Decisiveness: what is it and how to develop it?

A person with such a quality as determination can overcome any obstacles and difficulties. Decisiveness leads to success due to the fact that the individual can make difficult bold decisions.

An assertive person must have certain knowledge, skills and abilities, otherwise his determination will not be such, but will be considered recklessness. And this is already a negative quality of a person, sometimes forcing him to take unjustified risks, and as a result, remain “with nothing”.

What it is?

Benjamin Franklin said something like this: decisiveness is the implementation of an action that has already been decided to be performed. The individual must act despite the fact that he cannot guarantee success due to the steps taken. In psychology, the meaning of this word has almost the same interpretation that was given just above. To realize the decisiveness of a person, such a character trait as courage is needed. This quality of temperament is maintained with the help of prudence and will.

The definition of the character of a determined person is as follows: he never doubts before making any decisions, he is always sure that he is right. By and large, this is a person who is ready for any sacrifice in order to achieve his goal. Between action and inaction, a decisive person will definitely choose the first.

Making a decision is the launch of a certain series of events for which it is necessary to take full responsibility. Otherwise, the determination of one person can lead to the fact that other people will pay for it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Decisiveness has more advantages than disadvantages. However, there are still disadvantages, and they must be taken very seriously. And that’s why.

  • A determined person can do a lot of stupid things if he does not fully calculate the accuracy of his actions. For example, a doctor can harm a patient if he goes to extreme lengths to cure him. Therefore, in medicine there is one rule that says: “The main thing is do no harm!”
  • A determined person can be overly critical and intolerant of other people’s opinions and weaknesses. For example, an individual who cannot control his emotions will insult his interlocutor and hurt him.
  • Too determined people are usually feared and disliked.

However, decisiveness has many advantages. Consider them:

  • decisive people achieve their goals more often than others due to the fact that they consciously take risks;
  • decisive people have firmness in character, so they always try to calculate their actions in advance;
  • smart people are always decisive, as their knowledge makes it possible to act;
  • thanks to decisive actions, for example, heroic deeds, people are saved from inevitable death;
  • decisiveness is needed when a person is faced with a choice on which much depends;
  • decisiveness allows a person to make a final decision and not hesitate.

Summing up, we can say that determination makes any person bolder. It gives him the ability to act in difficult situations. This means that from the acquisition of decisiveness in character, a person becomes mentally stronger.

Manifestations in everyday life

Sometimes people do not even think about such a quality of character as determination. Very often it happens that a person is forced almost every day to face a difficult situation and be brave. For example, this is a doctor who makes decisions that affect the patient’s life. The surgeon takes risks and performs the operation in order for the patient to recover.

Such a quality as determination is manifested everywhere and everywhere. On the street and at home, different situations await us, which can be negative. For example, a schoolboy crosses the road, and a car rushes across him. There are many such cases, and decisiveness is required here. The driver must do everything so that his car does not hit a pedestrian, and the student must make a decision that will allow him to escape. A lot also depends on the determination of onlookers. If a man from the crowd rushes to save a schoolboy, throwing himself across the car, then he will do the right and decisive thing. This is how decisiveness affects people’s lives.

Decisiveness in women is manifested when it is necessary to cure a child from an illness. They go to actions, sometimes incompatible with common sense. Some mothers, in order to save their son or daughter, radically change their character. Even the most indecisive representatives of the weaker sex begin to behave actively. They make sure that their child is examined by the best doctor and prescribed the right treatment. People in extreme situations can prove themselves as real heroes, although they are not. Human potential has not been fully explored. This question is especially acute when it comes to the internal mental state of a person.

How to become decisive?

Indecision leads to the fact that a person begins to live a life that is not his own, all the time looking back at the opinions of other people. When the decision-making process drags on for a long time, then the end result may not please. Therefore, one must develop or develop decisiveness in one’s character. And the following steps will help in this.

Work on yourself

This item requires a lot of effort and perseverance. This process can greatly increase your confidence and make you a determined person. If you find it difficult to start with big points, then start small. Get up early in the morning at the same time. Admit that for these actions you will need willpower. Once you overcome yourself, you will become a more determined person.

