How to change your life for the better?

Every person dreams of filling his soul with happiness and joy. The desire for well-being often prompts a person to reconsider their own views, the desire to act. But how to achieve the desired goal?

Basic Rules for Changing Life

In psychology, some rules are described that will radically change your life.

Start your day with gratitude for the years, hours, minutes that have been given to you. Appreciate every moment. Don’t give in to laziness and fear. It takes a lot of effort to change your life for the better. Some habits and actions will have to be abandoned, and some, on the contrary, accepted. Do not be afraid of obstacles and obstacles that appear on the way. Get over them. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Believe in your strengths, goals and your own wisdom. Focus on your capabilities, not your limitations. Optimism contributes to the normalization of the psychological, physical and emotional state. Positive thoughts charge a person with positive energy. Learn to accept yourself the way you are.

Get rid of the burden of memories and negative thoughts. Don’t waste days and years ruminating about your weaknesses and past negative experiences. Concentrate on the current moment. Learn to enjoy life here and now. Enjoy the events taking place in your life. Don’t wait for an exceptional case.

Appreciate your uniqueness. Stop belittling yourself and your dignity. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. To find spiritual harmony, you must fully accept yourself, your inner core. Tune in to vitality and happiness.

By loving yourself, other people and the world around you, you can improve your psychological state.

When a person treats work and people with love, he achieves great success in any business. His life is changing for the better, because it acquires new wonderful colors.

Don’t get emotional. Your feelings may not reflect the real state of affairs. The reality may be quite different. Decisions initiated by dialogues and conclusions should not be made in a fit of feelings. Analyze the situation on the «cooled» head. Stop focusing on important nuances, stop acting on assumptions. Wrong assumptions often lead to wrong decisions. Hasty conclusions spoil relationships with others.

Don’t impose your rules on anyone. This is how you push people away. If they do not want to live at your behest, you get irritated and nervous, and they develop an opinion about you as a boring and overly self-confident person.

Stop dramatizing things. It is not necessary to inflate small troubles into a real tragedy. Focus on the positives. Focus your attention on inner happiness. Some situations should not be taken too seriously. Look at them without too much tension. Get rid of stress, fear and aggression.

Where to begin?

A new life should begin with the study of your life. Think about what you don’t like about your lifestyle. Record on a piece of paper your shortcomings to be eliminated. To the right of each item, write down the desired result.

In fact, it is very difficult to change the habitual way of life. To do this, you need to get rid of negative emotions, painful thoughts, stressful conditions, your own fears. A woman needs to find strength in herself so that during the day she does not use phrases like “how tired I am of everything”, “I was so exhausted during the day”, “I would rather end the working day”, “I am completely exhausted”. Control your thoughts and actions. Get rid of negative thoughts. Direct your thought process in a positive direction. The thought is material.

You can always change your personal settings. To do this, you need to create an individual program. Planning specific actions that improve the quality of life increases the likelihood of realizing your intentions. You should not set many goals at once, as accomplishing them en masse will have less chance of success. Keep a diary. Record various events, analyze them.

First you need to master one new habit — and move to a new level of life. After achieving this goal, develop a specific plan for acquiring other positive qualities. For example, in a month you managed to completely remove obscene language from your speech. Once you feel that the new behavior has become automatic, you can move on to the next step. This may be getting rid of smoking or addiction to sweets.

Learn to hear yourself. Start contemplating your true desires.

What do you really want? How do you want to achieve it? Define your life values. Get your priorities right. Decide on your goals, make a plan. Record your results. Don’t let those around you confuse you.

Go your own way. Leave your comfort zone without fear. Many do not want to leave the usual peaceful state. In comfort, the degradation of the individual occurs. Difficulties and obstacles develop the flexibility of nature. Performing unusual actions leads to good performance.

Be prepared for any outcome. Things may not go according to plan. Be calm about surprises. Consider options for the development of the situation. Be flexible and adapt to changes in time. Diversify your everyday life, bring new colors to them, introduce interesting ideas that can change current events for the better.

Keep discipline. Complete all scheduled activities on time. Be honest with those around you. Pay all bills on time, don’t drive yourself into debt. Don’t procrastinate on things. They will be a heavy burden to hang on the soul, which will be a great obstacle to happiness.

Learn to manage your time. Start and end your day right. Go to bed on time and only in a good mood. Before going to bed, do not sort things out with relatives, neighbors and friends.

Expand your horizons. Read fiction and educational literature. Learn foreign languages. Attend various trainings, seminars and other interesting events. Find opportunities to improve your intellectual level. Make your brain work. Analysis of one’s own and others’ experience helps to move forward. Go to museums, theaters, exhibitions and tours. Travel across different cities and countries.

Keep yourself always in shape. Go in for sports. Start with morning exercises, do squats and push-ups from the floor. On winter mornings, you can go for a run in the fresh air. In the summer heat, it is better to refrain from running.

Provide yourself with a complete balanced diet. Eliminate carbonated drinks, chips, sausages and other unhealthy foods from your diet. Gradually move on to eating healthy foods. Do not force yourself, do not exhaust with diets and starvation.


Self Therapy Begins with the preparation of the daily routine. It is necessary to paint the upcoming days literally by the minute. Include in the plan all the proposed actions: nutrition, exercise, household chores, work or school. Stick to it. Try to fully implement all ideas. Only an emergency situation can make adjustments to the planned events. Don’t waste a single second. When a person feels that his day is not lived in vain, his soul is filled with joy and happiness.

