Review of new modern professions

The emergence of new technologies invariably leads to the emergence of new professions in various fields. Every year, the demand for specialists, who until recently could only be seen in popular science films, is growing more and more.

Modern professions in the world

The popular occupations of the industrial age are being phased out. The development of technology requires specialists who can work with various programs and equipment. So, which of the new professions have appeared in our country over the past few years, and which have been around for a long time?


The profession of a programmer is one of the most demanded and highly paid in our country due to the rapid development of information technology. Briefly describe the activity, a programmer is usually a person who creates the source code for video games, operating systems or applications in a mobile phone.

The task of the programmer is to develop a code consisting of words and symbols. At present, there are more than a hundred programming languages. However, a person who wants to devote his future to this profession does not have to be familiar with each of them.

For to be in demand as a specialist, it is enough to know the most popular languages: JavaScript, C, C++, Python, PHP, Objective-C. The choice of language will directly depend on the task set by the client.

For example, mobile phone applications and games are written in Java. PHP and Python are often used to create online stores.

There are three specializations in the programming profession.

  1. Applied Programmers. They are engaged in the development of programs and applications: computer games, office services, instant messengers and many others.
  2. Systemic. They develop operating systems, which include the well-known Android and iOS.
  3. Web programmers. Their main task is to create sites and programs that support them.

You can now learn this profession at the university. In this case, you must choose one of two areas: «Computer Science and Computer Engineering» or «Information Security». You can also learn programming by taking special retraining courses.


The emergence of a market economy gradually led to the emergence of a new profession. A marketer is a person who studies the consumer market.

The task of a marketer is to evaluate the product that has appeared on the market. He must make a forecast whether he will be in demand among buyers. If not, then for what reason.

Further, a marketing specialist must offer the client ways to promote his product, that is, in other words, he must build a sales system that would bring profit to the company in the future.

The marketer performs the following tasks:

  • searches for the target audience that needs this product;
  • gives an assessment of the actions of competitors;
  • carefully studies the preferences of customers;
  • builds a sales system;
  • controls the work of copywriters, designers and brand managers working with him in the same team.

To learn to be a marketer, you need to focus on one of three areas: «Economics», «Management» or «Sociology».

You can get a job as a marketer in any advertising company or in an enterprise where there is a marketing department.

Cyber ​​Security Specialist

This profession, which appeared on the market quite recently, in just a few years entered the top ten most demanded in the world. The goal of any cyberattack is to attempt to gain access to a computer system or network. This is the only way hackers can see the details of a bank card, passport, or steal information classified as “top secret”.

Currently, cyber attacks represent one of the most dangerous threats for any enterprise and even the whole country.

This is largely due to the high level of software development. If earlier programmers built a program from scratch, now there are many so-called frameworks. So: a hacker, having gained access to one of these third-party libraries, can immediately take possession of the data of thousands of Internet resources.

The cybersecurity professional must:

  • develop a special information security system;
  • analyze all possible risks of information leakage;
  • write critical sections of code.

In other words, the person holding this position in the company is a high-level programmer. He must know well the reverse side of new technologies appearing on the market.

Interface designer

Interface designer — a specialist who develops the interface of the site. It should provide convenient navigation through the Internet site so that its future visitor does not get confused in an endless number of links.

A person who decides to associate himself with this work activity must first of all have a good analytical mind, because it depends on him whether the client wants to use a mobile application or website.

A good specialist in this field should:

  • always anticipate the actions of future customers;
  • develop custom scenarios;
  • be able to present promotional materials on a sheet of paper;
  • distinguishing a successful design from an unsuccessful one;
  • test the finished site;
  • be able to create infographics;
  • know the technology of creating an Internet resource.

This profession, unfortunately, has not yet received a wide demand in the Russian market. Often, the duties of an interface designer are performed by a programmer or web designer. Therefore, in the universities of our country, those wishing to study for this specialty will not be able to find separate programs. In order to become an interface designer, you need to master the profession of a programmer or web designer.

IT medic

The emergence of IT-medicine was facilitated primarily by the increase in the population of our planet. Another reason was the lack of qualified medical care in third world countries. The increase in life expectancy has naturally led to an increase in chronic diseases among the elderly population. Therefore, in all polyclinics of our country, one can observe long queues in front of the offices, consisting mainly of pensioners.

A difficult task fell on the shoulders of doctors — processing a huge amount of data. Therefore, more and more doctors resort to the help of modern technologies.

The task of an IT physician is to develop a medical database. In addition, he creates software for medical devices. In the near future, people will be able to complain about their health online. And the service will prescribe treatment for them literally in a matter of seconds.

A person who decides to become an IT doctor must have basic knowledge in the field of programming. His daily tasks include the development of special programs. He also needs to have a medical education in order to make the correct diagnoses.

SEO Specialist

A profession that also relatively recently appeared on the Russian market. The main task of any SEO specialist is to develop the right sequence of actions, thanks to which the site can be on the top lines of search engines. For example, it is important for the owner of an online store of hockey equipment that his site always ranks on the top line of Yandex. To do this, he needs to contact a person who will promote the store for the queries “buy hockey equipment” and “hockey equipment price”.

The main task of site owners is to acquire a high rating among numerous Internet users. Therefore, a competent SEO specialist will never be left without work. Moreover, it is suitable for quick earnings, because income is made up of orders.

