How to develop a sense of humor and learn to joke?

A sense of humor can be called a good gift of fate, since not every person naturally has this quality. And many would love to learn how to joke. After all, a person with a sense of humor is always in the spotlight, it is easy for him to find contact with others, to achieve sympathy for the opposite sex. But if there is a great desire to still become a comedian, at least for your relatives and friends, you need to learn more about how to develop a sense of humor and learn how to joke.

Basic Rules

It’s worth noting right away that learning to joke funny in one day will not work. This is a long-term work that requires an integrated approach. To develop a sense of humor, you need to change your attitude towards yourself and the world around you, first of all, increase your self-esteem. It will take time, patience and practice. Let’s look at the points that should include changes.

  • If you are a sociable person, it’s already good. Otherwise, you need to start developing the ability to communicate with people. Nothing without this. You need to learn to ask questions, maintain a dialogue, not be afraid to enter into a conversation, not to avoid companies. You should listen to the moods of others, understand them, react correctly and try to determine how others treat you — whether this communication is pleasant or maybe not very good. All these details are extremely important. Gradually, you will be able to improve your communication skills.
  • Every joke is not just stupid words thrown into space. It must have a meaning. You can and should joke on different topics, while all the sayings should be appropriate, only then the humor will be organic and will resonate with the interlocutors. To do this, you need to be an erudite person. This means that you need to read a lot (this will help expand your vocabulary), visit the theater, exhibitions and other cultural events, communicate with interesting people.
  • Anyone who wants to slay those around him with his jokes must first of all be able to laugh at himself. Stories about funny situations from personal experience are always perceived positively, this is a sure way to win over the interlocutor and win the attention of the whole company. If you are a shy person who does not like to flaunt your feelings and emotions, this will have to be fought. This psychological barrier will have to be overcome.
  • You need to be able to see the line between a funny and a stupid joke. It happens that a joke may sound out of time, offend or anger someone. You need to be able to feel the moment when you can joke, and when you should not do it. In addition, you should catch the mood of people, listen to intuition. Jokes are jokes, but no one has yet canceled tact and decent behavior. It is enough to joke unsuccessfully several times, so that later in the company of such a person they are perceived as not knowing how to behave adequately.
  • To get some experience, you need to watch more quality comedy shows of various kinds — on television channels, on the Internet, read books, watch comedies. All this will definitely come in handy. This will allow you to learn to understand where good humor is, and where not so much.
  • To let humor into your life, you need to be positive, in any situation you need to find positive moments. And even look at troubles through the prism of humor. You need to smile more often and be able to distract yourself from problems. Of course, it won’t work right away, but over time, with constant training, the process will definitely go more successfully.
  • There is another important point — you should not imitate anyone and copy anyone. The value is to be an individual, to develop your own style. But this does not mean that at first, and even after, one cannot retell someone’s jokes. Yes, you certainly may. You just need to try to make it really funny and not declare yourself the author of someone else’s story.
  • Never despair at the first setbacks. Just because you think a joke is funny but no one laughs doesn’t mean your humor is bad.

Perhaps today your friends are not in the right mood or you are in a company where people have a lame sense of humor. After all, it is different for everyone.

What is a joke?

A joke is not just a collection of words. There are people who are engaged in writing funny monologues, and every time a firework of jokes is born. But it is a talent and a certain experience. To begin with, it should be understood that a joke is also a very small, but literary work. Therefore, it also has a plot, plot development and denouement, although it all happens very quickly. But the most important thing in a joke is an unexpected twist. This is what makes it funny. The joke can be divided into the following components:

  • the beginning, the code is a description of the situation;
  • the so-called trap, which forces the listener to prepare for a certain development of events;
  • a surprise is a sudden turn with an unexpected ending that no one could even think of.

The point is that a seemingly standard situation that anyone can face in life has a completely non-standard outcome, for which no one is ready and does not expect to hear this. Accordingly, this causes a reaction in the form of laughter.


Wit is a valuable quality in everyday life. In any situation, you can answer with a sparkling joke, smooth out the conflict, defuse a tense situation. But not everyone is given to have such a talent, and therefore some will have to start from scratch, learn how to respond coolly to any attacks, be able to behave in society, be cheerful and arouse interest in both adults and children.

You need to find exactly your style and do exercises every day, study examples of other people’s jokes, come up with funny phrases. This is the only way to develop your own sense of humor and gain self-confidence. The development of your abilities should begin by considering the techniques that exist when creating jokes.

