How to develop and strengthen willpower?

The power is there — the mind is not needed. But what if the mind is there, but the strength is not enough? And not in the direct sense of the word, but willpower. And without it, we can never force ourselves to do what we must. Let’s take a closer look at how to develop and strengthen willpower.

Why is it necessary to develop willpower?

In fact, willpower is our guide to achieving the goal. They wanted to lose weight, and willpower will help you give up sweets, and instead of spending time on social networks, it will help you go to the gym. Decided to quit smoking, it’s as easy as shelling pears. Mark Twain, for example, claimed that he himself did this a hundred times. How about one single time? Again, willpower is not enough?

Do you remember that report that you barely managed to submit last year? And if you had willpower, you would have started earlier. What about that tooth you had last year? It could also be saved if you showed willpower in time and went to the dentist as soon as you felt the first pain. This list is endless. But, unfortunately, our “I want” or “I don’t want” often defeat our own willpower. So what to do about it? The conclusion is obvious — to strengthen it.

How to train?

There is a claim that willpower is a kind of invisible muscle that, like the rest of our muscles, needs to be trained and strengthened. It is necessary to develop such an algorithm in which our willpower could always take precedence over our laziness, fears, temptations. It must be brought up in oneself, preferably from childhood. But if this moment of your development was missed earlier, you can start now. The main thing is discipline and attitude. Next is a matter of technology. So, let’s proceed to the implementation of a set of exercises for the development of willpower.

Formation of new mental attitudes

Do not think that by developing willpower you have to give up pleasure.. Just correctly divide the concepts into «I want» and «should». Be above instinct. No, no one is telling you to give up food for the whole day or stop seeing your girlfriend. But first of all, think about higher matters. After all, only a job well done will allow you to enjoy life, eat delicious food and have fun with your loved one. Having a decent salary will provide you with a quality level of existence.

You can create a reward system. Were you able to complete a difficult task? Have you taken power into your fist? In the evening, go to your favorite cafe for dinner, free yourself from cooking at home. This will be the reward. Haven’t missed a workout in a month? Buy yourself some chocolate. Just eat it in the morning. Haven’t smoked in a month? This is an excuse to go to the cinema with friends. By the way, smoking is prohibited there.

Do not deny yourself pleasures, but also do not shirk your duties both at work and at home. And do not change the sequence — first the deed, and then the reward.


Learning to plan time is a direct path to perfection. Start not just making a plan for the day in your head, but do it in writing. If you don’t want to write, create a special file — a plan on your computer. Thus, you will not only become more self-organized, but also distribute the load more easily. Arrange tasks according to the degree of need to complete them. To do this, use one of the most effective methods. Divide them into such four parts as:

  • important and urgent;
  • urgent and unimportant;
  • unimportant but urgent;
  • non-urgent and unimportant.

Do you already know how to start tomorrow? By the way, it is better to plan it the night before. In the morning you should already be in full combat readiness, you don’t have time to decide what is important and what is urgent, and what is generally unworthy of attention.

Daily regime

Make up your own daily routine that suits you and strictly follow it. Everyone knows that people are divided into «owls» and «larks». If you find it easier to live in the morning, do all the most difficult work in the first hours of work. Look at the mail at the end of the day and strength. If in the morning you feel unimportant, sluggish for a long time, then it’s worth starting with the mail. Start more important things closer to dinner, when you have the strength.

In addition, each of us has a moment when we are not capable of anything. Do not tear the veins of your willpower. Allow yourself minutes of «doing nothing», do not confuse them with an attack of laziness. Take breaks from work.

Listen to your biological clock when willpower is on your side.

Good Habits

Habit is second nature. So let’s make it at least close to ideal. How many times do you press the alarm button in the morning. Just two? Excellent. And imagine if a daily morning run or dousing with cold water appears in the daily schedule! You yourself will not notice how it will become a habit. And then you will get up a few minutes before the alarm.