Those wishing to work in this field must have the following skills:

  • be fluent in English;
  • know programming languages ​​HTML, CSS;
  • be familiar with the content management system;
  • be able to work with a large amount of information;
  • know the features of search engines.

At the moment, Russian universities cannot train a full-fledged specialist in the field of SEO. Therefore, those who want to master this profession are recommended to take special courses.


A bioengineer is a specialist who develops effective methods in the field of medicine. People in this position work with living organisms and apply the latest technology to solve their problems. They are directly involved in the creation of medical devices, based on interdisciplinary knowledge.

Experts in this field consider their main goal to deepen existing knowledge in the field of engineering and medicine. Bioengineers apply a technical approach to the task of improving human health.

One of the main achievements of this scientific field is the creation of artificial joints. Also, thanks to bioengineering, computed resonance imaging was born. At the same time, bioengineers are also found in horticulture. The tasks include the development of new varieties.

The main qualities that a bioengineer should possess:

  • analytical mind;
  • love for natural science.

In Russia, the training of specialists in the field of bioengineering is carried out by Moscow State University, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and a number of other well-known universities. Applicants who wish to acquire this profession choose the direction «Biology».


In Russia, this profession has existed for more than thirty years. Literally translated, the manager means «leader» or «manager». A manager working in a large organization directs the work of employees. Different industry structures need such specialists:

  • construction and production;
  • heavy and light industry;
  • transport;
  • financial.

The manager’s tasks include:

  • planning the activities of employees;
  • solving commercial problems;
  • control over the activities of employees of the enterprise;
  • providing an incentive system for employees;
  • sales organization.

Depending on the job functions, managers are divided into several levels: lower, middle and high. Low-level professionals manage a small group of people and work with them to complete a given task. Middle managers oversee sales and advertising. And finally, a top-level specialist usually holds the position of commercial director.

Managers are trained in almost every major university in the country. Applicants usually choose the specialty «Management» or «International Management».


A cosmetologist is a specialist in the field of beauty, who cares for the skin of the face and body, is engaged in their treatment and restoration. Usually this profession is suitable for people who value accuracy and cleanliness.

For to work as a cosmetologist in spas and beauty salons, it is not necessary to have a higher education. However, those who decide to become a good, sought-after specialist need to graduate from at least a medical college.

It is a mistake to think that beauty professionals are only concerned with eliminating skin problems. They identify the root cause of the changes and prescribe comprehensive procedures to eliminate them.

The beautician performs the following procedures:

  • treats acne and lesions from ticks and fungus;
  • removes warts and moles;
  • eliminates developmental anomalies;
  • is constantly fighting against age-related changes in the skin of the face.

You can learn to be a cosmetologist in courses organized at medical colleges. At the Medical University, future cosmetologists choose the direction «General Medicine». At the end of the main course, they enter the residency in the specialty «Dermatovenereology».

Drone operator (UAV)

Unmanned aerial vehicles are a rather young invention. In our country, such a profession as a drone operator became relevant in 2017. Drones are widely used in the modern world. However, there are still very few professionals who know how to operate unmanned vehicles.

The tasks of the drone operator include:

  • preparation of the apparatus for flight;
  • route development;
  • monitoring the technical condition of the drone;
  • processing of received digital data;
  • filling out documents.

A person who decides to control a drone must have well-developed fine motor skills. He must have an analytical mind and be able to find a quick solution in critical situations.

In Russia, the profession of a drone operator has acquired official status quite recently. Therefore, people who have received an education in the field of aviation are offered to take retraining courses. Young people who want to become professionals in this field must first graduate from a flight school. It is worth noting that upon admission, attention is paid not only to subject training, but also to physical culture.


In addition to the above, there are also top 4 professions of the 21st century.

  • Web Designer. Responsible for the development of the external appearance of the site. Must not only have artistic skills, but also have at least a basic understanding of the work in different programs. The main qualities that distinguish a web designer are extraordinary creative thinking and love for the work being done.
  • Internet coach. Another profession that is actively developing in our country. A coach is a person who consults people online. The only thing that is required in personnel services from a specialist hired is to be a true professional in any field of activity. For example, if a person wants to teach English via Skype, he needs to be fluent in English.
  • Event manager. «Holiday Man» is another name for this far from boring profession. The fact is that an event manager is a specialist who organizes various types of events: from weddings to corporate parties in a narrow circle.
  • Copywriter. Specialist in writing texts to order. All the information that people see and read on the sites is created thanks to their industrious pen.

Naturally, all the professions that are in demand in society are at the same time monetary ones, since competition provokes an increase in wages.

What appeared in Russia?

Such professions as manager, cosmetologist, SEO-specialist, programmer and marketer have long appeared and are well «accustomed» in our country. Specialists in the field of cybersecurity, bioengineering and IT medicine are also gaining more and more popularity every day. But as for interface designers, they are actively trying to be replaced by programmers and web developers.

Let’s imagine a list of professions that have appeared in our country quite recently, but will be relevant for many years to come:

  • SMM specialist;
  • targetologist;
  • genetic consultant;
  • ecoanalyst in construction;
  • creative states coach;
  • game practitioner.

Training for many modern professions is offered only in the form of additional courses.

Which are the most in demand?

One of the most sought-after professions at the moment is a programmer and a specialist in the field of cybersecurity. Demand for them, as a rule, largely exceeds supply. This is due to the wide development of the field of information technology.

Perhaps in the near future a number of completely new professions will appear, for the development of which it will be necessary to create separate faculties.

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