Goal setting techniques

People live on Earth for a reason. Each of us has a goal and invariably goes to it. It does not happen that you wake up in the morning and you have no thoughts about what you will do next. In any case, in order to take a shower and have breakfast, you will first need to plan these actions, and only then execute them. Have you considered this information? Then continue studying it.

Why is it necessary?

A person gets used to setting various life goals and tasks from childhood. Goal setting is a familiar process for many of us. Have any of you thought about these questions: “Why do we set goals and can these goals change our life and make it much better?”. A person must know the answer to the question of what he wants to get from life. If he never thought about such a question, then he will end up with nothing. The life of any individual without setting goals will become very boring and meaningless. And no one will argue that the achievement of any goal brings a person joy from this process. It must be remembered that after completing the task, a person receives certain material benefits.

However, goals are also set by the person who lives unconsciously and does not try to earn money. For example, he watches TV from morning to evening and drinks beer. This subject also has a goal, and it is to do nothing. Other personalities often talk about what they would like to have if there were some sudden change in their lives. Thus, they do not rely on specific goals, but are engaged in theory. A science like psychology says that you should not be afraid to set precise goals. Moreover, it is necessary to clearly formulate the tasks, and then they will lead to success.

In the same time some people say that setting goals is a futile exercise, since everything in our life depends on circumstances, and life is full of obstacles. Why set goals when your wish can come true anyway? All you have to do is wait a bit and you’ll be all set. However, at the same time, it must be remembered that “without difficulty you cannot take out even a fish from a pond.”

If you do nothing, you will get nothing. The only result of such an expectation will be depression and negative emotions.

Remember that a person who sets goals almost never gets depressed, as he is sorry to waste time on empty moaning. He perceives his failures not as fatal bad luck, but as an occasion to work a little more on himself and on achieving his intentions. So why should you set goals?

  • To control the situation. If you get into an unforeseen story and you don’t have a goal, then you will only hope for “maybe”. If you have a goal, you can easily quickly find a way out of this situation.
  • To have meaning in life. Goal setting gives it. When you know exactly which direction you’re heading in, you can get to your destination fairly quickly. For example, you went to look for a fashion store. Before you leave the house, you will find out the exact address of the object. If this is not done, then you can go around a huge number of streets without meeting the object you need.
  • To clearly know what you really want to get. Only then will you stop dreaming and start acting.
  • To correctly calculate their strength. Don’t take on things that you can’t handle. In doing so, you must be guided by enthusiasm. This will help you not to stop halfway and move on.
  • To not be afraid. Goals that are considered unattainable may only seem so at first glance. If you are afraid that you will not master your goal, then start with small actions. Perhaps this way you can understand that your goal is quite within reach.
  • To fulfill oneself and reach a certain level. In this way you can get rid of the routine existence.

Areas of human life for goal setting

There may be a large number of them. And most importantly — it all depends on your needs. An individual can set different goals for himself. For example, it will be enough for a sick person to be cured, and he will be happy. Another person needs to build a house, and he too will receive full satisfaction from life. For most graduates, admission to a university for a free department will be a real gift of fate.

However, there are also individuals who will each time set new goals for themselves after achieving the old ones. For example, people who work in the financial industry can change their minds every time they want to make even more profit. Therefore, you need to set goals based on your personal desires and needs. In this case, do not look at other people. If you repeat after those you envy, you will not be able to realize yourself and become a very unhappy person.

And remember that jealousy is not good. Such a feeling can bring any person to degradation and depression.

Basic Rules

There are people who feel like their lives are going in circles. All this is due to the fact that they do not have clear goals and objectives. Therefore, the main requirement is the development of principles and tools for the goal to be achieved. So, let’s move on to a direct consideration of the tools that will allow you to live by certain rules.