It’s like walking the dog in the morning. Try to make her wait another hour while you luxuriate in bed. Will not work. General cleaning in the corridor is provided to you. Change bad habits for good ones. Willpower will gratefully respond to your transformation. The following can be taken as an example:

  • replace daily communication in social networks with reading fiction;
  • take a cold shower every morning;
  • visit a massage parlor at least once every two weeks;
  • every day, an hour before bedtime, turn off all sources of information: phone, tablet, computer, TV;
  • eat porridge for breakfast every day.

You yourself will not notice how in a few weeks you will stop persuading yourself, all this will become a habit.


Willpower is always inside us, so experts advise you to turn to your inner self more often. This will teach you concentration, develop the ability to self-control, teach you to abstract. You yourself will not notice how you stop “losing your temper” with or without reason. Calm down and may the willpower be with you.

So, sit comfortably. The back is straight. Legs do not have to be crossed. Do meditation while sitting in a chair. The main thing is that you are comfortable. Close your eyes. But before that, turn off everything that can distract you — your phone, the sound on your computer, the TV. start doing deep breaths in and out. At the same time, accompany them with words, as at a doctor’s appointment, “inhale-exhale”, in this case you are your own doctor. After a while, breathe freely, that is, remove the soundtrack.

All unnecessary thoughts should leave you alone. And they will, trust me. If suddenly some crazy thing still flies into your head, tell her “shoo”, for this, again begin to repeat the healing “inhale-exhale”. Start doing this for 5 minutes a day. Then gradually “stretch the pleasure” up to 10, and then up to 15 minutes. This will also become a good habit. We open our eyes.


Perhaps the most famous method of self-hypnosis was told to us when the picture “I am the most charming and attractive” was released on the screen. The heroine of Irina Muravyova, repeating this phrase, turned from an ugly duckling into a wonderful swan. The method of auto-suggestion or auto-training is good because, unlike meditation, it does not require special conditions to fulfill. You can do it on the way to work, in the store, during cleaning, in line at the clinic — anywhere. Yes, and it takes a little time. However, experts recommend allocating 10-15 minutes to it every day.

Another rule says that in the statements that you will inspire yourself, there should be no denial, that is, we remove the “not” particle from our lexicon while talking with ourselves. Also, try not to use words like “root out” or “get rid of.” But the following phrases below are quite suitable:

  • I see the goal and I will definitely come to it;
  • my path will be passed by me to the end (“I will not turn off the path” will not work);
  • I will be strong in will and spirit;
  • I will reach the intended heights;
  • day by day I am stronger.

Important! Phrases should be capacious, no need to use complex adverbial phrases, for example, “I can do something”, “I will do something”. Such formulations will be quite enough to agree with oneself.

healthy eating

Remember that we are what we eat. As soon as your body weight begins to exceed the allowable one, you literally do not enter into any framework, the brain independently starts the reverse process, begins to decrease, as it were. Of course, it does not dry out in the literal sense, it just starts to think more slowly. Memory will start to fail. There is no time for willpower. Leads to the same process lack of vitamins.


We have already learned that Willpower is like a muscle. So give her a load. You don’t have to rush to the gym right away. Although this is only welcome. DTo start with, just try moving more, like walking. You do not need to occupy the parking space closest to the entrance to the office. Leave the car in a neighboring yard and walk to your favorite work on foot, and at the same time get some fresh air.

Do you travel by public transport? Do you know why you are so often sleepy in it? From lack of movement. Get off at a stop earlier than the usual one. At least sometimes walk past the elevator. Climb to the desired floor on foot. Ideally, the number of steps per day should be about ten thousand. You don’t have to count them. Pedometers are now equipped with almost every smartphone. There are also special bracelets.

They will even tell you that it’s time to get up from your chair and perform at least the simplest gesture. Go and pour yourself some water, for example. By the way, we will also talk about water a little later.

Modern helpers

Since the problem of developing willpower and self-control is quite common, it is not surprising that those involved in high technologies have turned their attention to it. Experts have developed numerous services that help a person take care of himself. Of course, they will not take you to the hairdresser, but they will be able to remind you that you must do this. We have already talked about pedometers before. There are other programs that allow you to track what you spend your time on. For example, The RescueTime time tracker will track what you do on your computer using a laptop or phone, and then give you the analyzed information.

