How to stop being late?

There are people who are pathologically always and everywhere late. This kind of behavior makes life very difficult. Due to constant delays, they have to make excuses and deceive. For people involved in business, such a character trait is generally an unforgivable minus. This problem in your behavior must be eliminated. Otherwise, due to pathological non-punctuality, you can lose trust, work, and even family.

What are the types of latecomers?

Eternally late subjects have always caused and will cause misunderstanding in society. Nobody will ever take them seriously. Moreover, careless persons will always be treated with hostility and distrust by colleagues and even relatives. Therefore, the authorities will never entrust an important matter to such workers. And this means that they will not be able to climb the career ladder either.

Moreover, non-punctual people themselves suffer from such a minus. Every time they have to do everything in a hurry, run after the bus and at the same time come up with a plausible excuse along the way.

So, consider the types of people who are prone to the above behavior.

  • Mystery man. This subject behaves intriguingly, pretending that he simply forgot about the meeting or meeting. When he appears in the right place 15 minutes after the start of the event, his behavior is mysterious and independent. It is difficult to call such behavior correct.
  • A person who, being very late, lies. Usually such an individual reports that he is already approaching the meeting place. In fact, the unlucky individual is cunning, because at this time he is only going to take a shower.
  • Procrastinator. He constantly puts things off until later. Usually his appearance is surprising. A careless person presents his lateness as a kind of bohemian behavior.
  • Lying after he was already late. Usually such a person justifies himself all the time. His words are something like this: “I was on the bus, it broke down. Then they repaired it for a long time, etc., etc. ” He tells this story regularly. Such an individual is aware that he is lying all the time. However, nothing can be done about it.
  • The man who is called: “While you wait, you will die of hunger.” He is always late for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Naturally, people gathered for a meal begin to eat without him. If you wait for such a person, then all the food can cool down or even spoil.
  • Terminates the process. This individual appears during the discussion of a serious issue. His appearance distracts from the process and greatly interferes with others.
  • Empty place. Usually such people are late, despite the fact that their colleagues hold a chair for them. This type of lateness is the most unacceptable, because it shows disrespect not only to colleagues at work, but also to oneself.
  • genetically tuned person. This type of individual usually blames their ancestors for always being late for important meetings. They passed this trait on to their families.
  • Unfortunate Traveler. He always comes at the wrong time. At the same time, he tells fables that he got into a traffic jam due to improperly organized city traffic.
  • Man is a sufferer. He shares his hardships when he is late. He tells whole stories about how his health is very weak. And then the continuation follows: “If I were a little younger, I would definitely come on time.”
  • Very busy. He always finds an excuse to stay late because of very urgent and important matters. If you check the authenticity of his words with the help of social networks, you can find out that a person “sits” on the Internet all the time.
  • The one who warns in advance. He can name any reason that will be the reason for his future lateness. For example, he will report to his colleagues in the evening that he will go to see a doctor in the morning.
  • Not recognizing being late. Arriving at work, he says hello and always pretends that nothing special has happened.
  • Lost in space and time. Such an individual can never determine the time it will take him to get from one point to another.

Main reasons

This problem can be understood if we consider in detail some of the behavioral factors that which are inherent in people who are always late.

  • Lack of assembly. This trait is characteristic of some people who, in principle, do not strive for anything in life. They can’t focus on what matters most, so they’re always late. This behavior is especially characteristic of children. That is why, from early childhood, every individual must be taught self-discipline.
  • Laziness. Those who do not like to greatly overload their person with various tasks are constantly late. Such subjects always leave everything for later in the hope that everything will resolve itself. They are late for the same reason. It’s just that a person is too lazy to get up a little early in the morning to get to a business meeting.
  • Feeling of self worth. Such persons deliberately delay the time in order to appear later, and not as it should be according to etiquette. By these actions, they want to show everyone that they must always and everywhere be expected and, most importantly, loved. Basically, those who consider their person above others behave this way. Their motto is: “Let the whole world wait, and I am the boss. I’m supposed to.»
  • The low level of responsibility is also the reason for many delays. Usually careless individuals believe that they will always get away with everything. If some sanction actions are applied to such people in the form of a fine or a reprimand, then they begin to gradually put their thoughts in order and get used to fulfilling the necessary requirements.
  • When a person shows protest or resistance. For example, dissatisfaction with low wages can cause lateness. With such behavioral gestures, the individual is trying to say that no one else but him will work for a meager reward. And if his salary is not raised, then he will soon give up his position.
  • Determine your status in the team. If a valuable employee is late all the time, then with this behavior he is trying to distinguish himself from the crowd. At the behavioral level, the individual says: “I can do everything! I love myself, I’m a star.» Often these attacks do not end well. Over time, the bosses get bored with the demarches of the employee. He is being held accountable.
  • Getting another dose of adrenaline. Some people like it when a drive begins in their life.

The individual deliberately creates problems for himself in order to solve them safely later. In the meantime, he is late, let them wait and worry.

