. It is equally important to correctly indicate the names of the companies in which the applicant previously worked. Clarify their scope.

For students who have just completed their studies, it is almost impossible to create a Work experience section. However, in the CV document it is allowed to register not only official work, fixed by contracts, but also part-time jobs, for example, freelance or student practice. Here you can also write about achievements, for example, a 10% increase in sales or a 40% increase in sales.

By the way, I would like to give you a little advice. After completing the internship, you must ask the employer to write a cover letter. This is a kind of characteristic presented by the leader.

Special skills

This paragraph describes the personal skills of the applicant. And what is most interesting, this part of the summary is divided into several subsections:

  • language skills — Foreign language skills;
  • computer literature — computer literacy;
  • driving license- possession of a driver’s license;
  • Hobbies — hobbies, hobbies.

With the last subparagraph, one must be extremely careful. You can not paint your hobbies on 10 pages. It is quite enough to indicate 2 or 3 of your most sincere hobbies. And, of course, indicate information about the achievements in your hobbies.

personal qualities

On the one hand, it may seem that this section is very easy to write, but it will not be possible to create it using ordinary phrases. The applicant will need to show semantic ingenuity and be able to strike a balance between eulogies and excessive modesty. For example:

  • candidate for the position accountant must indicate such qualities as attentiveness and perseverance — care and perseverance;
  • candidate for the position programmer should prescribe «out-of-the-box thinking» — out-of-the-box thinking;
  • candidate for the position economist should be put in the resume «entrepreneurial spirit, ability to analyze» — entrepreneurial spirit, ability to analyze;
  • in summary design engineer qualities such as attention, good memory should be indicated — attention, good memory;
  • in CV document teacher should be “responsibility, stress tolerance” — responsibility, stress tolerance;
  • well and waiter boasts «efficiency, good memory» — efficiency, good memory.


This key point should contain contacts of persons who are able to characterize and recommend the applicant as the best specialist in their field.

If the applicant does not wish to put this item in the CV document, he can indicate the following information.

  • Recommendations are available upon request.

    Recommendations are available upon request.

  • I am ready to provide documents of a recommendation nature at the request of the employer.

    I am ready to provide documents of a recommendatory nature at the request of the employer.

Well, now it is proposed to consider in detail each individual item of the CV-document and deal with the peculiarities of filling them out.

personal information

For many employers, it is important to see the appearance of a potential employee. That’s why The CV-document must be accompanied by a photograph, which should be taken in a photo salon. It must be placed in the upper right corner. The clothing style of the applicant in the photo must be business-like, and the background of the photo card must be neutral.

On the left side of the photo of the applicant, you must indicate the personal data of the applicant, the same ones that were mentioned earlier. You can add personal information with the item nationality, that is, nationality. By the way, in the Email section, you can specify not only an email address. Here it is appropriate to write the name from Skype and the nicknames of the pages on social networks.


This is a unique section of the CV document, sometimes allowing the employer not even to view the rest of the resume sections, but to immediately invite the applicant to a live interview.. Potential management needs to be intrigued, to distinguish yourself from other resumes. Examples of goals that can attract the attention of a potential boss have already been indicated earlier.

The main thing to remember: in no case should you indicate what the applicant wants to have in the future. The document must contain data on the actual time, that is, today.


This section should contain information about education. How and in what order to register educational institutions was presented above. When filling out this section, you cannot indicate the months of study, only years, for example, 2001-2005. In this case, the years should be written in brackets.

The names of educational institutions must be spelled out in full. It is especially important to check that there are no spelling and grammatical errors in the names. Even an extra comma will already lead to unpleasant consequences, or rather, it will cause a negative attitude of the employer towards the applicant.

Additional qualification

This part of the CV document contains information about attending professional courses, seminars, trainings, conferences, online trainings, master classes and other options for improving or confirming qualifications. For example:

  • Designer’s certificate (2015) — designer certificate;
  • Certificate of advanced training in the courses 3D fashion designer — certificate of advanced training in 3D modeling courses.

