About the profession of a firefighter

Everyone who is going to choose this profession in the future or for some reason would like to change the type of activity and learn a new specialty needs to know everything about the profession of a fireman.


People have long extinguished fires and bonfires, because there was a need for this. So one way or another, in ancient times, all men had to have the skills of a fireman in order to protect their homes and fellow tribesmen. But it is believed that the profession of a fireman officially appeared on April 30, 1649. It is on this day that all firefighters celebrate their professional holiday. Although there is information that officially the first fire brigade was formed in 1504. The characteristics of this profession are very extensive, firefighters are not only those who directly go to calls and fight fires in buildings, go to extinguish fires in forests and reserves. They are also rescuers who participate in the liquidation of emergencies associated with fire, they are able to provide first aid and organize searches in hard-to-reach places, if necessary.

There are other specialists who are not directly involved in extinguishing fires or various kinds of emergencies. Their activities are related to the development of documents that control the basics of fire safety, they control various organizations and institutions, make sure that everything is in order, and if there are certain violations, so that they are promptly and completely eliminated, since life and health of people working in a particular institution. This is the kind of activity that a fire safety specialist or a fire supervision specialist is engaged in.

These people know everything about how fire exits should be arranged, where fire extinguishers should be located, how to design evacuation exits and other important points.

This is just that rare profession, the pros and cons of which are very conditional. And here the whole point is that a simple layman will see a lot of minuses here, here they are:

  • daily risk;
  • danger of serious injury;
  • nervous tension;
  • psychological trauma associated with situations when you have to deal with other people’s tragedies;
  • often irregular working hours and the need to always be ready to go to the scene of the tragedy;
  • constant physical and emotional stress;
  • the need to always be in very good physical shape and constant training.

All these disadvantages, of course, are taken into account by those who have chosen this profession. But at the same time, they choose it precisely because they are people of a special temperament with their own specific worldview, and they see advantages in this work:

  • the opportunity to come to the rescue and save someone’s life;
  • satisfaction from the fact that it was possible to avoid casualties and successfully eliminate emergency situations;
  • the opportunity to move up the career ladder and become a specialist in their field;
  • in addition, qualified firefighters receive good remuneration for their work, have various benefits;
  • retirement is carried out much earlier compared to people with civilian specialties.

What is the difference between the concepts?

For some, there is no difference at all between the concepts of “firefighter” and “firefighter”, others understand and are aware that the word “firefighter” is an exclusively colloquial option, and it is only correct to say “fireman” and nothing else. Meanwhile, there is a huge difference between these two concepts, and it is better to catch it right away, so as not to get into an awkward situation later. People of this profession can treat such an inappropriate use of the word “fireman” with humor, but they can also be offended. Here everything depends on the person. But it is believed that for representatives of this profession the name «fireman» is simply insulting.

For a long time, this word was understood to mean a variety of meanings, so they could call a person who suffered in a fire, and even someone who, taking advantage of the tragedy of others, could steal something during a fire. Besides, so called and people who organized voluntary squads.

Be that as it may, this word is inappropriate when talking with a person who has chosen this profession, is engaged in his business at a high level and not only saves property engulfed in fire, but also human lives.

Job description

The set of rules and responsibilities for these people is very extensive. But there are basic things that can be distinguished in order to understand what awaits a person who decides to connect life with such a profession. It must be a very well thought out decision.


In addition to the fact that firefighters fight fires and save people, they also do other work that is associated with ordinary everyday life. Let’s take a look at the main responsibilities.

  • The fireman is obliged to ensure that his uniform and uniform are in perfect order, and he is always ready to go to the call.
  • On alarm, he must meet the allotted time and be ready to go to the rescue.
  • The firefighter is doing all sorts of ways to save people. He does not leave the place of ignition until the fire is completely localized.
  • He takes part in all training and exercises that take place on the territory of the fire station, and also takes part in events, contests and competitions where you need to protect the honor of the team.
  • This specialist must know all the rules for working with the necessary equipment and be able to put the experience into practice.
  • An important point is to be able to provide first aid to the victim before the arrival of an ambulance.
  • Mandatory events are regular medical examinations, which allow you to monitor your health and timely identify problems and, if possible, eliminate them.
  • A firefighter must be in good physical shape, constantly train and pass all the required standards.

A responsibility

The main thing for which this person is responsible is for the property and lives of people. These aspects are in the performance of their work. It comes with great risk. But if a firefighter feels that performing certain actions is dangerous to his life, he has no right to leave the scene or stop fighting the fire and searching for injured people. He is responsible for his actions, and in this work it is especially important.

