How to overcome laziness?

You can’t forbid to live lazily, as well as beautifully. But to combine one with the other is unlikely to succeed. To be successful, you have to overcome laziness. And she, the villain, visits each of us. Some more often, some less. How to fight back? Let’s try to figure it out.

What it is?

Laziness is not a disease, not a way of life, not a habit and not a character trait. Laziness is a feeling that, like love, can inadvertently strike at any moment.. It doesn’t always become a problem. Sometimes a person just needs to stop and take a break.

But more often the lack of desire to do something leads to undesirable consequences. And in order to fight such an apathetic state, first of all, you need to understand where the trouble came from. Otherwise, problems will grow like a snowball. More and more often you will not have time to cope with even the simplest tasks, and therefore sooner or later you simply will not understand where to start. From here, new difficulties will appear — self-flagellation, guilt.

Then all desires disappear, after all, you don’t have time to do anything anyway. Further more — they begin to look for the truth in wine, sooner or later depression and other side effects of idleness come. And here it will be difficult to do without the help of specialists. These are additional expenses — both mental and material. To avoid this, you need to try to cope with the reluctance to get up and walk on your own.

The sooner this process starts, the better. But first of all, you need to identify the root of evil.


There are many factors that influence our reluctance to work, study, clean, play sports and go somewhere. The most common and banal — a person just gets tired. Therefore, if suddenly laziness attacked you, first of all remember the last time you were on vacation. The one that you spent in household chores, making repairs or planting potatoes in the country, does not count.

Each of us has the right to rest, as well as to work. Often in the modern world, a person simply “drives” himself with work. In order to feel hyper-fatigue, it is not necessary to load the wagons.

Emotional burnout is now the most common type of fatigue. Both a successful director of a large company and a housewife can come to him. There are more than enough reasons for it.

Internal factors

Let’s try to understand ourselves. Answer some questions honestly.

  • Do you like what you do?
  • Do you understand what you want to achieve?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Do you actually have it?
  • What takes the most effort (both physical and emotional)?
  • What gives you pleasure?
  • Are you worried about any health problems?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia?

Write down all the answers on a piece of paper, a little later we will return to it. In the meantime, let’s turn the page and proceed to another block of questions.

External factors

  • Are you satisfied with your surroundings?
  • What or who makes you angry or angry?
  • What prevents you from doing quality work and on time?
  • Do you like the city where you live?
  • Have you done a rearrangement in your home or workplace for a long time?
  • When was the last time you washed your curtains?
  • Are you comfortable in the conditions in which you live?
  • What exactly do you not like?

So, the data for analysis is ready, but this is only the first step in our fight against laziness. The second one is no less important. We have to figure out if we are confusing laziness with another feeling or even a disease.

Main symptoms

Unfortunately, not many of us are ready to quickly distinguish laziness from other reasons that interfere with doing something. The thing is that they appear in a similar way. A person feels tired or even drowsy and writes it all off as laziness. Although in reality, everything can be much more serious. The hardest thing to distinguish depression from laziness.

We often think that doing nothing for a while will help us cope with the problem, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Listen to yourself, it may not be easy for you to cope with work, because you are tormented by some kind of mental trauma. And it is possible that it’s time to see a specialist. It will help you understand the difference between laziness and procrastination. She, too, is a disease that should be treated with the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.

The main symptoms of procrastination are that you just can’t start doing your duties, you put off everything until the fifth or tenth cup of coffee, you find a lot of other things to do, just not to start a specific task. Laziness is a more all-consuming feeling, it does not put off any one thing, but enslaves labor activity in principle. It is easier to distinguish between laziness and weakness.

Another important detail that helps to distinguish laziness from unwillingness to do something may lie in dissatisfaction with the activity. Maybe you just don’t like what you do, but you don’t have the strength to admit it. To understand this in more detail, we take the lists compiled earlier and re-read the result. Read each item carefully. This is an anamnesis that you have to study either on your own or with the help of a doctor.