  • You need to identify goals that will motivate you. At the same time, it is important that on the way to them you carry out priority tasks first, and only then all the others. Therefore, write on paper why this particular goal is a priority for you.
  • Make your goals specific and measurable. If the goal is unclear and generalized, then it will not be achieved. As a result, you will lose time and sink into depression.
  • To reinforce your goal, write it down (the most creative people might even draw the end result). Thus, you can significantly bring the time of fulfillment of your intentions closer. In order for everything to work out, write your goals in an affirmative form, namely: “I will buy a car of such and such a brand and such and such color.” In no case should you write like this: “I wish I could buy a car of such and such a color and brand.”
  • Drawing up an action plan — these are the criteria that you must rely on always and everywhere.
  • And of course, stick to the plan.

You can also make a checklist. What it is? In simple terms, this is a guide to action. By and large, a checklist is a step-by-step action plan recorded on a voice recorder or on a smartphone. For example, for a cook, this may be a recipe for preparing a dish. However, the checklist may not contain clear actions. For example, grocery shopping can be spontaneous.

The most common type of checklist is one that describes the order of steps that will lead to a goal. There are also emergencies. For them, a special kind of such lists is used.

Remember that checklists help build discipline. Thus, checklists allow you to free up a person’s RAM and significantly increase productivity.


It is easy to achieve any goal when you develop a certain algorithm for setting it. In this case, your dreams and desires can turn into a clear and conscious intention. For greater confidence, namely the confidence that you are moving in the right direction, you need to write down all your intentions in a special notebook. The formulation of goals contributes to the active work of the brain, and thereby the final result is achieved. This will help you with special technologies and techniques that contribute to the division of goals into short-term and long-term.

Short term

Such goals are needed so that a person has a specific and thoughtful plan that will be implemented within a short time. Short-term plans are easy to fulfill due to their availability, as a person always knows what he will be doing in the near future. By the way, planning your future day is very useful both for career growth and for housekeeping. Simply put, both housewives and even businessmen need such plans. And here’s why: when a person knows in advance what he has to do the next day, he psychologically prepares himself for this. In addition, short-term planning brings up self-discipline in the individual and sets him up for business. With proper planning of your time, a person does not go with the flow, but performs his actions clearly and without errors.

How to set short term goals? For their setting, it is best to use a diary or even a school diary. By the way, the last option is very convenient. Filling in the lines of the diary may be incomplete. Everything here will depend on your employment. Short-term goals include those that will help you make contact with strangers and find the right connections that will help solve a large number of issues. For example, for starters, you can even create your own website and express your position, as well as share your experience with other users. Short-term goals include meeting a girl or a guy.

Also here you can include such an item as tailoring a dress or buying fashionable shoes. As you can see, in this case everything will depend on the desires and needs of the person.

Long term

Such goals are set for at least a year. At first glance, it may seem that setting long-term goals is inappropriate, since these are more like wishes. For example, if you ask a person about the distant future, he can only talk about his dreams. Nevertheless, a person must always have an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat he will do in the boundless future. This is necessary in order to properly distribute your efforts and perspectives to achieve your goals.

For example, a tenth grade student is already planning his life for two years ahead. During this time, in order to achieve his goals, he will need to graduate from school and enter a university. The same can be said about students. Having entered the university, they will study there for five years. And what will happen next? Any student will answer this question that he will find a job and will move further up the career ladder. It should be noted that such long-term plans in most cases are of a standard nature.

However, it is important to keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances happen in our life. An example can be given when plans suddenly change. For example, a girl got married. Her plans to graduate are joined by others, such as the birth of a child, etc. Sometimes long-term plans can change against your will. For example, an accident may occur or, conversely, some joyful event. From this we can conclude that long-term plans must be built, but at the same time one important thing must be taken into account — to make allowances for unforeseen circumstances. Long-term plans should remind you of what you would like to achieve in life.

Global goals are very attractive. If you set yourself the goal of becoming a millionaire in 10 years, you will go towards this goal and force yourself to work.

Long term plans must be feasible. Then you will know for sure that you can fulfill the condition set for yourself.

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