The influence of character on being late

Psychology says that the character of a person has constant stable properties that are inherent in any personality. These properties influence the behavior of the individual. So, let’s consider how temperament affects a person’s behavior, including his lateness.

  • sanguine — this is a person-doer, but only when he is interested in doing work. If there is no such work, then he becomes boring and lethargic. And this means that a sanguine person will be late for work if he becomes bored and uninterested. In addition, this type is able to quickly switch attention from one activity to another. And this suggests that, carried away by something, he will forget about other, no less important things, and will definitely be late.
  • Choleric easily irritated, easy-going and uses all his strength to achieve the goal. Therefore, if such an individual has an interest, then he will try not to be late for a meeting, but to come much earlier. If we talk about work, then delays on the part of the choleric are possible. However, they can arise only when this type of personality has completely exhausted its energy potential and is very tired.
  • Phlegmatic person has a stable mind. He can correctly calculate his emotional and physical strength. This person has perseverance and perseverance. Therefore, such an individual almost always comes to work and other events on time. Moreover, he treats badly those people who are not distinguished by punctuality.
  • melancholic always expecting a trick from life. It is very dependent on external influences. That is why you may be late for meetings. He will always find a reason for such delays.

There are also mixed types of character. This factor also affects human behavior. In this case, the negative sides will appear if some circumstances contribute to this.

How to overcome yourself?

This question worries many people who seek to achieve a certain status and improve the quality of life. Willpower is needed to succeed. It will help you learn how to properly manage your desires so that you are never late. You will also need the following.


In order not to be late, you need a goal. If you do not have it, then you will either not go to the meeting at all, or you will be very late. You will be late because at the subconscious level you will hope that the meeting will not take place. In this case, the reasoning will be as follows: “I was late (a) quite a bit, but they didn’t wait for me. So, so be it! This is not my fault.»

But if there is motivation, then any person will come to the meeting ahead of schedule. Therefore, you must always know why you need to come on time. To never be late, work where you like or where you feel you belong. Also, hang out with people you enjoy talking to. This is the biggest motivation. If it is not always possible to fulfill such conditions, then you need to have special techniques that will help you tune in. First, explain to yourself that you need to come to work on time. Being late will only exacerbate the negative situation, which will continue to develop not in your favor. At the very least, force yourself to always comply with the disciplinary conditions so that you do not get fired from your job while you are looking for a new one.

Meetings (whether they are business or not) are also different. Try to stop panicking before every unpleasant meeting. Just turn off your dislike and tune in to the dialogue.

Of course, this prescription must be carried out when a meeting is inevitable. Otherwise, just ignore it.

Reward yourself

Punctuality must be cultivated every day. Praise yourself if you managed to fulfill the condition that you set for yourself. You can even reward yourself with certain sweets. They will come in handy if you are on a diet.

Get a notebook and write down in it the cases when you managed to be especially punctual. At the end of the month, re-read the notes, where all your achievements will be recorded. If you have not made any miscalculations, then be sure to reward yourself. For example, go to the cinema or to a restaurant. In this case, you need to invite your close friend or girlfriend. Tell a loved one why you decided to arrange a holiday. By the way, a reward is an easy way to teach your child to be on time for school and develop the habit of not being late every day.

Get ready for the evening

If you are pathologically always and everywhere late, then start preparing for the day ahead. For starters, try to go to bed early, do not sit up at the computer until late. Also prepare breakfast in the evening. Make a sandwich or cut a piece of meat pie. Brew tea in a mug, pour sugar into it and cool. Place all ingredients on a small tray and refrigerate. In the morning, all you have to do is put your breakfast in the microwave to warm it up. This procedure will take approximately 5 minutes.

During this time, you can get dressed or take a shower. After that, you will have to eat and complete your preparations. Of course, prepare clothes and shoes in the evening. The bag should also be collected in advance and think over the elements of the hairstyle (if you wear it).

In the morning, however, try to get up early to be sure that you still have some time left if unforeseen circumstances arise.


So that you are not expected, if you are still late, warn colleagues at work that you will be a little late. This will help you avoid trouble. The same goes for a meeting that your colleagues or friends have scheduled for you. Well, if you are a very valuable employee and are going to get a job in a company where you are eagerly awaited, then you should immediately warn your bosses that you have one minor sin. Be direct about your pathological lack of punctuality. Perhaps the company’s management will not pay special attention to this flaw in your character and will not continue to put much pressure on you.

Don’t make excuses

If you are still late, then just apologize. Believe me nobody needs your excuses. Indistinct speeches about the fact that the car broke down on the road will cause even more irritation of colleagues. Also, don’t make up excuses if you’re regularly late for work. Know that you have been “saw through” for a long time — then you look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Instead of making excuses for yourself, do better self-discipline. These actions will help you first of all, and only then will affect the effective work of the entire team. It is very easy to come to work on time, the main thing is to take the first step.

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