05 September 2022, 13:13

No one doubts that if you don’t get enough sleep at night, the day will be simply terrible. But who knew that everything was so bad, eh?


A bad sleep makes us irritable the next morning. But new research confirms that even losing just one hour of healthy sleep can cause you to behave very badly towards others the next day. To be more precise, the very next morning after a sleepless night you will show selfish tendencies and even become more hostile than usual.

What kind of research?

The study was conducted by the University of California at Berkeley. It turned out that the lack of an hour or more of sleep can lead to a significant decrease in the desire to help loved ones, friends and just people around. Okay, now science has actually confirmed that not getting enough sleep can make you mean.

Sleep loss acts as a trigger for antisocial behavior, reducing people’s innate desire to help one another. In a sense, the less you sleep, the less social and more selfish you become«, — says the co-author of the study, Professor Matthew Walker.

Or, in simple words, the less you sleep, the more cranky you become.

How did you come to this conclusion? To do this, the team of researchers observed 160 participants and also asked them how willing they were to help others in various social scenarios. Their answers were checked again after the participants had slept for a certain number of hours. It turned out that the desire to help other people decreases by 78% if a person does not get enough sleep before doing so.

The participants also had their brains scanned. It turned out that short sleep is associated with reduced activity of the social cognitive network of the brain. It is in the area that helps us to be social and make friends.


Research conclusions

Lack of sleep, as it turned out, worsened the desire to help others. And it did not depend on who asked for help — a loved one or a stranger. Sleep time that has been lost causes antisocial behavior that has wide-ranging effects.

In addition, the team observed that after switching the clocks to summer time, the number of charitable donations usually drops by 10%. This, of course, hardly applies to Ukrainians, because we can collect for anything — even for Bayraktar, even for a satellite, even for transformers and the Hulk — just to make the invaders very sad (by the way, have you already informed the Armed Forces today?) . But let’s get back to the research.

Scientists have suggested that chronic lack of sleep can be such a serious problem that it can damage a person’s social connections.

Given the importance of humans maintaining cooperative civilized societies, as well as the significant loss of sleep time over the past fifty years, the implications of these discoveries are of great importance for how we shape the society in which we want to live.«, Professor Walker emphasized.

A solid argument in favor of getting a good night’s sleep today?

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