False opposition

The principle of such a construction of a joke is that the end of the joke does not correspond at all to the beginning, but this is exactly what is amplifying. As an example, here is the following phrase from the work of Ch. Dickens: «She had a yellow-pale complexion, which compensated for the bright blush on her nose.» This description is given by the author to the girl, and everything would be fine if the pale complexion compensated for the blush on her cheeks, but suddenly a nose appears, and this is what is already funny.

False Gain

In this case, everything is built on the fact that the end is a confirmation of the beginning, but this is at first glance. In fact, what follows is a rebuttal. As an example, consider the case when Heine shared his opinion about one acquaintance, comparing the lady with the Venus de Milo, but at the same time noticed that she was just as old and toothless. Thus, due to such an ending, the meaning of this phrase is given to a completely different one.

Bringing to the point of absurdity

The name speaks for itself. Any statement can be brought to the point of absurdity. The main thing is to answer cool and on topic. For example, a person expressed an idea, you can pretend to agree with him, but then turn it around so that the meaning is the opposite. In this technique, various variants of expressive means, exaggeration or understatement are often used. Well, for example, the comparison will sound absurd: «Light as at night.»

You can train in the process of communication every day.

Unexpected Comparisons

This approach is very simple. You can choose absolutely any words and compare them with objects that are not at all expected in this case. You can, for example, say that the hands are cold, like frozen dumplings, or the imagination is developed, like a tree. So sorting through different objects and phenomena, you can come up with something really funny.


In this case, one must use mutually exclusive concepts that no logic can link together. An example is the following sentence: «In a certain kingdom, in a certain state, there lived a dead princess.» Or you can use the word in one sense, and then in another: «One scientist said that the earth is not round, it is black and dirty.»

Mixing styles

This technique involves combining the important with the secondary, the high with the ordinary. It is appropriate to use in any situation with friends. An example is the expression «grub of the gods.»


The point is not to directly express your attitude to the situation, but with the help of other words, but in such a way that it is clear. We can consider such a situation. Two people are sitting at a table, suddenly one of them puts his feet on the table. Another might say to this: «Don’t be shy, put all four feet on the table,» thus alluding to the resemblance of man to an artiodactyl animal.

Double interpretation of the word

This method is based on the use of homonyms. One word can have multiple meanings. For example, a scythe is a hairstyle and a tool, a pen is an object for writing, door fittings and a diminutive form of the word “hand”. And there are many such words in Russian.


We use these jokes quite often. So, you can call a stupid act smart, call a cowardly person brave, dirty — clean. Based on this principle, it is not difficult to compose jokes.

Random Comparison

Such a comparison occurs between objects that are not related in any way or are related very distantly. For example, how can you connect the law and the pillar. There seems to be nothing in common. But both that, and another cannot be crossed, but it is possible to bypass.


Here it is important to bring together contradictory things and do it in a way that is funny. For example, you can say that the hardest thing in the world is to lie on the couch and do nothing. Both paradoxical and funny. Whatever method is chosen for the joke, you should always remember that humor should be in place. Not everyone perceives, for example, black humor.

In addition, it is worth understanding that sometimes it may not be appropriate to make fun of the shortcomings of people or situations. We need to try to catch this fine line.


To learn how to joke, you need to train your sense of humor, even if it doesn’t work out too well yet. You can upgrade any well-known joke or just return a good mood to a friend who is upset about something. Trying to please a woman, cheer up colleagues — this is also good training, which will help increase the chances of success. For starters, it is recommended to use some exercises.

  • You need to come up with as many words as possible for one letter, and then make sentences from these words. Such an exercise expands vocabulary (and this is very important), allows thinking to become more flexible every day. For example, take the letter «v». They came up with the words: fork, magician, stuck, took, collar, culprit. You can make a sentence: «The magician took the fork, stuck the culprit in the collar.»
  • In a short period of time, you need to pick up as many associations as possible for one word. The more unusual and brighter they are, the better. In addition, you can come up with words that, on the contrary, cannot be associated with these concepts. All this perfectly trains associative thinking. For example, take the word «summer». What associations? Sea, sun, seagulls, flowers, heat, vacation, rest. And what can be completely unrelated to summer? Sadness, cold, skates, ice, boredom.
  • Looking for words that have multiple meanings. We try to do it quickly and come up with as many words as possible. For example, a key is a door key, a wrench, a key meaning a stream, a key meaning “a clue”.
  • Find any object, for example, a jar, come up with ten ways to use it.
  • Think of two things that have nothing to do with each other. Try to find these similarities.
  • Watch a humorous program, try to classify all the jokes: paradox, irony, allusion, and so on.
  • Open any magazine or newspaper, come up with your captions for all the photos.

All these exercises will help to develop the speed of reaction, develop a sense of logic, make thinking flexible. This is exactly what is needed to develop a sense of humor and learn how to joke funny and brightly.

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