For many, autumn is not only about yellow foliage, oversized sweaters and pumpkin lattes, but also about the start of the school year. Therefore, today we are talking about 5 useful publics on the VKontakte social network, which will be appreciated by schoolchildren, students and even some teachers. Subscribe!


The YouTube channel of the same name has a public on VKontakte. In short videos, the authors explain complex topics in simple language and share interesting facts. If you want to show off your knowledge in front of friends and classmates on occasion, you are here.


In this public you will find translations of articles from foreign media. Voting is held several times a week: readers themselves choose which publication will be released next. Here you can definitely learn a lot of new and interesting things without spending a lot of time on an independent translation.


Perhaps the favorite educational video format for modern users is short educational videos. It is worth looking into Obrazovach just for them. News from the world of science is served here with the help of video memes. Maybe they will not become a source of deep comprehensive knowledge, but they will definitely amuse.


Expulsion is the main fear of any student. However, this blog is not about that at all. Life memes, funny pictures and short stories will cheer you up even at the most boring lecture, and the title will become an additional motivation to pass the session on time.


If you have always dreamed of studying abroad, but did not have the opportunity to get it, we have good news! In this public, you can get completely free of charge with lectures that are read at leading universities in Europe and the USA.

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