Tractor driver: description and place of work

The profession of a tractor driver has been “afloat” for many years. Many young people are being trained to work in agriculture. Today we will consider how to become a tractor driver, we will dwell on the description of the profession itself and the place of work.


This profession has always been very popular.. And even our age of universal computerization is no exception. The activity of a tractor driver has its own specific features, features. In order to master a profession, you need to undergo training and get the appropriate crust. The profession of a tractor driver appeared in the 30s of the last century. This is the name of a person who drives a variety of tractors, including a variety of high-tech machines.

The activity includes workers of a wide profile, capable of performing a large number of very different tasks. In our country, many farms have old equipment, which should be constantly maintained and repaired. Often, when applying for a job, young tractor operators are given a tractor that is out of order or requires special maintenance.

Subsequently, the level of wages depends on how successful the employee is or how he wants to work.

Tractor drivers perform a whole range of various works:

  • load and unload agricultural products, various substances for refueling and many other things;
  • drive a tractor equipped with a trailer, which transports various goods;
  • operate various agricultural machines: from a grader to a bulldozer;
  • work stationary, while using special equipment;
  • examine the various mechanisms that are in the tractor;
  • refuel the tractor and other equipment with the necessary fuel;
  • if necessary, carry out repair work of the tractor, trailers, attachments.

Each tractor driver must have a number of professional qualities:

  • the specialist must have ingenuity, as he will have to solve the most complex tasks in a short time;
  • must have physical strength, since in the process of work a person often connects or hooks a variety of equipment;
  • have the skills to repair any vehicles and equipment;
  • have an accurate sensorimotor reaction;
  • be interested in tractor equipment and devices;
  • each of the tractor drivers is hardy, as he spends a large amount of time at the workplace — in excess of the norm;
  • the employee must have excellent eyesight and eye.

To work as a tractor driver, a person must undergo an examination in a medical institution every year, as a result of which it is confirmed that he can engage in this activity. Also shown is the annual briefing on how to work with agricultural machinery, units of attachments. The duties of the tractor driver also include the need to check the equipment, whether it can work, and, if necessary, repair it. There are a number of contraindications, in the presence of which a person cannot get a job as a tractor driver. It is impossible to work on a tractor if there are diseases of the heart, blood vessels, with pathologies of vision and hearing, and nervous deviations.

The profession of a tractor driver has a number of positive aspects: demand in various areas of the national economy, high wages, which increase several times during harvesting. Among the disadvantages of the profession, professionals note a high level of responsibility. A person must be responsible not only for himself, but also for others. The profession belongs to seasonal. In winter, wages are reduced significantly (in comparison with the summer figure).

The downside is also the constant hard physical labor. A person must make a lot of efforts to repair equipment.

Job description

All duties of a tractor driver are spelled out in the job description. The text makes it clear what the tractor driver should focus on in the process of his work. There is also a listing of regulations, orders and instructions used in the performance of duties. The job description prescribes the knowledge that a tractor driver must have, the marking of the equipment that he must own. From the document it becomes clear what the employee should do in the event of a breakdown and an emergency.

The instruction contains explanations on the organization of the workplace, compliance with hygiene rules. The types of labor duties of the tractor driver are spelled out in the text, as well as information when a specialist must undergo safety training. Also, the tractor driver needs knowledge of how to provide first aid. Based on the instructions, in order to work successfully, the tractor driver must know the rules of the road. He also needs to understand how the key elements and mechanisms in technology are arranged. The specialist must be able to operate the tractor and various devices necessary for the implementation of the work process. A person must have the skills of a mechanic, and he must also be able to cope with any kind of breakdown.

Another tractor driver must manage a certain number of people. For example, he may lead a group of students or assistants. At the same time, the specialist is responsible for their health and the effectiveness of the work process. This instruction is used at the employer for a specific purpose, that is, it specifies and explains the items in the employment contract.

The employee is based in his work on the job description, due to which he concentrates on the complex of works prescribed in the text of the document. At the same time, he is given the right to unlimitedly use the provisions prescribed here.

The document has legal significance. On its basis, judicial and administrative labor proceedings take place, which often end in favor of the employee.

Responsibilities by category

Immediately after training, the tractor driver takes an exam. A person gets a job when he receives a certificate. It prescribes what type of machines a specialist can manage, which is part of his duties. The duties of a tractor driver include the performance of agricultural work. He knows how to drive a tractor, trucks, transport cargo and load vehicles. He also carries out repairs of all available equipment.

The specialist also performs the same work, which consists in tracking the equipment, in what condition it is. He also monitors the yield, and if problems are found, he reports to the right person. The tractor driver, if he finds sick pets, provides them with emergency medical care, after which he tells the livestock specialists about this.

The driver of a 4-wheel agricultural tractor has features of work. It is customary to call him a minder. He works on heavy-drawn equipment and machines used for off-road driving.

