Causes of misogyny and ways to get rid of it

The despicable attitude towards the female sex in science is called misogyny. The term was first used in antiquity. Scientists insist that this is not a feature of the character of a certain person, but a state of his soul caused by certain psychological problems or traumas.

What it is?

Misogyny is a dangerous social phenomenon that serves as an excuse for violating women’s rights. It can be completely harmless and caustic jokes, as well as real physical violence that causes injury. In other words, misogyny is contempt for the female sex. One of the reasons for the occurrence of such a phenomenon is considered sexism and gender discrimination.

It is impossible to protect oneself from the appearance of such a phenomenon in a modern patriarchal society, where a woman throughout history has been considered a weak, from a physical point of view, creature that does not bring any benefit to society.

Most psychologists agree that the origins of this problem are still in the subconscious. In modern society, there are few people who can muster the courage to openly declare that a woman is second class, however, the influence of such attitudes can be found in ordinary things that happen every day everywhere. These may be working moments when the boss refuses to promote his subordinate only because of her gender, or relationships in everyday life.

Among the main signs of misogyny from a scientific point of view, the following can be distinguished:

  • committing acts or confessions that carry the main goal — humiliate a woman and show her superiority;
  • enough strong presentation of the male role, the attitude of men towards representatives of the strong half of humanity and the highest caste;
  • humiliating and indulgent attitude towards women;
  • striving in your favorite ways avoid female companyit can be caused not only by hatred for them, but also by the feeling of awkwardness that appears in such a company;
  • lack of any sympathy for the female sexfor example, men very often sympathize with each other because of the loss of work, and when a woman refuses in the same situation, they believe that nothing terrible has happened and she will be able to find herself a worthy occupation;
  • confidence that the main purpose of a woman is to take care of the family and raise children, and to do everything possible to improve the living conditions of your partner.

In most cases misogyny is caused by resentment caused by women. However, this does not always lead to the fact that a man hates only a certain individual. Usually hatred appears to all members of the weaker sex. With misogyny, a distinctive feature of a person is that he thinks only about his own good. For example, a man is able to disappear from a woman’s life without explaining the reasons for his such behavior, and then return as if nothing had happened. In domestic life, such people usually become tyrants, and the life of a woman turns into real torture.

A person suffering from misogyny prefers to control all the processes taking place around him, and this brings significant discomfort to another person. Such people never repent for bad behavior or treatment. They can use any circumstance to create a quarrel in order to get rid of the hatred within themselves. In other words, such people always need to suppress a woman so that she never feels strong and independent enough.

Similar relationships quite dangerous and can lead to unforeseen results in the future. The fact is that from a psychological point of view, our subconscious mind is set up in such a way as to destroy everything that we hate. That is why there can be no question of any well-being of a woman who is next to a person suffering from misogyny. The only thing that becomes possible in this case is the struggle for survival.

For a mesogyn, you do not need to look for a reason to show your aggression, he does not need a reason to attack the victim. All this is explained by his internal attitudes, which are focused on hatred of the opposite sex.


Psychologists have long concluded that misogyny is a serious disease that can be of several types. It depends on the type and treatment is prescribed. To date, there are two varieties.


These are men who are not used to hiding their attitude towards the weaker sex in any way and openly express their dissatisfaction. In addition, such people believe that their main goal and purpose is to carry their ideas to the masses in order to stop the development of feminism. Men with active misogyny never hide and do not hesitate in society to have a negative attitude towards the opposite sex.

During any feast, they can offend not just a stranger, but also their spouse, daughter, and so on.


Such men are characterized by their tendency do not show true relationship to the opposite sex. Often they do not even know themselves that they consider girls unworthy of certain things. They can behave extremely gallantly and politely, however, in the end they will definitely show their true colors. Psychologists say that this type of people is considered the most dangerous, because you never know what to expect from them. They can be caring throughout life and fail at the most inopportune moment. On a subconscious level, they choose the time when the ladies are most vulnerable and strike.

Recent studies show that misogyny usually appears in rather impulsive men who can boast of a developed imagination and impressionability. Most people tend to think that a misogynist and a person who suffers from misogyny are no different, however, the main difference is that the former can change, while the latter will never be able to forgive the offense and will always wait for the right moment to take revenge.

Why does it occur?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to explain why an adult man hates a woman, and where such hatred came from. Most psychologists agree that the main reason for such a negative phenomenon is a bad experience from the past. For example, a man may be offended by his classmate or another representative of the weaker sex.