If there is a lot of negativity in the answers, dissatisfaction with oneself and with what surrounds, the point is not laziness or not only laziness. Most likely, you need to change a lot in your life. If everything or at least almost everything suits you, but you still don’t want to do anything, then, most likely, laziness has really come to you and it’s time to send it out.

Ways to overcome

Overcoming laziness is no more difficult than curing a mild cold. But before you get rid of her, you need to look at her «face». It is necessary to understand what allowed her to win, to gain a temporary advantage. To do this, we return to your lists again. There’s definitely no visible cause for concern? If not, you just need to pull yourself together and stop being lazy. If there are disturbing moments, then try to remove, or even better — completely eradicate annoying factors from life.

Only after you manage to get rid of everything unnecessary, bringing suffering, it will be possible to change your own life. Putting it in order without effort will not work. You need to have a strong enough motivation. To overcome fears and doubts, try some methods.

  • Imagine what will happen if you don’t do some work. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental or physical. This will really create problems, and perhaps nothing will change in your life from this. Then feel free to leave this matter and move on to more important ones.
  • Divide all things which were postponed for some reason, in order of importance.
  • Think about what made you put things off. You may have missed something important last time. Instead of doing what is really necessary, time wasted on nonsense.
  • Calculate how much time, effort, money you have lost due to an attack of laziness.
  • If you realize that you missed the moment, it’s time to catch up with it. First, let’s go with a job test.

At work

Making yourself work is not always easy. There are many reasons for this. It is possible that the existing work schedule does not correspond to your actual biological rhythm. If you are a «lark», then try to do all the difficult things in the morning, do not be distracted in the morning even for a cup of coffee. And after lunch, do less energy-intensive tasks. Such a rhythm will be optimal and comfortable.

If you are a «night owl» and the head begins to work effectively only closer to noon, do not overexert yourself early in the morning. Do the easy things first, leave the big ones for later. In your case, the morning of the evening is not wiser. You do not need to be equal to colleagues, monitor your own condition. Also, clean up your desk. Remove all unnecessary, distracting from the performance of direct duties. Free up your personal space, let fresh air in there.

Alternate different types of work — mental, creative, physical. If your job responsibilities do not unload mail, it does not matter. Get yourself some exercise. Ten squats or bends won’t take much of your time, but your strength will come. Arrange competitions. If you do not want to compete with colleagues or they do not show such a desire, come up with a one-man tournament. Be sure to announce a reward for the victory. As a prize, buy a chocolate bar or a certificate to a beauty salon. But use them only when you really reach new heights.

Try to surround yourself with successful people, losers with their eternal problems and complaints are better to drive away from yourself. In this way, you will save yourself from unnecessary other people’s problems and begin to be charged with the positive energy of positive and purposeful friends, colleagues, and just casual acquaintances. You yourself will not notice how your ability to work will increase significantly.


Before you get out of bed in the morning, mentally go over your to-do list for the day. It’s impossible to do everything, and most likely you don’t need to. Before you do something, determine how important it is to do it right now. Try to delegate some of the household chores to other family members.. Children can also wash the dishes, or maybe it’s time to buy a dishwasher. Try to make your life as comfortable as possible. Don’t waste money on this. Believe me, all these costs will pay off with interest and give you strength to perform more important tasks.

Another tip — try combining multiple tasks. Cook cabbage soup and at the same time check the child’s lessons, homework. Let’s go from the room to the kitchen, grab all the cups on the way, placed in different corners of the house. While vacuuming, listen to an audiobook. Many things can be done at the same time. You just need to show ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Another important postulate: laziness thing contagious like an epidemic. If a spouse lies on the couch with a jar of foam all day, then the wife will sooner or later throw a rag and lose interest in her affairs. If the missus spends hours on empty conversations with her girlfriends, then her other strong half will also begin to be lazy. As soon as you see that laziness has visited the house, drive it away. Keep your partner busy with something. To get started, ask to throw out the trash or go for bread.