The tractor driver-machine operator is directly involved in agricultural work. He waters plants, plants seeds, plows the land and performs a whole range of other jobs. The machine operator manages working machines, loads and unloads them, works on the territory of the farm. He can also repair all the equipment entrusted to him, refuel it and lubricate various elements.

ETKS establishes uniform ranks for tractor drivers. Each subsequent is given on the basis of examination tests.

  • Tractor driver’s license 2 digits allows work on equipment with an engine power of less than 25.7 kW.
  • After the qualification exam, a tractor driver receives 3rd rank. Since then, he has been able to control a tractor equipped with an engine with a power of 25.7–44.1 kW.
  • 4th category a specialist receives after receiving a certificate in which permission is given to drive a tractor and other equipment with a power equal to 44–73.5 kW.
  • tractor driver 5 digits can manage all the equipment available on the farm.
  • 6th category guarantees the management of all available workers and equipment.

The professional standard is designed for professionals who know how to operate tractors and other agricultural equipment. It describes all the work that the specialist must perform.


The standard guarantees the employee the protection of his interests and provides comfortable conditions in the process of work:

  • if the equipment is broken, the tractor driver can refuse it;
  • the possibility of communication between the employee and the management, thanks to which the first one manages to communicate important information related to his activities;
  • management may receive a message about the implementation of projects and plans that directly relate to the activities of a specialist;
  • the employer provides the tractor driver with all the necessary tools, protective equipment and special clothing;
  • the employer must provide the specialist with comfortable working conditions;
  • making suggestions to improve the production process.

A responsibility

When breaking the rules for the first time, an employee may incur a small penalty.. In case of systematic violations, a person is punished and fired. He may be fined heavily. If the employee voluntarily refuses to pay for damage to property, the punishment is imposed based on the results of the trial.

A person will bear administrative responsibility if he spoiled working equipment or any other agricultural unit. This could have been done intentionally or by accident. An employee is punished if he violates the established fire safety or labor protection rules, treats tools and materials negligently, and does not follow the instructions of his superiors. A specialist can also be punished if he refuses or performs his work duties poorly, violates the established internal regulations of the enterprise.


You can learn to be a tractor driver after graduating from the 9th grade of high school. Studying takes place in specialized educational institutions. To get the specialty of a tractor driver, you should study here for 4 years. The category can also be assigned during the learning process in some driving schools. To get the next category, a person must take special courses. Retraining takes place over several months.

Further training is also a necessary measure. A tractor driver must take courses in 3-4 years. To obtain a category, you must also go through certain doctors in a medical institution. After that, a person writes an application to Gostekhnadzor with the provision of a document that confirms that he has successfully completed training and passed the examination tests.

It is also necessary to pay the state fee, after which the applicant is issued a certificate stating what category he has and what equipment he can operate.

Place of work

Tractor driver without relevant experience when applying for a job give a trial period. As a result, the beginner must show how he knows how to drive a tractor. In the economy, the specialist is given feasible work. If it is established that a person has the necessary work skills, he is officially employed. At the same time, it is established how much he should work during the day.

You should know that the rural day in summer is irregular. It is determined how much he should work per shift. Everything else is paid extra. All works are regulated with the installation of the cost of each of them. The specialist plows the land, manages the front loader, excavator and other types of equipment. It is established how a person is encouraged and what punishments are regulated for him in case of violation of direct duties.

How much does he earn?

In Russia and on the territory of the post-Soviet space, the profession of a tractor driver is incredibly in demand. They just pay differently. Immediately after receiving the necessary education, a specialist is assigned a small salary. On average, its value rarely exceeds 15-20 thousand, depending on the region. A year later, the tractor driver gets a little more. Further, the well-being of a person grows depending on how well he performs his professional duties.

In central Russia, the average salary varies per season from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. In winter, it decreases: a specialist receives from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. In the northern regions, tractor drivers receive depending on the category. Beginners are assigned a salary of 25 thousand rubles. If a person has passed retraining and received a certificate, he is assigned a larger salary. Often it approaches 100 thousand rubles.

Several criteria have been developed to determine the average wage. The level of material incentives depends on how well the tractor driver copes with his duties. At the same time, an assessment is given of the amount of work done, which a person performed during a certain period of time. The quality of work affects the level of wages, for how long the employee completed it, what he did to speed up the production process.

The employer assesses how carefully the specialist handles equipment and inventory, whether or not he complies with the rules and regulations established at the enterprise, whether or not the specialist has violations. All of the above adds up. Based on the results, wages are assigned. If the tractor driver regularly exceeds the plan, copes with his duties, he can be encouraged. The level of monetary reward is set on an individual basis. The profession of a tractor driver is popular. High school students are trying to master it.

The growth of popularity is influenced by wages. It often reaches 100 thousand rubles with the proper performance of the duties prescribed in the professional standard.

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