Spiritual strength: what is it and how to develop it?

The strength of the spirit is one of the most delightful phenomena of human nature, which is not amenable to either logical explanations or generally accepted standards and norms. Let’s talk about what it is, why it is needed, and whether it can be developed and strengthened.

What it is?

Many myths and legends, parables and tales have been written about heroes with fortitude, and many books have been written. Ancient philosophers in their treatises talked more than once about the origin and essence of this concept. Modern psychology also gives strength of mind a special place in the study of the intricacies of the soul. Do not leave attempts to explore the full depth of this mysterious side of the human mind and scientists from different scientific fields. But when touching this topic, it becomes important not so much the definition and meaning of the word and term, but the very fact of the real existence of this invisible facet of human consciousness.

There are many different forces in nature. Physics studies force of attraction, pushing, friction, elasticity, gravity. What powers does a person have? Of course, physical strength — it plays an important role in our life. But is it alone that makes us strong? But what if nature has not endowed someone with the strength of the body? Moreover, a person can be born with some kind of physical abnormality, and his capabilities will be limited. And when we learn about those people who, despite the lack of wide physical capabilities, overcome their problems and achieve what seems impossible to achieve, then we understand that we are talking about another strength of man — the strength of his spirit.

She manifests not only for people with disabilitiesfor example, those who are disabled from birth, or those who have acquired a disability during their lifetime. It is found in a variety of people and under a variety of circumstances.. people show heroism during various hostilities and conflicts, survive in captivity and in the most difficult conditions. They save themselves and save others in extreme situations, in natural disasters. Struggling with severe diseases or helping to fight those of their loved ones. They endure terrible losses and blows of fate, experience hunger and pain, fear and horror, physical injuries and violence. You can list a lot and for a long time.

And those who, after such trials, remain human, do not lose their best qualities and continue to move forward, can be called the owners of the most powerful unbending fortitude.

What happens?

In science, there are many formulas for calculating and calculating natural forces. Like the physical strength of people, they can be measured using different instruments. But there are no such formulas and devices that could capture, fix and measure the strength of the human spirit. It can only be seen in the behavior and actions of specific real people, not fictional writers’ artistic fantasy. One can only sincerely admire her, showering her with various bright epithets. What is the strength of the spirit? It can be invincible, huge, colossal, great, unshakable, indestructible, inflexible, exceptional, amazing, incredible, astounding, amazing, unparalleled, iron, all-conquering.

Whatever it is, it makes a person a strong personality and makes you believe in miracles.

How to develop?

The strength of the spirit, no doubt given to man by nature and without fail laid in each of us. Of course, it is different for everyone, as different as the people themselves. It may not manifest itself in any way until a certain point, and a person may think that he does not have it at all. But under the circumstances when it becomes necessary, the strength of the spirit shows everything that it is capable of, it works like a defense mechanism, like immunity.

And if you can develop and strengthen the muscles and health, then, of course, you can do the same with the strength of the spirit. There are many points in a person, purposefully influencing which it is possible to develop and strengthen the strength of the spirit.

If you are asking questions such as “Do I have spirit strength in me?”, “Is my spirit strong?”, “How strong is my spirit?”, “Can a spirit be made strong if it is weak?”, “Can the spirit is even stronger? then in search of answers to them, you need to familiarize yourself with some time-tested effective methods and methods that are used to achieve this goal.

  • It is important to start mastering some kind of sport, physical and breathing exercises, as well as meditative techniques.. Remember the wisdom that a healthy mind lives only in a healthy body.
  • Not less important learn to think positively and control the flows of internal energy.
  • And also need get acquainted with spiritual literaturetry to imbue the high moral and moral values ​​of society.
  • Good deeds must be done and learn to get rid of evil, forgive people and let go of the negative past and resentment.

Let us consider in more detail each of the conditions that develop the strength of the spirit.

Control of internal energies

The concept of internal human energies is found in all peoples of the world and in all cultures. Since ancient times, people have understood that there are some forces that make a person live and move forward, no matter what. There are other destructive forces that prevent a person from living a normal life. There are many different theories and opinions about this. The concept of internal energies is considered both from a medical point of view in the context of the physiology of the human body, and from the point of view of all religions of the world from the perspective of the divine principle in man. And from the standpoint of astrology and connection with the stars and space. And even from the positions of mysticism — white and black magicians, for their part, explain the nature of the internal energies of a person.

But no matter how one imagines them, it is obvious that they really exist, and in life a lot depends on them.

