How to make yourself work?

We all know the state when not only the soul, but also the little finger of the left hand does not want to do anything. Why this happens and how to force yourself to work in the end — our article will tell about this.

Why don’t you want to work?

There are several reasons for this reluctance. The most common is that you are just tired. When was the last time you were on vacation? Maybe it’s time to write a statement.

No money to travel south? No problem. Spend a vacation in your hometown, go to the theater or cinema, visit museums, go to your grandmother in the village. Walk through the forest there. Buy a ticket in installments. There are a lot of options, there would be a desire. Most importantly, do not ignore your right to rest.

Don’t forget about the weekend too. They need to be carried out with the mind, and better — without it. Leave all work questions in the office, lock them there with a key, like secret documents in a safe. Stop thinking about your favorite or least favorite work outside of it, especially taking it home. The same, by the way, with household chores. Leave them in their rightful place too.

If at home you think about work, and at work that you didn’t have time to do the cleaning, you will soon realize that you simply don’t have the strength. Be able not only to work, but also to have a rest.

The second reason is less banal, but just as common. You have returned to work after a vacation or a day off and cannot catch the working rhythm in any way. The advice is the same — leave the memories at home.

Come back in the evening and look again at the photos brought from a warm country. This will add to your mood. But if you start constantly thinking about how good it was there and how dreary it was here at the workplace, you are guaranteed an attack of apathy.

Another tip – start planning your next vacation as soon as you have returned from the previous one. The very fact that you will look through various offers of travel companies, choose a country, time, study prices, will add optimism.

The third reason is not banal and not very common. You are not minding your own business. Every time you cross the threshold of the office, you already dream of leaving it. So, maybe it’s time to change the field of activity? Run away from the job you hate. Otherwise, depression will be at hand.

The fourth reason is not at all banal, although it is very common. You are not appreciated at work. Your salary is barely enough to make ends meet, although you work conscientiously and even do it overtime. Run where your eyes look. Take a look at job sites. Any work must be adequately paid.

Reason five — you are not in the mood, something is bothering you. They broke up with a loved one, the child again brought a deuce, the parents fell ill. Take a vacation, a day off, solve problems and return to work full of strength and energy, with a sense of fulfilled family, parental or friendly duty.

Reason six — you were attacked by an attack of laziness. Find out who opened the door for her. This is probably one of the above reasons.

What needs to be done?

Forcing yourself to do something is sometimes difficult, even if everything seems to be in order at first glance. And this applies not only to employees, but also to the heads of large companies, and housewives, finally. How many times did you put down the rag last Sunday? It is really difficult or even impossible to spend every day actively and achieve results. Arrange yourself sometimes «unloading» days.

If not the whole day, then at least some part of it, spend doing nothing. Just lie down on your favorite couch. Turn on your favorite music, stay alone with it. Do not think about anything, and even more so do not try to find ways to solve a particular problem. Relax and enjoy life.

Pulled into a dream — do not even try to wake up. Your body thus gives a signal that it needs rest in order to continue to serve you faithfully. So answer his request. He rarely refuses you.

Change of location

The office is noisy, hot/cold. Grab your laptop and head to the next room where you can open/close the window. Isn’t there one? Go to a quiet cafe around the corner if your boss doesn’t mind. At least for a while, change your workplace. Give your eyes a rest from the same picture.

Finally, just walk around the office. 15 minutes — and you are cheerful. Get back to the office and get to work.

Temporary standards

Your phone is bursting with the flow of information, new messages appear on social networks every now and then, a colleague again calls for a smoke break. There is simply no time left for work. Stop. Stop and focus solely on your direct duties.

Don’t go completely into them. Just designate a time frame for yourself, which you use to the fullest extent possible to complete a particular task. There is a well-known method — «tomato». Set a timer for 25 minutes and work hard the whole time. Phone, fax, social networks are not available for you at this time. And now you have already completed what your hands did not reach from the very morning.

The method was invented by an Italian student, Francesco Cirillo, when he realized that with all his efforts and zeal for studying, he could not cope with preparing for exams. He took a kitchen timer made in the form of a tomato (hence the name of the method, by the way), started it for 25 minutes, and all this time he was only studying. Soon his business took off.

After the «tomato» session, be sure to take a break. Let yourself be fueled by a few minutes of rest every hour.

Workplace cleaning

Tidy up your desktop. It seems to you that everything is fine with you, the main thing is that everything is at hand. How many minutes did you look for a pencil an hour ago? Remove from the table everything unnecessary and distracting from work. Vacation photos first. Free space will give you creative freedom.

It is impossible to work in a mess, sooner or later it will be transferred to your head, no matter how bright it may be.

other methods

In order to cope with the surging laziness, you can use less radical methods than those described earlier.

  • If your task seems too complicated, try breaking it up into several parts. Perhaps you need to ask colleagues for help or just digress from this topic for a while. Do another job first, then come back to this one again.
  • If you can’t force yourself to start, remember what awaits you at the end of the path. Perhaps this is a bonus, gratitude from the authorities, respect from colleagues, self-esteem, finally. Nothing? Everything is as usual? Then promise yourself a chocolate bar. Motivate yourself to work.
  • Always try to get the hardest and most frustrating part of the job done in the morning. Leave the rest for dessert, let it be «dessert».
  • Plan your work day in advance. Make it a rule in the evening to make a to-do list for tomorrow. In this way, you will not only structure your day, but also understand what things can be postponed or delegated to someone. Remember to leave time in your schedule for unforeseen temporary expenses. An urgent task from the authorities, a call from the school from the child — you will have time for everything, you have a plan.


In a healthy body, not only a healthy mind, but also a desire to work, so the recommendations are as follows.

  • Be outdoors more often. Is it not possible to find an hour for walks in the park every day? And no time to run? Start at least with the fact that on the way home from work and/or vice versa, walk one stop and only then get on the bus. Do you have a private car? Leave the car not under the windows of the office, but on the next street. Our brain needs to get oxygen; without it, it “dries out” and refuses to work.
  • Go in for sports. Physical exercise also provides oxygen to our brain. Find time at least for light exercises, or better yet, sign up for a gym, because you probably have it on your way home from work. One hour of classes there is much better than 60 minutes of watching TV.
  • Don’t overeat. On a full stomach, of course, it is better to think, but not on an overloaded one. Try to eat right. You don’t need to exclude fatty, floury and sweet things at all, unless, of course, your state of health requires it, but you should limit yourself to “sweets”. Include more greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vitamins, by the way, are also welcome and are displayed on performance.
  • Drink more water. 1.5-2 liters per day. Not tea or coffee, but water. Only this life-giving moisture can help our body work smoothly.
  • Avoid stress and negative emotions. Something went wrong? Look at the situation from the other side. Find the positives. Know how to abstract and take care of your nerves.
  • Sleep at least 8-9 hours in a row. Exactly so much is needed for our body and brain to fully recover and be ready for new achievements.
  • At least sometimes do «THAT» of your body. Get a medical checkup from time to time. Remember — the disease is easier to defeat at the initial stage, then it will take much more time and money than a preventive visit to the doctor.

If you follow all of these recommendations, or at least some of them, then bouts of laziness will begin to appear in you less and less. Remember that patience and work will grind everything, and rest will help them in this.

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