How to develop fortitude?

The innate quality of any living organism is the strength of the spirit. Without such a quality, not a single living being, and especially a person, can fully live. Every day we have to overcome some obstacles in order to move on.

Even children must possess the above quality in order to develop and become a complete person. Therefore, we can conclude that the strength of the spirit is of great importance. This is an indisputable fact.

Why is the strength of the spirit weakening?

When the human consciousness reaches freedom and rises above all troubles and problems, then such a process is called the strength of the spirit. This property of the human soul is very surprising, therefore it defies logic. Each of us has read various stories about the heroic deeds of people. These stories have attracted the attention of people since ancient times. Psychologists also study such a phenomenon, which is located on a certain edge of consciousness. Besides, specialists develop various methods to strengthen the strength of the spirit.

It’s no secret that everyday life is full of surprises. Often such surprises are quite unpleasant for our perception. Each of us strives for comfort, and when this comfort disappears, the mood deteriorates. At this moment, it is very important not to lose the psychological attitude that directs a person to further actions. It must be remembered that each person is individual. Therefore, each individual person has a different potential of the will to act and a different degree of awareness of trouble or grief. The upbringing of the individual and his environment directly affect the fortitude of the spirit.

This means that a particular negative factor can have a different effect on each individual person. Let’s take an example. For one person, the loss of property will go into a state of shock. He will start to panic and think only about the bad outcome of the case. Ultimately, such a pessimist will become depressed. The other individual, on the contrary, will take action. He will seek justice and, in the end, will come to the goal and put things in order in his affairs.

Summarize. There are three reasons why people may show weakness of spirit.

  • When a person is initially never lucky in anything. Constant failures gradually break the psyche, and complete lack of will appears. Usually such subjects show compassion for any living being. This is how self-pity is expressed. Therefore, weak-willed individuals simply cannot say “no” to any negative manifestations in their address. They just go with the flow and do not resist fate.
  • Another case when a person, despite the blows of fate, still tries to resist circumstances. He gradually develops a dislike for everything that happens around him. As a result, the subject abstracts from the outside world and becomes ascetic. Often, these individuals go into their own world of illusions, where they become comfortable. Of course, the psyche of such people is vulnerable, and life in society seems unbearable and hostile to them. Not always such a situation leads to negative consequences. On the contrary, a person can engage in creative activities and achieve certain results in this area.
  • In the latter version, we will give an example when negative factors constantly put pressure on a person, after which she begins to become embittered. Human behavior becomes aggressive due to the weakness of the spirit. This case is the most difficult. Due to the aggressive attitude towards the world, the subject may begin to show hostility towards people.

To the above, it must be added that a person with a very stable psyche can lose his strength of mind due to a serious illness, which will inevitably lead to his death. This situation is very difficult to rectify, since in this case the individual loses the meaning of further existence.

How to increase and strengthen it?

If you feel that you are losing your strength of mind even when the situation does not seem very difficult, then you should think about your behavior.. Of course, in this case, it is necessary to increase confidence in the future, as well as develop a certain methodology that will lead to motivation. And important recommendations will help in this.


The best option. This method will be useful in all respects.. There are many examples in the books that will help you develop your fortitude.

Fiction helps to calm the psyche, and this is the first stage in acquiring fortitude. If you start studying scientific literature, then you will not only be distracted from problems, but also learn to think competently and correctly. The mind gives confidence to any person, and if there is confidence in one’s abilities, then the strength of the spirit will noticeably rise.

Watching films

Good for those who don’t like to read. In most feature films, the plots are built in such a way that the main characters must overcome many obstacles in order to become happy.

That’s why watching various films will significantly lift your spirit. In addition, the passion for videos of different directions will give you the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting stories. They will definitely distract from negative thoughts. When the psyche calms down, it will become easier for you to look at the world around you. Believe me, he is not as scary as you imagine.

Just like in movies, there are very bad people and very good people in our society. Know that there are always more of the latter.


A great way to become self-sufficient and happy. To do this, you will not need to communicate with anyone. You just immerse yourself in your personal space, and it will help you find a way out of any situation. Why is it necessary to practice meditation to uplift the spirit? Because there are many reasons for this. Let’s list them:

  • meditation will calm your nervesand the psyche will return to normal;
  • you train the will and become calmer spiritually;
  • you will learn regulate mental state and even manage it;
  • you can relax and be filled with energy;
  • breathing exercises are often used during meditation — these techniques allow you to saturate your body with oxygen;
  • eventually the universe can thus be asked to fulfill any desire — believe me, if you try hard, it will definitely come true.

Change of mind

Remember that if you change yourself, i.e. your thinking, then the world around you will also change. To do this, you just need to «take your will in hand.» In the evening, before you go to bed, mentally divide your life into «before» and «after». You need to give yourself an attitude that in the morning you will wake up a different person and nothing will remain of your former life.. If you have never played sports, then in the morning you need to get up early for a run. Your food must also change. To do this, purchase in advance only healthy and light products.. When the day begins, prepare yourself breakfast from them.

During bad mood attacks pull yourself up and bring your thoughts back to the positive. You should always come to work in a cheerful mood. You should think that everything in your life is good. It cannot be otherwise, because you have begun a new life, which will inevitably lead you to happiness and uplift your spirit.

Things don’t always go smoothly in life. Therefore, if any bad event occurs (the boss expressed dissatisfaction or someone close to you spoiled the mood), just ignore the negative. Stop dwelling on the bad, and try to find a way out in order to correct the situation as soon as possible. Do an excellent job that you have been assigned, or calm your relative with affectionate words.

Believe me, any negativity will go away if you direct your good feelings against it, and not anger. Remember that evil always breeds only evil.

Physical and breathing practices

Know that human muscles have the ability to accumulate negative moods. This means that if you had a fight with someone, then your body was completely saturated with bad energy. How to fix it? Of course, sports activities. After an unpleasant situation has happened to you, gather your strength. Calm down, put on special shoes, clothes and go for a run. If possible, then visit the gym. Do any exercise that will help warm up your muscles. Then the negative energy in them will quickly burn out.

Breathing exercises are very good for depression, which provokes a decline in fortitude. Therefore, perform them regularly, as soon as you feel the onset of a bad mood. You can use an exercise called «4x4x4». So, first inhale for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 4 seconds, and then exhale, counting to 4.

What should not be done?

Usually everyone is looking for advice on how to raise the strength of the spirit. However, first of all, you need to learn to control your actions. Such control will allow you not to bring the situation to a critical moment. The easiest way is to maintain your correct attitude than to raise your strength of mind later.

So, what should not be done if you do not want to lose your inner balance.

  • There is no need to fall into a depressed state if unacceptable or even tragic events have occurred in your life. Yes, it is unpleasant, painful, but nothing can be fixed. Moreover, nothing can be corrected if you bring yourself to a critical state. We need to accept and move on.
  • Get rid of the anger. Negativity has never been helpful.
  • Don’t be afraid of anything. Just don’t think about your inner fears. Learn to block them, despite the fact that it is difficult to do so. However, there are many ways that help get rid of fears — these are affirmations, and various physical exercises, and even cleaning the apartment.
  • Stop being jealous of everyone. Turn off this brain function in your head.

The more you envy others, the more energy you will waste. Direct it better to something pleasant, such as sleep.

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