Self-sufficiency: what is it and how to develop in yourself?

There are people who are guided by their own opinion, and not by the advice of others. They take full responsibility for the decisions they make, they can independently provide for their life. It’s about self-sufficiency.

What it is?

The word «self-sufficiency» is closely related to such concepts as «independence» and «self-reliance». In psychology, there is such a definition: a self-sufficient person is sufficient in everything that makes up her Ego, and is independent of the world around her in material and spiritual terms. In contrast to independence, which has the meaning «I myself stand», self-sufficiency means that «myself is enough» for a person. An individual possessing this quality is able to arrange his life and leisure in the absence of support from relatives and friends. He is confident in himself, his feelings and can independently make any decisions.

In philosophy, this quality is defined as the emergence of self-sufficiency in a natural way and the possibility of further existence without outside influence. Self-sufficient person independent in all areas. He thinks out of the box. Thanks to this quality, a holistic multifaceted personality is being formed, not afraid to oppose public opinion. Such an individual has inner freedom. It does not matter to him conformity to a certain image. The pursuit of fashion is not for him, since a person who does not depend on getting the approval of others wears only things that are convenient for himself.

Diligence and the development of one’s own abilities lead a person to independence and self-realization. He is comfortable being in company with himself.


A self-sufficient person feels responsible for his actions, does not like control from other people. Such a person does not depend on the opinions of others, but respects their worldview. He has no painful attachment to habits, work, place of residence and people. Failure doesn’t scare him. He is not afraid of disappointment. Inner peace brings self-satisfaction to a free person, the ability to determine their needs and provide them. Self-sufficiency is not synonymous with wealth and influence, so such people do not chase after buying expensive things. They do not become victims of the advertising business, but asceticism is not always their lot. A self-sufficient individual is free from illusions and infantilism. He has his own opinion in every situation.

The self-sufficient entity able to understand another person and show respect for him. He is not inclined to re-educate relatives and relatives. Such a person adequately perceives others, does not try to remake them for himself. He lives without malice, envy, jealousy, gloating and revenge. He never looks for someone to blame for his own failures, and takes on the negative consequences of his actions. He has no habit of condemning the actions of people, comparing himself with others. Usually he draws a parallel of the present development of events with past situations and seeks to eliminate the shortcomings that have arisen. He has the ability to help those in need, but he does not always run at the first call, because he is used to solving his problems on his own and expects the same actions from others.

Psychologists identify the main features of such a person:

  • purposefulness (the ability to achieve a positive result);
  • inner strength (responsibility for one’s actions and decisions);
  • emotional stability;
  • self-acceptance, awareness of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • self confidence;
  • active development of personality;
  • striving for positive, harmony with oneself and the world around;
  • the ability to earn money in the required amount;
  • the ability to provide one’s own housing;
  • the ability to keep your home in proper order;
  • lack of fear of losing any support.

What happens?

An individual who is able to solve problems on his own is devoid of fear of loneliness. He is able to provide for himself. The absence of anxiety, its confident overcoming leads to emotional emancipation. Inner freedom eliminates unnecessary conventions, releases from financial dependence and guarantees a decent life. In psychology, there are 3 types of self-sufficiency.


The ability of a person to adapt to the existing rules of society provides him with an optimal standard of living. A self-sufficient person does his favorite work, intensively develops his talents, improves his hobby. This direction can be traced in people who have reached a significant position in society and have a leading position in the team. It is not necessary to hold a leadership position — it is enough to have your own niche in the social hierarchy and not be afraid of difficulties.


An individual who is able to develop himself without the intervention of society has a rich inner world. Psychologically, he does not depend on anyone and is able to enrich himself spiritually in complete solitude. Painful attachment to parents, children or to the second half is absent. A person experiences difficult life periods on his own, without needing outside support and advice from others.

In the modern world, it is difficult not to depend on the opinions of others, because the fear of ridicule and condemnation of people does not allow a massive person to go dancing or go to the pool, a pensioner to get carried away with a new sport, an owner of a strict way of thinking — to try his hand at creativity. Independence from other people’s opinions allows a person to be responsible in making decisions with a complete lack of reaction to the approval or censure of other people.

A self-sufficient person always strives to find a solution based on his own conclusions and desires.


The ability to provide for one’s daily life, earn money, the ability to properly manage household affairs, the presence of cooking and cleaning skills indicate household self-sufficiency. These qualities allow the subject to independently organize his life. Economic self-sufficiency is usually characteristic of men, as they are able to tighten a leaking mixer with a wrench, nail a shelf, cook a delicious dish, wash, wash floors and dishes. Not every woman is subject to men’s housework, so we can talk about the everyday self-sufficiency of female representatives in exceptional cases.