The presence of such documents is an undeniable advantage over other candidates for the same position.

work experience

One of the most important items in a CV or resume document. By studying it, the employer will be able to understand what professional skills the applicant has and whether he can show himself in the desired position. Next to each place of work, it is important to prescribe job responsibilities. Then the potential boss will understand what functions can be entrusted to the future employee.

Well, now it is proposed to get acquainted with the terms that can be appealed when filling out information about job responsibilities:

  • Preparation of business projects – preparation of business projects;
  • Development of 3D layouts – development of 3D layouts;
  • The projections of the financial market — preparation of financial market forecasts.

When writing achievements in a previously held position, it is necessary to prescribe information in the past tense, for example:

  • Increased sales by 15% — increased sales volume by 15%;
  • Attracted 20 new suppliers – attracted 20 new suppliers.

Personal qualities

This part of the CV-document allows the applicant to talk about personal qualities. But in no case should you overdo it. Yes, this section makes it possible to advertise oneself not only from the side of labor activity, but also from the side of ordinary life.

When filling out this part of the presentation document, special care should be taken. It is necessary to find a golden mean between praise and modesty. And for everything to work out, it is recommended to imagine yourself in the place of the boss. Only in this way will it be possible to understand which personal qualities of a potential employee he will pay attention to and which ones he will miss. And, of course, do not forget that personal qualities must correspond to the desired position.


This paragraph of the CV document is the key one. Any employer pays attention to it. And if the applicant is trying to become part of a foreign company, then it will not be possible to do without a correctly completed Special skills section. As mentioned earlier, this item is divided into 4 subgroups, and the employer pays special attention to each of them. Under no circumstances should you try to cheat. Lies are bound to come out.

For example, you can indicate fluency in French. You just need to prepare, the leaders and HR managers of foreign companies can speak this language and start asking questions in French right at the interview, after which they expect a clear answer in the same dialect. In the same way, employers can «catch» applicants for driving skills or computer literacy.


This item must be entered in the CV document only if there is something to “boast about”. For those who do not have awards, this section is recommended to be skipped. Entering it and leaving it empty is ugly and incorrect. If there are awards for achievements, they must be entered in reverse order, starting with the last one.

Scientific activity

This paragraph of the resume cannot be classified as mandatory, because not every specialist is able to boast of scientific activity. The Research experience section should be included in the CV document if, in fact, the applicant has previously carried out scientific work and fixed it on paper.


Another optional section of the resume. It is worth entering if the entries of the applicant were published in any publications. If there were several submitted articles, they should be listed in reverse order, starting with the last one.

Near the title of each publication, the name of the publication and the date of publication of the article should be put down.

Membership in organizations

This item is included in the CV-document or resume as needed. If the applicant is a member of any party or organization, he must indicate this fact. For example:

  • Russian Association of Teachers and Educators – Russian Association of Teachers and Educators;
  • Krasnoyarsk Sports Association Krasnoyarsk Sports Association.


This paragraph of the resume tells about the applicant as a person outside of work. But this does not mean that it is necessary to write I like to draw — «I like to draw» or Sometimes I play the guitar — «I sometimes play the guitar.» The following information will seem much more interesting to a potential boss.

  • Journeys. I traveled throughout North America in search of new material for the study of mental and religious practices.

    Travels. Traveled throughout North America in search of new material for the study of mental and religious practices.

  • Volunteering over the animals. I am engaged in the rescue of animals who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

    Volunteering with animals. I am engaged in the rescue of animals that find themselves in a difficult life situation.

No need to paint your hobbies for 10 pages. Nobody will read them. Well, before entering certain types of hobbies, you need to think, because your favorite hobbies should have a close connection with the desired position.


This section shows that different people can vouch for an applicant. If the list consists of 2-33 people, then the chances of getting the desired position increase several times.


Having dealt with the intricacies of filling out CVs for foreign companies, it remains only to consider a few well-written resumes. Ready-made examples can be used as a template, the main thing is to enter only the correct information into the sections:

  • a simple and understandable summary that does not cause additional questions;
  • a very impressive resume for a teaching position;
  • a bright CV-document with which you can go to a creative foreign agency.

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