Sociability: definition, levels and ways of development

Psychology is a science that concerns everyone. All people have certain qualities. The most important psychological characteristic of every person is sociability. Today in our article we will tell you about what sociability is, according to psychologists, and also consider the existing types of sociability and the principles of its development.

What is it in psychology?

Sociability is the ability to establish contacts, as well as to conduct a constructive dialogue. This feature determines the level of your verbal activity (words are more important, and non-verbal signs recede into the background). The phenomenon of sociability in the theory of psychology has been studied by many scientists (both domestic and foreign). So, for example, G. M. Andreeva, A. A. Bodalev, B. D. Parygin, V. N. Panferov, N. N. Obozov and others worked on the development of this term. This concept is central in such a branch of psychology as social.

However, sociability is a phenomenon that is important not only from a theoretical, but also from a practical point of view.

The difference from communication

People who are far from professional psychology very often confuse such concepts as «sociable» and «sociable». It is worth distinguishing these phenomena. So, sociability is a trait of character. A sociable person likes to be in the company, conduct conversations and make new acquaintances. On the other hand, sociability is an acquired quality, the development of which should be constantly worked on, since this characteristic will be useful to people of almost all professions. A sociable person is not one who loves, but one who knows how to communicate.

Sociable people communicate for pleasure, they start conversations in a variety of situations, without being embarrassed by the people around them and without thinking about the impression they make on others.. Sociable people always think over the line of their behavior in the process of communication, sociability is often a means of achieving certain goals.


Professional psychologists distinguish several levels and types of sociability, each of which includes a number of distinctive features. Today in our article we will consider them in detail.

  • A low level of sociability is characteristic of closed and shy people. They communicate only with the closest and dearest. When communicating with strangers, owners of a low level of sociability experience severe discomfort. Insufficient level of sociability may be associated with childhood psychological trauma or low self-esteem. These people feel most comfortable in the process of telephone or written (for example, social networks and e-mail) communication.
  • The average level of sociability is typical for moderately open and sincere people. They feel absolutely comfortable and free in the process of communicating with relatives and friends. A little embarrassment may occur when talking to strangers. Outgoing introverts often have an average level.
  • Above-average sociability is also referred to as over-sociability. Such people can easily start a conversation not only with a friend, but also with a stranger (for example, in a large company or in transport). Very often, representatives of this level are faced with the problem that it is rather difficult for them to win over an interlocutor.

Before you start corrective work, it is important to correctly assess your level of sociability. This can be done on your own, with the help of relatives and friends, or through psychological counseling.

Traits of a sociable person

Despite the fact that each person is individual and unlike any other, most sociable people have similar characteristics. Today in our article we will consider the personality traits that are inherent in sociable people:

  • equilibrium (it is important to remain calm when communicating with a variety of people, a balanced person always makes a positive impression in the eyes of the interlocutor);
  • attentiveness (the ability to memorize and reproduce a large amount of information);
  • observation (the ability to capture the mood and behavior of your interlocutor);
  • empathy (the ability to put oneself in the place of another person);
  • optimism (always be in a good mood);
  • desire to learn new things and improve (there should always be topics for conversation);
  • benevolence etc.

In addition, it is important to note that most sociable people are humanitarians in their mindset. Consider the fact that sociable people may have other character traits — it all depends on upbringing.

Role in human psychological development

Sociability is essential in the psychological development of every person. Through communication, we socialize, learn to interact with other people, learn the rules of life in society. In addition, communication helps fight negative character traits such as isolation.

Communication helps to form a strong and independent personality. It should always be remembered that a person is not only a biological, but also a social creature. Thus, only a sociable person can consider himself civilized. Communication plays an important role in the life of an adult and in the life of a child. That is why in no case should children be deprived of the opportunity to communicate with their peers: go out for a walk to playgrounds, take children to art circles.

At the same time, it should be remembered that also it is important to communicate with people older and younger than yourself — in this way you will be able to form a complete and versatile understanding of the modern world, get acquainted with different points of view and worldview concepts.

How to develop?

Sociability is a quality that can and should be developed. However, many people have questions about how to do it right. Today in our article we bring to your attention a few simple rules and principles for the development of sociability.

  • First of all more information is recommended. Read books, watch scientific educational films and programs. You should have topics for conversations.
  • Do not avoid contact with your friends: for example, if you see your neighbor in the store, then come up and say hello.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and get to know each other first. You can start with social networks and special offers for dating, and then gradually move to real dating.
  • Try to expand the amount of communication with the opposite sex. For example, ask a girl or a guy on the street about how to get to a certain place.
  • Try to approach everything with humor. Even if in the process of communication you meet negativity, try to translate it into a joke.
  • Don’t be afraid to compliment people. For example, if you have noted a beautiful piece of clothing, then do not hesitate to even approach a stranger and express your positive opinion.
  • Chat with a variety of people. This applies to representatives of different social and economic strata, different professions, as well as people living in different countries. This will help you improve and develop your skill.

Thus, sociability is the most important property for every person. Without it, it will be quite difficult for you to exist in the modern world, so you should actively develop this characteristic.

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