Make a plan for the month by which you will live and work. Let each item be scheduled by the minute. So you can control yourself and develop self-discipline. Start playing sports. Even if you don’t want to go for a run because of bad weather, go for it anyway. This will help you willpower and determination. Try everywhere and always to keep your emotions under control.

Don’t worry about trifles. Don’t think ahead about what you have to do. From such thoughts, self-doubt develops, which means that your determination suffers.

Goal setting

Without this point, it is impossible to move forward and learn to make the right decisions. However, remember that a huge number of goals can be bad for your mental state. So keep them to a minimum. Keep only those who really help you achieve success. However, what you have conceived should be achievable and worthy not only of your attention, but also the attention of other people.

Another point: you still need to highlight one key goal and confirm the reason why you want to achieve it quickly. Therefore, answer yourself the question — what will this goal give you when you reach it? And then you need to learn how to visualize the result. Let your brain clearly imagine what you want to end up with. And the last. Mornings are always the same. This means that a person almost constantly acts in the morning on the “machine”: he has breakfast, drinks tea / coffee, and is going to work. Everything passes like a blur. Meanwhile, purposeful people try to use this time of day to carefully plan their day.

In addition, it is necessary to enjoy every time you wake up and the hours that follow.

Psychological trainings

If you lack determination, then try to cultivate it in yourself. There are special exercises for this, but it is better to use trainings. Cultivating determination resembles such a procedure as pumping muscles. As soon as you can overcome a certain step, immediately move on to the next. For example, start being decisive where it is quite easy to do so. Help close people and take responsibility for solving any problems. And then you need to act incrementally. Be proactive at work. Think over your actions and invite your boss to implement a new idea.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people on the street or on the bus. To fulfill this condition, learn to overcome petty fears. If you talk to a stranger, what can happen? Absolutely nothing terrible. In case of an unsuccessful attempt at dating, the person will simply turn away and leave. Such a failure will not have a negative impact on your pride, but, on the contrary, will temper it. The best self-training is the kind of training that does no harm and helps you come to your resolve. An example would be affirmations. Affirmations are carefully formulated beliefs that need to be repeated many times, either silently or out loud.

As soon as a person begins to say the same phrase every day quite often, it gradually begins to be deposited in the brain. As a result of constant studies, the brain «overflows» and begins to throw out unnecessary information into the Cosmos. Thus, dreams and desires come true. In addition, there are other practices such as meditation. Meditation is an action of the mind aimed at deep concentration of the human psyche. The benefit of these exercises for cultivating determination is that the human brain and psyche first relax very much, get rid of negativity, and then clear. It is at this moment, in a completely renewed brain space, that new thinking arises, which enables a person, for example, to become a decisive personality.

Self confidence

A person is born with a certain self-confidence. Any baby knows when he wants to eat and wants to sleep. Also, a small child knows exactly what he likes or what he wants. All this happens because the child trusts himself.

However, with age, this factor almost always disappears. When a person grows up, he begins to look at others, thinking that it will be better this way. And it works according to the following rules:

  • he lacks determination;
  • seeks to bring his life to the generally accepted perfection;
  • afraid and doubting something;
  • seeks approval from others, always looking back.

In an adult, the percentage of self-confidence is significantly reduced, and in some it disappears altogether. And this is despite the fact that our well-being directly depends on the level of self-confidence. And that’s why — when a person ceases to trust himself, he begins to «stagnate» and thereby destroy his true desires.

Therefore, we all need to return to our roots from time to time and begin to trust ourselves. Such a right, as already mentioned, is given to a person from birth, and it cannot be neglected. So, in order to restore this factor, you need to rely on the following points.

  • Start respecting your opinion.
  • You must always pay attention to your own feelings and thoughts, and only then act.
  • Find the good qualities in yourself and write them down on paper. Read this post regularly. When you realize that you are endowed by nature with excellent features, you will begin to trust yourself.
  • Pay attention to your physiological needs.

Once you get serious about building your confidence, don’t rush things. All difficulties can be overcome when you connect your perseverance to the process. And one more piece of advice: do not act on the «machine», but enjoy the process of execution. Also, always start the day by paying attention to yourself and end it the same way. Then you will develop a healthy egoism in your character.

This character trait will definitely help you and make you decisive. This will happen because you will begin to act in your own interests.

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