To develop and strengthen the strength of the spirit, you need to learn to control your internal energies, the very first and understandable of which are the energy of good and the energy of evil. To do this, you need to get rid of the negative within yourself, from the craving for the negative side of life, from the desire for bad and vile things, including bad habits that drag a person to the bottom and contribute to the degradation of the personality, do not waste your resources on meaningless and empty activities. You need to set lofty goals for yourself and strive towards them through a positive approach. Only in this way can the human spirit become stronger, and life be filled with meaning and joy.

positive thinking

Recently, it has become fashionable to say that if you learn to think positively and look at the world, then life is getting better, and all problems disappear almost by themselves. Is it really? There is an expression that everything in life comes back like a boomerang. Perhaps there is both wisdom and truth in this. From the thoughts, feelings and actions of a person depends on what he will receive from life.

That energy (positive or negative), which a person directs from himself to the outside world, being reflected in it, as in a mirror, returns to the person back. We can say that this is the law of nature — good begets good, evil begets evil. And those who want to strengthen their spirit need to learn positive thinking.

Physical and breathing exercises

Since ancient times, the human body has been called the vessel of the soul. For the soul to be strong, the body must be healthy. One of the important principles on which the teachings of Tibetan monks are based is that only those who are able to control their bodies are strong in spirit. Increasing physical endurance, a person thereby increases the strength of the spirit. And in achieving this goal, the strong-willed side of the human character plays an important role. The presence of will helps a person overcome his laziness and achieve results in sports.

But do not equate strength of mind and willpower, these are different concepts.

You need to improve your body not only with the help of physical exercises, but also with the help of breathing practices.. The same Tibetan monks argue that only a person who controls his breath can control his body. One of the most famous and effective techniques that originated in Chinese culture is qigong. It is aimed at healing the body, cleansing the mind and strengthening the spirit.

spiritual literature

Wanting to strengthen the strength of the spirit, it is important for a person not only work on physical health, your worldview and mood, but it is also important to develop your mind, replenish your knowledge base. In solving this problem, books come to the aid of a person. Reading spiritual literature can provide answers to various questions, help to understand internal contradictions, and reveal many truths.

Such sources of knowledge can be different literature: religious, philosophical, artistic, biographies of real people who have great fortitude and showed it in different life circumstances. Each person is free to choose according to his taste. But the more we fill our minds with knowledge, the higher the level of our spiritual development rises and the wider the horizons of life become for us.. This means that our spirit also has something to nourish its strength.

Meditative Techniques

Another way to strengthen your spirit is meditation. When you read various literature and want to know something, your forces are directed to external sources. Meditation, on the other hand, means going inside yourself, into your subconscious, into the depths of your mind. People practicing such methods of knowing their essence claim that the human subconscious contains answers to all questions of interest to him.

To do this, you need to learn how to relax as much as possible, abstract from external fuss and dive deep into your thoughts.

With a regular approach to such activities, a person manages to clear his mind of unnecessary empty thoughts and tune in to a calm and constructive course of thought. In this way, you can give yourself the opportunity to consider what is bothering you differently and without excitement, from different points of view, and solve the problem correctly, without destructive emotions. Or, with the help of meditation, you can simply give your body and mind a rest from all problems and worries. Such a method will undoubtedly contribute to the development of fortitude.

good deeds

There is such a thing as philanthropy. it philanthropy, which allows people to do charity work, help those in need, patronize those who need it. Good deeds are almsgiving to the poor, volunteering, helping the elderly, and much more. Nothing in the world makes a person more humane than good deeds. Well, who else on earth can boast of such a skill?

Good deeds can only be done by a person with a strong spirit — a weak one is incapable of a selfless and generous gift of a particle of his soul. And here the principle of climbing the spiral staircase works: a strong-minded person performs a good deed, this deed allows him to climb higher on the steps and become even stronger. Having become stronger, a person has the opportunity to do good again, thereby rising again. And so circle after circle in a spiral, higher and stronger.

The ability to forgive

Anger, rage, anger, resentment, vindictiveness deprive a person of fortitude, make him weak. In addition to the fact that these feelings throw a lot of negativity and negative energy into the world around them, they also destroy the person himself from the inside and denigrate his soul. This phenomenon can be fully explained from a physiological point of view: when a person experiences negative emotions, a powerful release of stress hormones begins in his body. To avoid this, you need to learn to control your emotions. One of the tools of such control is the ability to forgive. By learning sincere forgiveness, you will stop the flow of evil, preventing it from spreading and absorbing everyone around.

Such a skill will certainly give a huge resource of strength to your spirit and help make the world around you better and brighter, and people kinder.

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