Pros and cons of self-sufficiency

This property manifests itself when a person grows up. It testifies to the qualitative development of a person who can create a decent life for himself. Such an individual has a number of advantages:

  • the ability to fully provide for oneself;
  • own view of the world without relying on someone else’s opinion;
  • independent decision making;
  • the ability to deal with all your life problems yourself;
  • manifestation of erudition and perseverance;
  • independence from other people;
  • self-confidence;
  • the ability to maintain control over one’s mental well-being;
  • the ability to enjoy life;
  • available material wealth;
  • regular self-development;
  • harmony with the inner and outer world.

Self-sufficiency is considered to be a positive trait of a person. But sometimes it can have a negative aspect.

  • Some people have this problem: after arranging one’s own life, there is a desire to get rid of any meetings with friends or relatives. People who are used to relying only on their own strength sometimes isolate themselves from society. The subject may end up all alone. Psychologists advise to always surround yourself with interesting people and keep in touch with them.
  • Negative attitude towards idle chatter and idle pastime can alienate other people, which also leads to isolation from society.
  • Emotional freedom sometimes leads to excessive courage and self-confidence, sometimes provoking a manifestation of arrogance.

How to develop in yourself?

Young children are completely dependent on their parents and other adults, so there can be no question of their self-sufficiency. As a person grows older, he begins to show independence. Gradually self-sufficiency is formed. This process can continue throughout life. In extreme old age, due to the presence of physical weakness, a person loses social and domestic self-sufficiency. Freedom of mind and originality of thinking allow some people to maintain psychological self-sufficiency until the end of their days.

Any person is capable of becoming a self-sufficient person. To do this, you need to regularly acquire new knowledge, engage in self-education, strive for excellence. The expansion of horizons, training of consciousness, hard work, physical activity contribute to the self-realization of the individual. It is necessary to constantly hone old skills. Correctly set specific goals help to focus on work, give meaning to the life routine. You should always strive to improve your own life.

You need to exercise your willpower regularly. Weak people easily succumb to laziness and apathy. You should not rely on an influential relative or a chance of fate, therefore, in order not to be left with nothing, you must rely on your own strength. Only adequate acceptance of any criticism allows a person to objectively evaluate his results.

The self-sufficiency of a man and a woman is slightly different. Psychologists advise to take this fact into account.


A self-sufficient man is able to solve his problems and help his companion cope with difficulties.. He thinks rationally, does not flaunt his achievements, does not allow himself any manifestations of rudeness and the use of obscene words. He knows how to calculate his strength, can make difficult decisions and never justifies himself to anyone. For the formation of self-sufficiency, a man needs to work on the eradication of pettiness, vindictiveness, aggression, and unwanted forms of self-affirmation. He needs to develop generosity in himself, the ability to fulfill other people’s desires, the ability not to succumb to female provocations and tricks.

You need to provide your soulmate with complete safety and confidence.

A self-sufficient man always shows respect for a woman. He is free from addiction to alcohol and excessive attachment to his mother. Ask for help only in extreme cases.


A self-sufficient lady will never become a burden for her husband. She is able to solve any problem on her own.. Such a woman does not depend on the status and financial condition of the chosen one. It is important for her to receive warmth and build a sincere relationship. For the development of self-sufficiency, representatives of the weaker sex need to correctly prioritize. You should not force yourself to communicate with an unpleasant person for the sake of gaining material well-being. You must learn to adequately assess your own abilities and capabilities. We must get rid of bursting pride in our achievements. But the label of a loser must also be thrown off your shoulders.

Do not envy your rivals and look for flaws in them. You should try to give more positive emotions and love to your partner, but you should not demand material and psychological gifts in return. A woman should take into account the interests of her companion and give him the right to his own life.

Psychologists’ advice

A healthy lifestyle is of no small importance. It involves physical activity, proper nutrition, daily walks in the fresh air, which help maintain strength and prolong youth for many years, as well as get satisfaction from life.

Experts recommend throughout life to master new professions, learn foreign languages, try yourself in creativity. You need to constantly improve yourself. Only if there is a load, you can maintain mental and physical health until old age.

Acquire the ability to adequately respond to criticism and praise from outsiders. Learn to properly analyze your own environment and weed out people who take your time with empty talk.

The development of the qualities of a strong-willed, independent person is the ability to calmly and easily relate to situations when there is no help from friends and relatives.

Be sure to spend time alone with yourself from time to time. At these moments, you should turn off the TV, the Internet, gadgets. Learn to accept your own loneliness with dignity, which is of particular value to your personal space. This does not mean that you should become a hermit. You need to learn to enjoy the same pleasure from communicating with people and from being alone.

Psychologists advise when developing responsibility for one’s own life stop waiting for favorable changes. You need to start planning your own actions. Set specific goals for yourself. Implement them. Instead of demanding that your loved ones fulfill your desires, fulfill them yourself. Always be held accountable for the undesirable consequences of your actions.

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