As a result, he develops negative memories that constantly cause a feeling of hatred and hostility. Studies show that a person who suffers from misogyny is usually unable to remember what exactly caused the negative attitude towards the weaker sex. Sometimes such mental disorders are caused by difficult relationships within the family, with mother, sister or grandmother.

Among the main reasons for the development of such a disease are the following:

  • an unsuccessful sexual experience, as a result of which the man felt vulnerable and now cannot relate normally to the opposite sex;
  • unsuccessful relationship with your girlfriend, which ended in a painful breakup;
  • constant bullying of a classmate at school;
  • difficult relationships in the family, for example, if the mother constantly beat the child or scolded him for any little thing;
  • lack of any support or emotional connection with the mother.

It should be noted that misogyny does not only occur as a result of a mental disorder. Very often, the cause of the appearance of such an ailment can be a physical disease that leads to certain mental disorders. For example, it is neurosis, phobias or depression. Some studies also show that this problem can develop in the womb.

Under the influence of hormones that affect sexual behavior, sadism, masochism and hatred of women can manifest.

Among women

Oddly enough, but hostility towards women can manifest itself not only in men, but also in women themselves. Among the distinguishing features of this condition are the following:

  • a woman evaluates any actions of the fairer sex from the point of view of a man and adheres to the same principles as the stronger sex;
  • constant criticism and humiliation of women, emphasizing their shortcomings and omitting their virtues;
  • desire to spend as much time as possible with men and the absence of female friends;
  • the belief that a woman on her own incapable of achieving serious things and everything she has is thanks to men.

It should be noted that the development of misogyny in women is a consequence of life attitudes, the roots of which are in the very childhood of a person. For example, a mother may constantly criticize her daughter’s actions and humiliate other sisters in front of her eyes, as a result of which certain patterns are deposited in her head. It should be noted that a bad attitude towards a certain woman is not a sign that a person hates the female sex. If you have a certain mental disorder, you should learn to analyze your actions and show compassion, and not condemn other people.

In men

In men, misogyny is more common, they are usually active for the most part. The distinguishing feature of such a person is that all his actions and actions are aimed at humiliating the lady and showing her weaknesses. Moreover, a sick person tries to extend his negative attitude not only to a specific individual, but also to all the women who are in his environment.

At the same time, such misogynists extol the male image, emphasize its merits and argue that without a man, nothing would exist in the modern world. If a woman achieves certain victories and successes, then a man will always find an excuse for this, if only to lower her self-esteem and make sure that this is not only her victory. Very often, such people are characterized by the manifestation of strong egocentrism and audacity, so that the lady could never be better than him in anything. If a girl is superior to a man in some way, then this infuriates him. Such people cannot exist without problems in a family where a woman brings home more material income than a man.

In family life, such men never perceive their soulmate as equal to themselves. In addition, they are clear supporters of polygamy, however, they do not recognize adultery on the part of the girl and are capable of physical harm due to such behavior. Most Western scholars agree that misogynists are a huge threat to society.

Primarily, they misbehave as husbands and are able to make the life of the second half into hell. Moreover, such people never repent of their behavior and do not ask for forgiveness for the psychological or physical damage caused.

It is not uncommon for men who have this disease to abuse power at work, offend women and prevent them from seeking promotion.

How to get rid?

If misogyny is characterized by a latent form, then recognizing a clear misogynist is quite difficult. The situation is also aggravated by the fact that none of the representatives of the strong half of humanity is able to admit their problem voluntarily. That is why most psychologists insist that the most important step in treatment is the recognition of the problem itself. If a person believes that he is not sick with anything and he does not need to undergo treatment, then there will be no effect even from compulsory therapy.

However, even if the problem is recognized, it will not be possible to completely get rid and recover from it, since this psychological disorder is characterized by a severe degree of psychosis. In other words, it is quite difficult to identify the true causes that have become the basis for the development of misogyny, and therefore it will be extremely difficult to eliminate them. The only way to identify the degree of the problem and try to eliminate it is to contact a psychotherapist who will help not only find the primary cause of the disease, but also determine the most effective methods of treatment.

Very often for the treatment of such a disease drugs are used, as well as psychological effects. The latter has proven to be one of the most effective in Western society, where awareness of one’s problems is at a more developed level than in the domestic space.

Thus, misogyny is a serious psychological disorder, due to which men treat the female sex badly. They can be beautiful, smart and self-sufficient ladies, however, for a misogyn this does not matter.

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