The fire inspector, for example, is responsible for all paperwork and permits issued. If he turns a blind eye to certain shortcomings and issues permits for the operation of an object that is not ready in terms of fire safety, the responsibility in the event of death of people will also lie with the inspector.


A firefighter has the right to be provided with everything necessary for successful work: uniforms, uniforms, means of communication. He also has the right to timely receipt of wages, annual leave. He is provided with paid travel to the place of rest or treatment once a year. Upon reaching retirement age and the required hours worked, a firefighter may retire and leave the service.

He has the right to participate in all activities organized to improve his skills and improve his skills. He can also receive training at the expense of the organization, if required.

In the event of difficult situations in the process of work and other stressful situations, a firefighter has the right to receive the help of a psychologist who must be in the fire department.

Personal qualities

The profession of a firefighter is fraught with various difficulties and, possibly, overcoming oneself. Therefore, it must be a person of a certain type of character. First of all, he must be courageous, decisive, be able to make the right decisions very quickly and implement them. This is the person who is not afraid to take responsibility in an extreme situation and act according to the situation. Very often there are situations that do not fit into any set of rules. It is at these moments that the fireman must turn on his intuition, which must be developed at a fairly high level. Not only good athletic training and physical endurance are necessary, but also mental balance. A large number of tragedies that often occur before the eyes of this person cannot but leave a trace in the soul. But you need to be able to abstract every time, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to do your job.

But at the same time, such qualities as the ability to support a person in difficult times and reassure a person are also extremely important when doing work, since it often happens that it is the fireman who arrives at the scene of the incident who is the only one who can support a person and provide him with medical, and moral support.

Of course, then there will be medical assistance, and psychological, if necessary, but the first person is always a firefighter. To provide full assistance to the victim and calm him down, you need to have certain talents and be a bit of a psychologist yourself.


If the desire to become a fireman has matured at school, then it is worth paying attention to the exact sciences, which primarily include mathematics and physics. You should not exclude such subjects as the Russian language, history and social studies from your area of ​​\u200b\u200binterest. In addition, it is worth paying attention to physical fitness. In addition to the usual physical education lessons, classes in various sections will not be superfluous at all, where you can work out various useful skills that will be useful in the future. There are also special classes for those who are definitely going to go to college in the future and get the profession of a firefighter. Education in these classes presupposes familiarity with the profession. Schoolchildren can learn the basics of firefighting, get acquainted with the equipment, learn how to provide first aid. After school, you can go to a college or institute to get the right qualification, for example, it can be a fire and rescue college in St. Petersburg or a technical fire and rescue college in Moscow.

There is a chance to enter an institute, where you can also get the necessary knowledge or improve existing ones. These may be institutions such as the Russian State Geological Prospecting University. Sergo Ordzhonikidze in Moscow, Polytechnic University in Moscow, North-Eastern Federal University. M. K. Ammosov in Yakutsk, Polytechnic University in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. If you wish, in almost every city you can find the educational institution that will allow you to get the necessary education, all that remains is to improve your skills in special centers and gain experience in the process of work. From the first days, no one will send a beginner to a particularly difficult fire until the person is ready for this. Constantly in the process of study, special attention should be paid to health and physical fitness. Therefore, constant training should become a habit.

Place of work

A firefighter is a profession that will be in demand always and everywhere. In addition to the fact that large enterprises have their own fire departments, these specialists work in the detachments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, specialized fire departments, forest aviation protection, where they guard and protect the forest from fires, and in case of trouble they extinguish fires.

You can get a job in educational centers. A firefighter does more than put out fires and save people. Often he goes to schools with lectures and practical exercises, where he teaches children the most important skills and reminds them how to behave in the forest and what to do in case of a fire. Preventive work is extremely important today, when the number of fires is increasing day by day precisely because of the negligent attitude of man to the environment.


These specialists are in high demand in Russia. There is no such settlement where firefighters would not be needed. At the same time, the salary can vary greatly depending on the region, organization, education and experience of the employee. The level of salary also depends on the bonuses associated with the rank and length of service, additional work shifts. Therefore, it is possible to judge only approximately.

For example, the salary of a firefighter with some experience in Moscow and St. Petersburg can be 40-50 thousand rubles, in the Irkutsk region this figure can be about 30 thousand rubles. A novice specialist at first will not receive more than 25 thousand rubles. But there is always something to strive for — to gain experience, receive titles, accumulate experience and remain true to your profession.

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