The same applies to children. The child refuses to sit down for textbooks? Explain to him why he needs to do his homework, call for help from relatives. But don’t overdo it. Perhaps your household is really tired. Learn to distinguish one from the other.

Leave a place in life for celebration and relaxation. Go to the forest, go to the zoo, sit down to play bingo or turn on a good movie, order pizza, add variety in any way.

Improving Personal Efficiency

Before you take action, make a plan of action. It is best to do this the night before. At the same time, do not forget to separate the wheat from the chaff, the important from the unimportant, and check with your internal biological clock. You don’t have to do everything at once. So you will not see intermediate results, and the likelihood that you will give up sooner or later will be high. Remember — it’s impossible to do everything.

When scheduling work Leave time for the unexpected. Not everything in our life can be foreseen. Let force majeure not become an obstacle in your way. The secrets of motivation and self-discipline are quite simple. First, you need to stop being afraid of difficulties. Often the smallest failures cause uncertainty. Did not have time to complete the task on time — the next time you are overcome by fear that this will happen again.

Everyone has the right to make a mistake. Never stop there. After completing the work, be sure to check whether it is possible to add something to it or improve the result.

Do not neglect self-development. Attend various trainings, seminars, read more, and not only special literature.

Sometimes it seems that a solution cannot be found. Step aside for a minute, look at the situation from a different angle. There is always a way out. Do not be afraid to ask for help from colleagues, friends, household members. If you feel that fatigue covers, give the body peace. Sit for at least ten minutes in silence, try not to think about anything. After that, finding a solution and coping with even the most difficult task will be much easier.

Plan not only business, but also rest. The vacation begins from the moment the selection of tickets and hotels begins. Do not clutter up your life with unnecessary deeds, empty talk and arguments. But bets are welcome. You can even make them with yourself. But it is better to have a partner in this business. Promise yourself or a friend to do something you couldn’t do by a certain date. Ask someone to keep that promise alive.

If, despite all efforts, it is still difficult to concentrate on the task at hand and develop a sense of purpose, set a timer. This method is also called «pomodoro». The name and the method itself were invented by the Italian student Francesco Cirillo, who could not understand where his time was going. He used an ordinary kitchen timer in the form of a tomato, wound it for 25 minutes, during which he was not distracted for a second from performing a particular exercise. Soon his business took off. A spontaneous time management technique has become one of the most common in time management. It allows you to live actively and become a truly productive person in a short time.

Tips & Tricks

Changing your life and attitude to work is not as difficult as it seems. Once and for all, discard everything unnecessary. It seems to an adult that it is easy for him to give useful advice. In practice, it is difficult for oneself to accept a few important and at the same time simple rules.

  • To improve performance, do not overestimate the bar.
  • A professional employee knows how to answer “no” even to the most tempting offers.
  • Do not take on the work of the entire team. Do not take on your shoulders all the household chores.

Human psychology is such that he always strives for more. However, the thesis that there is never too much money has been criticized more than once. You need to be able to stop. At least sometimes think about what you will tell your grandchildren about your life. It will be interesting for them to listen to how you worked tirelessly, left all your health at work? Rather, they will be more inspired by stories about your wonderful travels, romantic events, discoveries. Do not worship either out of laziness or work.

Pay more attention to yourself. Make it a rule to visit the gym or swimming pool once or twice a week. Include going to the theater, cinema, and museums on your to-do list. Sleep at least seven to eight hours. Be outdoors more. At least occasionally, instead of general cleaning of the house, arrange field trips with the whole family or with friends. Find something you enjoy: dancing, sewing, knitting, hiking, anything that brings you pleasure.

Learn to take your mind off the daily grind. And then you will have enough strength to keep laziness out of your life and into the lives of the people around you. The first step is always the most difficult, but each subsequent step will be easier and easier, it will be easy to overcome laziness.

There is another way to counter laziness. It is also called the 5 second rule.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to do something, don’t put it off any later than this short period of time, get started almost immediately. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will not start to fulfill your plan.

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