Look for your «I». To this end, it is necessary to free oneself from infantilism and illusions. Do not let them manipulate you, always defend your personal opinion, make your own decisions. Don’t close your eyes to problems. Eliminate family troubles, improve relationships with others, resolve conflict situations, resolve financial difficulties. Learn to take responsibility. No matter how painful and painful the decision is given to you, you must make a choice.

Everyday emotional difficulties, depression, phobias and other negative manifestations can be dealt with with the help of some exercises aimed at becoming aware of their own problems, reassessing personal attitudes and achieving the necessary changes. For example, for a week, write down positive things that make you feel good in a notebook. After 7 days, read the entire list. Spend another week writing down all your negative traits and fears. Look for a way to eradicate them. During the third week, record in your notebook only the positive moments and the methods you have chosen to eliminate negative emotions and feelings.

To increase vitality, the ability to enjoy every day, psychologists suggest taking a number of actions.

Drawing up instructions

The best way to achieve your goal is to write down an ordered list of your desires on a piece of paper. Plan your activities. Each item on the list can be presented in the form of a table. For example, 4 column headings might look like this:

  1. obstacles;
  2. what can help;
  3. necessary actions;
  4. Expected Result.

Filling in the columns is carried out individually by each person. You can keep the usual records of your mistakes and achievements in a blog or diary.

Set up for the best result

Set yourself up for the positive. Do not be discouraged and do not give up under any circumstances. You always need to believe in a favorable outcome of events. Avoid any skirmishes with people: quarrels, conflicts, disputes. Look for a compromise solution in difficult situations.

Rejoice in the little things, pay attention to the pleasant moments. Let go of all negative feelings. Don’t blame yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. The past cannot be changed. Accept the situation and move forward. Use past experience to improve your future life. May it serve as a good lesson for you.

Unnecessary and bad habits

Any person can immediately list their weaknesses. Someone is used to using obscene words in his speech, the other is not keeping his own promises, being lazy, biting his nails, going to bed very late, overeating, and the like. Any person will always find something to get rid of in the first place..

Harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs lead the subject to spiritual and physical death. They contribute to the destruction of brain cells, deterioration of the functioning of internal organs and blood vessels. Only in the event of a complete rejection of them, the body will be replenished with strength and positive energy, and the quality of life will improve significantly. Negative dependencies must be replaced by good inclinations.

Review your actions, include the desired habits in your personal plan for joyful changes.

Openness to people

You can not avoid communication with your relatives, friends, colleagues and other people. They are able to support you in difficult times, cheer you up, lift your spirit with their presence. It is not necessary to share with all personal experiences and problems. Communicate more often with people. Just spend time with them, talk. The world from this will be saturated with new bright colors.

An optimistic person attracts good people to him like a magnet. Review your surroundings. Whiners and pessimists hinder the process of personal development. Rid yourself of communication with envious, angry, gloomy, eternally dissatisfied or simply unpleasant people. Take care of the environment with positive, interesting and kind people.

Interests and hobbies

Do what you love. Some people like to read, others like to play sports, learn foreign languages, take pictures, sing, dance, sew, knit, embroider, cook different dishes, draw, decorate furniture or carpentry. Make more time for your hobbies. Over time, they can bring you not only pleasure, but also income.

Any hobby can be turned into a main job.

Psychologist’s advice

Accept people for who they are. Do not try to change them and adjust for yourself. Every person is unique. Enjoy the company of people. Treat them the way you would like others to treat you.

Be selfless individuals. Share your love, kindness, warmth and care with others. But stop any attempts to take advantage of your good attitude, do not let anyone sit on your neck. Know how to refuse others in order to save yourself from unnecessary and useless deeds. Don’t make commitments that you can’t fulfill. Learn to say “no” at the right time.

Be realistic, don’t compete with others. Achieving what you want should depend on your needs, and not on the desire to prove something to someone. Set realistic goals for yourself, consider your own skills and abilities.

Don’t gossip. Do not collect false information from unverified sources. If you want to know something about a person, ask him directly. Do not listen to various conjectures and do not spread them yourself.

Don’t judge people. Try to understand their actions. If you disagree with their opinion, offer them an alternative. Forgive yourself and those around you. By doing this, you free yourself from stress, accumulated negativity, in return getting lightness.

Know how thank, and your life will be filled with harmony and peace. Gratitude strengthens relationships with loved ones.

Give thanks for every day you live, beautiful sunset, great weather, delicious dinner and much more.

Smile and laugh more often. A sincere smile relieves your stress and pleases those around you. It fills passers-by with warm feelings, and their positive response sends a counter positive charge in your direction. Find time to watch comedies and comedy shows. Take jokes and anecdotes with humor and understanding. Learn to laugh at them.

Do good and noble deeds. Be kind to those around you. Show mercy to those in need. Do not pass by homeless animals. Feed them. Offer your help to people who find themselves in a difficult situation. Giving to others is always better than taking. Doing good deeds brings satisfaction to a person and significantly improves his life.

Do not chase after material goods. A lot of things don’t bring happiness. Buy only the items you need. Donate excess items to charity. Do not depend on material possessions.

Don’t be overly active. Any work must be alternated with rest. Strength and energy must be restored. Set aside time each day for rest and reflection. You should save yourself from unnecessary fuss.

Do not justify your failures by circumstances or people around you. Don’t complain about life, about the government, about your parents. Stop comparing yourself to others. Only the person himself can change his life for the better.

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