Some then delete games from their devices. It just seems that we are not distracted by them for long. And social networks are not at all as harmless to our precious time as it seems. Or maybe you spent too much time when you looked at the match of your favorite team with one eye? The program will calculate everything. There are other applications that will help you figure out why at the end of the working day you realize that “again, we didn’t have time to do anything.” And also with the help of modern technology, you can check the quality of your sleep, measure the level of physical activity, and so on.

How to overcome obstacles?

The main enemy of our willpower is laziness. She pops up sometimes like a devil out of a snuffbox. What activates it? Don’t be afraid to look your enemy in the face. This will make it easier to deal with him. Answer yourself, what awakened in you, so able-bodied, laziness? The reasons may be different.

  • You are afraid that you will not be able to complete the task. The solution is to ask colleagues for help. Find out how you can make things easier for yourself. Finally, give up this job in favor of another.
  • You will not get any pleasure from this work. Solution — find an incentive to fulfill it (bonus, gratitude from the authorities, the opportunity to take a vacation).
  • Basically, you don’t like what you do. The solution is to change the type of activity.
  • It is physically difficult for you to complete the task. Solution — find an assistant, try to find some special devices that make the job easier. Break the case into several parts. Refuse to perform it in favor of another, if other methods are unacceptable.
  • You don’t know where to start. Solution — look at the question from all angles. Start with the most difficult, leave the less tiring and complex procedures for dessert, present them to yourself as a dessert at dinner.
  • You have set yourself an impossible task.. The solution is to lower the bar. Instead of declaring to yourself that you should lose 20 kilograms, say that losing a couple of extra pounds will be enough to start with. So the goal will become more achievable, and the result can immediately be recorded in the diary of your achievements.
  • You don’t like working conditions. The solution is to swap places with a colleague for at least one day. Maybe you do not have enough sunlight, then open the blinds. But first, try to clean up the table. Remove from it all unnecessary and distracting from the work. A cell phone is also desirable.
  • Too cold/hot/rainy/dreary for you. Solution — close / open the window. Start wearing different clothes. If everything hurts and nothing helps, see the next paragraph.
  • You’re tired. The solution is to follow the regime of work and rest. On weekends, spend time doing household chores, with children, friends, alone with yourself. Forget about working on weekends — it’s the law. Take your vacation away from home and work whenever possible.

Rid yourself of the routine for at least a few days every six months. Let laziness enjoy you to the fullest, then it will surely give way to willpower.


Here are some tips to help you not only develop willpower, but also, in principle, to feel one hundred percent.

  • water procedures. It is believed that a person should drink one and a half to two liters of water per day. That’s about eight glasses. More is possible, less is not. It is water (coffee, tea, cola, grandmother’s compote are not considered) that normalizes the work of our body, gives strength to our brain, helps to cope with excess weight. And you will also get a bonus in the form of beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Rejoice. A positively minded person will always do their job faster and better than the one who came in a bad mood. Stress can even turn off the self-control function. But, unfortunately, it is inevitable. Fortunately, you can deal with it. Relaxation is what will help you. This does not mean a glass or other red at dinner and not watching a talk show. You need to know how to relax.

To do this, do the following exercise. Lie on your back. It is best to keep your legs slightly elevated. Place a pillow under them. If you don’t like this position, take any comfortable position for you, even the frog position. Close your eyes, start breathing deeply. We recall the meditation method «inhale-exhale». 10-15 minutes in this state will help you get rid of negative thoughts much better than wine, it can only aggravate an already unimportant state. But daily practice in the prone position will help you tune in to the right wave. And it will save you from insomnia. And this is no less important than getting rid of stress.

  • All sleep. Sleep should take at least eight hours. This is exactly what our brain needs to fully relax. If you think that it was willpower that allowed you to watch the series or “cut into tanks” until three in the morning, you are mistaken. It made her absence. In the morning you will not be able to do anything intelligible.

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